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[00:00] <[md5]> me=make
[00:00] <Deepa> As in, I keep thinking that the tablet is an iPhone
[00:00] <[md5]> but Steve can convince you that it isn't :P
[00:00] <vinterstum> [md5]: yeah, their forced funneling of everything through the app store is really my main (actually one of my very few) peeves about the whole ipod/iphone/ipod product line.
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[00:01] <LordHoto> actually I wouldn't say no if someone would gift me an iPhone, it's probably more fun to use it to play ScummVM on it than the Windows Mobile device I have :-P
[00:01] <[md5]> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reality_distortion_field
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[00:02] <[md5]> e.g. I hated the way they pulled Google Voice off Appstore...
[00:03] <[md5]> vinterstum: the problem is not AppStore itself. It's the kind of filtering done on all the applications there
[00:03] <[md5]> e.g.
[00:03] <[md5]> http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/08/21/the-simple-truth-whats-really-going-on-with-apple-google-att-and-the-fcc/
[00:03] <[md5]> and
[00:03] <[md5]> http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/07/27/apple-is-growing-rotten-to-the-core-and-its-likely-atts-fault/
[00:03] <vinterstum> [md5]: yeah, you don't need to tell me :P
[00:04] <[md5]> heh :) sorry
[00:04] <[md5]> just trying to make a point
[00:04] <vinterstum> [md5]: those cases specifically though: rumours are apple is getting out of the at&t deal soon, might improve things. they already just enabled VOIP over 3G.
[00:04] <[md5]> I got an iPhone, and the first thing I did was to jailbreak it...
[00:05] <vinterstum> their whole approval process is still kinda screwed though :)
[00:05] <[md5]> even if it's one of the new 3GS models, and I can't find a way to do untethered jailbreaking :/
[00:05] <[md5]> so it locks up when it restarts, and I got to jailbreak it again (which is a 2sec process, but it needs a PC...)
[00:06] <[md5]> vinterstum: and yeah, their whole approval process is screwed....
[00:07] <vinterstum> [md5]: hm didn't the jailbreak dev team find some new exploit that worked for even the newer models? though i haven't really been keeping up to date on this stuff lately (moved between countries again yesterday :P )
[00:10] <[md5]> http://www.iphonedownloadblog.com/2009/12/05/geohot-untethered-jailbreak-blackra1n/
[00:10] <[md5]> sorry, wrong link
[00:10] <[md5]> http://www.iphonedownloadblog.com/2010/01/09/geohot-not-working-on-untethered-jailbreak/
[00:14] <vinterstum> [md5]: heh, childish guy. yeh guess you gotta wait for the dev team to come out with something.
[00:16] <[md5]> this page has all the known methods... http://www.iphonedownloadblog.com/jailbreak/
[00:16] <[md5]> quite useful :)
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[00:19] <[md5]> anyway, I'm off, nn
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[00:33] <CIA-82> m_kiewitz * r47661 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/graphics/ (view.cpp view.h): SCI: view class fix for hires views that are larger than 64k (fixes kq7 cel corruption)
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[01:39] <CIA-82> waltervn * r47662 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/sound/drivers/midi.cpp: SCI: Fix out-of-bounds error in MT-32 patch reading in GM mode.
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[02:01] <CIA-82> waltervn * r47663 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/ (engine/vm.cpp sci.cpp sci.h): SCI: Added OnStartup debug flag to start the debugger at the start of the game.
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[04:32] <CIA-82> tdhs * r47664 /tools/trunk/ (Makefile Makefile.common engines/mohawk/construct_mohawk.cpp):
[04:32] <CIA-82> Adding new Mohawk tool, construct_mohawk.
[04:32] <CIA-82> This takes the raw dump output resource files from extract_mohawk and reassembles them back into a Mohawk archive. This allows modification of game resources and testing of the effect on the original engine behaviour.
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[06:57] <syke> howdy
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[08:53] <Strangerke> Hi guys
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[08:59] <dreammaster> G'day
[09:00] <LordHoto> hi dreammaster
[09:07] <LordHoto> does anyone in here have a working email of waltervn?
[09:08] <wjp> doesn't his @users.sourceforge.net address work?
[09:08] <LordHoto> last time I tried not :-)
[09:08] <wjp> he also e-mailed to scummvm-devel several times recently
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[09:40] <peres> hello spambots
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[10:05] <johndoe123> I'm not a spambot! I'm a free man!
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[10:14] <peres> johndoe123: prove it by passing the turing test now!
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[10:46] <L0ngcat> phew
[10:46] <L0ngcat> I never noticed the spambots thing
[10:47] <L0ngcat> I've been writing in here for ages and started to get a little sore as to why LordHoto kept ignoring me:P
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[10:55] <L0ngcat> or can nobody still read this?:P
[10:59] <dreammaster> L0ngcat: Yes, your text is appearing
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[11:04] <L0ngcat> dreammaster: thanks:)
[11:04] <L0ngcat> LordHoto better stop ignoring me then
[11:04] <LordHoto> L0ngcat: ?
[11:04] <L0ngcat> I wasn't registered with nickserv:P
[11:05] <LordHoto> actually I thought I enabled that I get msgs from ppl not registered too ;-)
[11:06] <L0ngcat> yesterday you were asking about GK1 on gog and I answered everything at length, and then salty-horse came in and wrote exactly what I said again and you said: thank you salty-horse:P
[11:07] <L0ngcat> I cried myself to sleep
[11:07] Action: Strangerke pets L0ngcat
[11:07] Action: L0ngcat purrrrrrs
[11:07] <Strangerke> Don't cry: we all love you :P
[11:07] <LordHoto> L0ngcat: hm I didn't get that
[11:07] <LordHoto> L0ngcat: but that's probably because we have +R set, which only allows registered users to send to the channel
[11:08] <L0ngcat> LordHoto: no, because I wrote it in the channel without being registered
[11:08] <LordHoto> the setting I enabled is just, that I can receive queries from non registered users
[11:08] <L0ngcat> it was my fault but I didn't get it at the time:P
[11:08] <LordHoto> :-)
[11:08] Action: ST dislikes how +R screws Pidgin's ghost abilities around :/
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[11:09] <L0ngcat> Strangerke: thanks;)
[11:09] Action: L0ngcat stops crying
[11:10] <wjp> was it really so bad that a +R is warranted?
[11:11] <wjp> the only thing I noticed was a dozen or so CTCPs twice
[11:11] <[md5]> hello
[11:12] <wjp> hi
[11:12] <dreammaster> G'day md5
[11:12] <L0ngcat> hi
[11:13] <DrMcCoy> Strangerke: Wrong. I don't
[11:13] Action: DrMcCoy hates L0ngcat's guts.
[11:14] <DrMcCoy> :P
[11:14] <wjp> ... so if it wasn't, shouldn't we remove it again?
[11:15] <wjp> or if nobody has an opinion, for that matter :-)
[11:15] Action: L0ngcat hugs DrMcCoy
[11:15] <L0ngcat> nono, I just registered, it would be useless then:P
[11:15] <DrMcCoy> Aww
[11:15] Action: DrMcCoy huggles L0ngcat :)
[11:16] <L0ngcat> :)
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[11:16] <DrMcCoy> wjp: Well, it was kinda bad for a time, yes
[11:17] <Strangerke> Hi DrMcCoy :)
[11:17] <DrMcCoy> Strangerke: Heyho
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[11:23] --> salty-horse joined #scummvm.
[11:23] <peres> see, now the spambots are coming
[11:23] <Strangerke> peres: DrMcCoy is not a spambot !
[11:23] <Strangerke> :P
[11:23] <DrMcCoy> http://drmccoy.de/zeugs/boobies.jpg
[11:24] <peres> Strangerke: how do you know that? his name is a semi-random blob of consonants
[11:24] <salty-horse> DrMcCoy, those are blue footed boobies
[11:24] <DrMcCoy> salty-horse: Yes :)
[11:24] <salty-horse> richard dawkins likes saying boobies
[11:24] <DrMcCoy> peres: And your name looks like something from a name generator!111 :P
[11:25] <peres> DrMcCoy: I might start a contest to find a better name then
[11:25] <salty-horse> any sci developer around?
[11:26] <Strangerke> peres: what's the prize ?
[11:26] <peres> Strangerke: I could send the winner a box of sushi
[11:26] <Strangerke> yeah, I'm sure they'll taste great after travelling 2 weeks
[11:26] <Strangerke> Hum, what kind of cheese is it ?
[11:26] <Strangerke> Fish.
[11:27] <peres> Strangerke: would you enjoy more a box of fried grasshoppers? :D
[11:27] <Strangerke> yeuk
[11:27] <Strangerke> Hum :)
[11:27] <Strangerke> Yes :)
[11:28] <Strangerke> peres: grasshoppers can't be found here... It's a pity
[11:29] <peres> Strangerke: we have plenty here, I can send you some. I hope they fir your taste
[11:29] <peres> fit*
[11:29] <Strangerke> and scorpions and big spiders are too expansive to eat them... So there's no way to try exotic things
[11:29] <peres> Strangerke: Belgium is such a sad place :D
[11:30] <Strangerke> I think so. :P
[11:30] <Strangerke> Thanks God, there are a lot of good beers here.
[11:30] <Strangerke> (or any other possible higher entity)
[11:30] --> D0SFreak joined #scummvm.
[11:33] <Strangerke> Hum... Strange. I mentioned God and DrMcCoy didn't even complain...
[11:33] --> DOSFreak joined #scummvm.
[11:33] <Strangerke> Where's the real DrMcCoy !?
[11:33] <peres> Strangerke: a skinjob took his seat?
[11:33] <DrMcCoy> :P
[11:33] <CIA-82> fingolfin * r47665 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/ (20 files in 4 dirs): SCI: Move selector stuff to new header; reorder k_argc & k_argp param of invoke_selector
[11:33] <Strangerke> maybe a spambot ?
[11:34] <DrMcCoy> :o
[11:34] <salty-horse> I'm asking again: any sci dev around? :)
[11:34] <DrMcCoy> Dammit Strangerke, I'm a doctor, not a spambot
[11:34] <CIA-82> fingolfin * r47666 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/ (7 files in 2 dirs): SCI: Reduce header interdependencies a bit
[11:34] <salty-horse> DrMcCoy, do you sell male enhancing drugs in low low prices?
[11:36] <DrMcCoy> salty-horse: Well, yeah, but I'm a Doctor, see?
[11:36] <salty-horse> that's a job for pharmacists
[11:36] <salty-horse> something's fishy
[11:36] <DrMcCoy> Nono, I don't sell fish
[11:37] <[md5]> salty-horse: what is your issue?
[11:37] <Strangerke> salty-horse: If you want fish, contact peres. He may send you sushis
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[11:38] <[md5]> DrMcCoy: do you sell university degrees at a low low price?
[11:38] <salty-horse> [md5], I want to try and implement kString's printf buf :)
[11:38] <salty-horse> and I wonder how I know the number of args in argv :)
[11:39] <[md5]> salty-horse: bear in mind that Sierra has done changes to printf
[11:39] <[md5]> actually, enhancements
[11:39] <salty-horse> oh
[11:39] <salty-horse> hrrmph
[11:39] <[md5]> theoretically, it should be possible to reuse kFormat()
[11:39] <salty-horse> gk1 wants "%d.scr" so it seems simple
[11:39] <salty-horse> seemed
[11:39] <[md5]> though I haven't really looked at it yet
[11:40] <salty-horse> also, is the "target string" already allocated? I guess I can't do anything without RE :D
[11:40] <[md5]> and I probably won't look at it till Sunday, got loads of things to do

[11:40] <[md5]> yes, the scripts allocate the target string before making the call
[11:40] <[md5]> DrMcCoy: hahaha :D
[11:42] <salty-horse> should I get it?
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[12:03] <salty-horse> waltervn, Robin_Watts and m_kiewitz are synchronized
[12:04] <m_kiewitz> ?
[12:04] --> <salty-horse> joined in 5 minutes
[12:04] <Robin_Watts> ?
[12:04] <m_kiewitz> lo
[12:04] <salty-horse> within
[12:05] <salty-horse> I was taking with [md5] about trying to implement kString(PrintfBuf)
[12:05] <salty-horse> GK1 uses it to load a .scr file
[12:06] <waltervn> I have specs for that
[12:07] <waltervn> you may want to talk to clone2727 first as kString is his puppy ;)
[12:07] <salty-horse> I like puppies
[12:12] <waltervn> (reading the logs)
[12:12] <DrMcCoy> kitties > puppies
[12:13] <waltervn> basically there's two Printf functions, one uses an existing string for output and the other allocates a new one
[12:14] <waltervn> these functions use the standard 'vsnprintf', they're not customized AFAIK
[12:14] --> eriktorbjorn joined #scummvm.
[12:14] <waltervn> you'll need to parse the format string and look for '%', and then prepare the corresponding argv argument for the call to vsnprintf
[12:18] <salty-horse> hmm.. for some reason scummvm starts the low-res version of gk instead of hi-res one. could this be a detection problem of the two versions sitting in the same dir, or is it due to unimplemented things?
[12:18] <salty-horse> waltervn, the first step I did is to print the format string in the warning message :)
[12:19] <[md5]> waltervn: are you sure that they didn't put any additional hackery inside, like with kFormat()?
[12:19] <salty-horse> and if not, isn't there a way to call the regular printf?
[12:20] <waltervn> vsnprintf is the regular printf ;)
[12:20] <[md5]> I know...
[12:20] <waltervn> (replying to salty)
[12:20] <[md5]> but kFormat uses extra stuff
[12:20] <waltervn> I haven't found any such stuff here
[12:20] <[md5]> did they omit all that out?
[12:20] <[md5]> ok
[12:21] <salty-horse> waltervn, you said that "you'll need to parse the format string and look for '%'" -- that sounds like reimplementing printf :)
[12:21] <waltervn> No, the issue is that the arguments we get from the games are not ints or char *, they are reg_ts
[12:22] <waltervn> these will need to be transformed into something that vsnprintf can use
[12:22] <salty-horse> naive question: but couldn't I copy them to real variables first and then call a printf?
[12:23] <[md5]> you can copy them to "real" variables using the SegManager
[12:23] <waltervn> Yes, but vsnprintf is the real printf
[12:23] <[md5]> s->_segMan->getString()
[12:24] <[md5]> and then put the resulting string back with s->_segMan->strcpy()
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[12:24] <[md5]> so, I suppose that the code could look something like this:
[12:24] <salty-horse> how can I tell how many args there are?
[12:24] <[md5]> argc
[12:25] <waltervn> basically the parsing of the format string is there, to find out if something is a string or not. We may be able to do without that, but for safety I think we should do it anyway
[12:25] <waltervn> otherwise we may cause a segfault
[12:25] <[md5]> all in all, it's not a very hard function to implement
[12:26] <salty-horse> I assume the same thing is done in the non-Buf printf (one above it)
[12:27] <lisppaste4> waltervn pasted "printf" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/94087
[12:27] <salty-horse> only it returns a new allocated string?
[12:27] <waltervn> that's just a rough description, you should use the printf specs with it ;)
[12:29] <waltervn> Yes, the non-buf versions returns a new string
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[12:30] <[md5]> so the non-buf version will be a combination of the buf version and the "new" case (case 0)
[12:30] <[md5]> i.e. kString(0)
[12:30] <waltervn> yeah
[12:31] <[md5]> so you could even make it fall through to avoid code duplication
[12:31] <waltervn> not sure about that
[12:31] <[md5]> why not?
[12:32] <[md5]> you could put all the buffer initialization code beneath case 11, which will fall through to case 12
[12:32] <[md5]> (i.e. no break)
[12:32] <waltervn> well, it's only two lines, for one ;)
[12:33] <[md5]> for the new buffer? it is, but the code below it will be the same for both cases
[12:33] <waltervn> plus the size will come from our formatted string, so that makes it only one line
[12:33] <[md5]> so, it can be something like:
[12:33] <[md5]> case 11:
[12:33] <[md5]> case 12:
[12:33] <waltervn> you mean this: "Make sure the first character is a null character"?
[12:33] <[md5]> if (blah == 11) buffer = ....
[12:34] <[md5]> else buffer = argv[xxx];
[12:34] <[md5]> or something like that
[12:34] <salty-horse> how do I know how much space to allocate for the "returned" string?
[12:34] <waltervn> oh...
[12:34] <waltervn> I thought you meant combine case 0 and 11
[12:34] <[md5]> no :)
[12:34] <wjp> how general should it be? At one point I modified a generic open source vsnprintf implementation; it would only need modifications in a few places to support reg_t args
[12:34] <waltervn> (or 0 and 12)
[12:34] <[md5]> combine cases 11 and 12
[12:35] <[md5]> since the only real difference is the target buffer
[12:35] <waltervn> sure
[12:35] <[md5]> wjp: well, theoretically we don't need a custom vsnprintf
[12:35] <waltervn> wjp: to me it seems better to convert the arguments than to import a vsnprintf
[12:36] <[md5]> yeah
[12:36] <[md5]> we can just get the string from the seg manager, process it and then put the converted string back
[12:36] <wjp> and scan the pattern for what type to convert to?
[12:36] <waltervn> wjp: that's what SSCI does
[12:36] <wjp> ah
[12:37] <waltervn> it has this problem too, as the string pointers in their SCI land can't be passed directly to vsnprintf either
[12:37] <[md5]> how many parameters does kString() take?
[12:37] <[md5]> do they provide an arbitrary number?
[12:37] <wjp> it'll be interesting to actually call vsprintf with dynamic arguments, though
[12:38] <waltervn> [md5]: yes, arbitrary
[12:38] <[md5]> ok
[12:38] <salty-horse> SSCI?
[12:39] <salty-horse> another implementation?
[12:39] <[md5]> Sierra's SCI
[12:39] <wjp> and by "interesting" I mean that I don't have a clue on how to do it...
[12:39] <LordHoto> Sierra's Sierra Creative Interpreter? ;-)
[12:39] <[md5]> haha :D
[12:39] <salty-horse> maybe it's Super :)
[12:39] <[md5]> it's easier to call it SSCI to distinguish it from ScummVM's SCI
[12:39] <salty-horse> SSCI is also Scummvm SCI
[12:39] <waltervn> actually SCI appears to have been short for SCript Interpreter originally
[12:39] <[md5]> wjp: waltervn did it inside kEachElementDo
[12:40] <waltervn> not for vsnprintf :)
[12:40] <[md5]> ah true
[12:40] <LordHoto> waltervn: well "originally" :-P
[12:40] <[md5]> kListEachElementDo *
[12:42] <waltervn> of course all of this does depend on whether it can be done in the first place, as wjp pointer out ;)
[12:42] <waltervn> *pointed
[12:43] <-- LordHoto left irc: "bbl"
[12:44] <wjp> a brief online search seems to indicate there's no portable way of doing this, although libffi could probably do it
[12:44] <waltervn> which actually the answer seems to be "no" to ;)
[12:44] <salty-horse> I also had a detection question above, if you ran out of things to discuss :)
[12:44] <wjp> but using libffi is probably worse than using a custom vsnprintf
[12:45] <-- peres left irc: "Leaving"
[12:46] <waltervn> right, so it looks like using a custom vsnprintf is the only solution
[12:48] <wjp> this is my discarded attempt to add a custom vsnprintf to Common::String : http://www.usecode.org/scummvm/scummvm_printf.patch
[12:48] <wjp> (which is now instead done using native vsnprintf)
[12:49] <[md5]> woah... looks painful
[12:49] <[md5]> especially for the guy who wrote all that
[12:50] <wjp> many of the portability #ifdefs could probably be removed
[12:50] <waltervn> those #ifdefs hurt my eyes..
[12:50] <wjp> I already removed a bunch of optimization related ones
[12:50] <[md5]> couldn't we do it in a way similar to String::printf() ?
[12:50] <wjp> that just calls vsnprintf
[12:51] <[md5]> it does, yes...
[12:51] <waltervn> wjp: so your suggestion is that we then handle the reg_t conversion inside this function?
[12:51] <[md5]> but then again, it seems simpler to convert the SCI string to a common string, and then do all the processing via a normal vsprintf...
[12:52] <waltervn> [md5]: we just concluded that it's not possible :)
[12:52] <[md5]> why is that so?
[12:52] <wjp> waltervn: we'd "just" have to replace the va_arg calls
[12:52] <wjp> waltervn: and change the two output routines
[12:53] <[md5]> I mean, why is it not possible, if we can convert all the strings and requested arguments to C ones anyway?
[12:53] <wjp> there's no way to call the system's vsnprintf with the converted arguments
[12:53] <waltervn> because we cannot construct a va_list portably
[12:53] <[md5]> oh...
[12:53] <[md5]> hm
[12:54] <waltervn> of course... if we add a vsnprintf, we could probably modify to include the change in kFormat and have just one such function
[12:54] <waltervn> *modify it to
[12:54] <waltervn> *changes...
[12:54] <waltervn> (sorry...
[12:56] <-- ST left irc: Nick collision from services.
[12:56] --> ST1 joined #scummvm.
[12:56] Nick change: ST1 -> ST
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[12:56] <waltervn> gregs code calls sprintf on one argument at a time
[12:56] <[md5]> that's doable too, I suppose
[12:56] <wjp> that's basically what that portable vsnprintf does too
[12:57] <wjp> but it hides it well :-)
[12:57] <[md5]> too well :P
[12:57] <[md5]> calling sprintf on one argument at a time could be doable, too...
[12:58] <[md5]> at least Greg's code seems easier...
[13:00] --> whoozle joined #scummvm.
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[13:03] <-- whoozle left irc: Client Quit
[13:03] <waltervn> I don't think this will handle everything though
[13:07] <DrMcCoy> Yeah, the fact that you can't construct a va_list has always bugged me too
[13:07] <waltervn> I erroneously assumed it would be possible :)
[13:10] <[md5]> waltervn: why won't this handle everything?
[13:10] <waltervn> the '*' won't work this way
[13:11] <[md5]> what's the '*' for ?
[13:11] <waltervn> field width and precision can also be specified as an argument rather than a constant in the format string
[13:12] <waltervn> it should be possible support that too though
[13:13] <waltervn> but it will get a little messy
[13:20] <-- tpw_lappy left irc: "May the Schwartz be with you!"
[13:21] <waltervn> as we already have printf code in kFormat, I'm still leaning towards making one function that can handle both kFormat and kString
[13:23] <-- Kirben left irc:
[13:23] <wjp> is the only addition in kFormat ALIGN_CENTRE
[13:23] <wjp> ?
[13:24] <waltervn> I'm not 100% sure...
[13:25] <[md5]> I think that's the only one...
[13:25] <[md5]> ho hum
[13:25] <waltervn> http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/SCI/Specifications/SCI_virtual_machine/Kernel_functions#Kernel_function_0x4c:_Format.28HeapPtr.2C_String.2C....29
[13:26] <waltervn> doesn't even mention that.... maybe centering is an extension in whatever libc they used?
[13:26] <[md5]> might be
[13:26] <[md5]> so we can theoretically replace all the code in kFormat with something like what Greg did
[13:27] <wjp> waltervn: yes, it appears to exist in some printf's
[13:27] --> MetalSnake joined #scummvm.
[13:27] <[md5]> we could use sprintf and add the code for centering
[13:27] <[md5]> Greg handles strings in a special way anyway, so this seems doable
[13:48] <waltervn> yeah, though if we want to support '*', we would need some more sprintf calls to cover them
[13:57] <salty-horse> do you remember my detection question? :)
[13:57] <salty-horse> RE: for some reason scummvm starts the low-res version of gk instead of hi-res one. could this be a detection problem of the two versions sitting in the same dir, or is it due to unimplemented things?
[13:59] <waltervn> I think there was some talk about this in the channel yesterday
[14:01] <m_kiewitz> salty-horse: set platform to windows
[14:02] <m_kiewitz> salty-horse: dos doesnt use upscaled hires anymore, because gk/floppy doesnt contain hires content but the scripts support it resulting in an error because of missing views
[14:02] --> Tomaz^ joined #scummvm.
[14:02] <m_kiewitz> salty-horse: also the hires version wont work anyway because we dont support resource.alt currently
[14:02] <-- Tomaz^ left irc: Client Quit
[14:03] <salty-horse> should it have any noticable effect with the current code?
[14:03] <m_kiewitz> ?
[14:03] <m_kiewitz> you will get an error about a missing view
[14:03] --> Tomaz^W joined #scummvm.
[14:03] <-- Tomaz^W left irc: Remote closed the connection
[14:04] <[md5]> I wonder where's the map file for resource.alt...
[14:04] <salty-horse> I do get this:
[14:04] <salty-horse> The game in '/home/ori/games/Gabriel Knight/cd' seems to be unknown.
[14:04] <salty-horse> Please, report the following data to the ScummVM team along with name
[14:04] <salty-horse> of the game you tried to add and its version/language/etc.:
[14:04] <[md5]> cause that's the main issue we got right now
[14:04] <salty-horse> "resource.000", "69b7516962510f780d38519cc15fcc7c", 12581736
[14:05] <salty-horse> "resource.map", "372d059f75856afa6d73dd84cbb8913d", 10996
[14:05] <[md5]> yeah the fallback detector kicks in, and that sets the platform to kPlatformPC
[14:05] <[md5]> I don't know how to set the platform of the game to what the user selected inside the fallback detector code...
[14:06] <[md5]> as the fallback detector doesn't read the options set from the GUI, afaik
[14:06] --> Tomaz^ joined #scummvm.
[14:06] <salty-horse> so it doesn't even get to m_kiewitz's script error
[14:06] <[md5]> so the solution would be to add this entry to the detector
[14:06] <[md5]> not that version, no
[14:07] <-- Tomaz^ left irc: Client Quit
[14:07] <[md5]> there are a gazillion different versions of SCI games, btw
[14:07] <[md5]> which is why the fallback detector is needed... but I don't know how to set the platform in there
[14:07] <salty-horse> GUI nitpick: when text boxes initialize with text, they should put the caret on the beginning of the string and not the end. going to "edit game" shows me the end of the long game name string instead of the beginning
[14:08] <[md5]> ---> bug tracker ;)
[14:08] <salty-horse> what are the "patching *.FON" errors?
[14:08] <wjp> hm, isn't that how most text widgets behave?
[14:08] <salty-horse> [md5], patch tracker? :)
[14:08] <salty-horse> wjp, let me test in gtk
[14:09] --> Tomaz^W joined #scummvm.
[14:09] <[md5]> patching errors indicate that the engine is trying to patch a resource that isn't of the type it expected
[14:09] <salty-horse> right clicking on a gnome launcher shows the beginning of the long "command" and not the end
[14:10] <-- Deepa left irc: Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)
[14:17] <CIA-82> m_kiewitz * r47667 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/graphics/gui.cpp: SCI: little hack so that old views are erased in sci32
[14:18] <salty-horse> this should be 0: http://scummvm.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/scummvm/scummvm/trunk/gui/editable.cpp?revision=46808&view=markup#l_68
[14:19] <salty-horse> but maybe it's a matter of preference
[14:26] <-- Hkz left irc: Read error: 113 (No route to host)
[14:28] --> sanguine joined #scummvm.
[14:35] <CIA-82> m_kiewitz * r47668 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/graphics/gui.cpp: SCI: hacked up a bit sci32 graphics to support (theoretically) scaling
[15:17] <-- MetalSnake left irc: "zzZZzz"
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[15:23] --> clone2727 joined #scummvm.
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[15:23] <clone2727> salty-horse: I started on kString(Printf/Buf), actually
[15:23] <salty-horse> clone2727, there's a huge discussion about it in the log :)
[15:24] <clone2727> salty-horse: I know
[15:26] <-- Tomaz^W left irc:
[15:27] <CIA-82> thebluegr * r47669 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/ (console.cpp engine/static_selectors.cpp): Added static selectors for SCI2-SCI2.1 games (fixes the demo of Torin's Passage)
[15:37] <CIA-82> mthreepwood * r47670 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/detection_tables.h: Add duplicate entries of GK1 CD with the Windows platform set so that setting the platform to Windows won't appear as a missing entry.
[15:43] <sanguine> Im amazed at the commitment of you guys to the SCI engine. Its really making some huge strides
[15:46] [md5] <-- (i=d4fb49fe@gateway/web/freenode/x-olausnfetudfsxli) left irc: "later"
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[16:16] <CIA-82> m_kiewitz * r47671 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/graphics/gui.cpp: SCI: fixing cursor in sci32 for clone ;)
[16:16] <clone2727> :D
[16:21] <Strangerke> m_kiewitz: if you want to fix things for me in gob... Don't hesitate to ask !
[16:34] --> Styrbjorn joined #scummvm.
[16:37] <DrMcCoy> m_kiewitz: Does GK1 CD with platform=windows use highres graphics now? :)
[16:38] <clone2727> DrMcCoy: No, not yet. The resource.alt file doesn't get loaded yet.
[16:38] <DrMcCoy> :(
[16:46] <salty-horse> DrMcCoy, it's theoretically hi-res since you can't measure it yet
[16:47] <salty-horse> does anyone else think tim curry as gabriel knight is a bad choice?
[16:47] <wjp> yes, it doesn't really seem to fit at first 'glance'
[16:48] <DrMcCoy> Tim Curry is never a bad choice.
[16:49] <salty-horse> wjp, are you suggesting it grows on you?
[16:49] <wjp> I don't know
[16:49] <wjp> I have played GK1 for all of 5 minutes :-)
[16:50] <CIA-82> m_kiewitz * r47672 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/graphics/gui.cpp: SCI: calculating celRect the right way for sci32
[16:50] <m_kiewitz> DrMcCoy will like this :P
[16:50] <DrMcCoy> :)
[16:50] <DrMcCoy> Correct sprite placement? :)
[16:51] <m_kiewitz> :P
[16:51] Action: DrMcCoy huggles m_kiewitz :)
[16:51] <m_kiewitz> priority is still missing of course
[16:51] <wjp> hm, in kq5cd the background colours just shifted on me when looking at things
[16:52] <m_kiewitz> wjp: where exactly? sci1.1?
[16:52] <wjp> right outside Crispin's at the start
[16:52] <wjp> console says late SCI1
[16:53] <m_kiewitz> argh, perhaps my bit 1 support is doing this
[16:53] <wjp> http://www.usecode.org/scummvm/kq5cd.png
[16:54] <m_kiewitz> i saw it already
[16:54] <wjp> ok
[16:55] <DrMcCoy> m_kiewitz: The walk speed / steps offset seem a bit off :P
[16:55] <m_kiewitz> wtf
[16:55] <CIA-82> thebluegr * r47673 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/resource.cpp: Added support for the hires graphic resources of the Windows version of GK1
[16:55] <DrMcCoy> Yay
[16:56] Action: m_kiewitz waits for complains about hires not working in 3...2...1
[16:56] <DrMcCoy> :(
[16:56] <DrMcCoy> Why not working?
[16:56] <wjp> m_kiewitz: SF isn't _that_ fast ;-)
[16:56] <CIA-82> m_kiewitz * r47674 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/graphics/palette.cpp: SCI: removing bit 1 support (was introduced because of problems in sci1.1 games, isnt valid anymore), fixes kq5cd
[16:56] <m_kiewitz> wjp: but DrMcCoy is :P
[16:57] <DrMcCoy> m_kiewitz: Why wouldn't it work now, after r47673?
[16:57] <DrMcCoy> Is [md5] lying? :(
[16:57] <m_kiewitz> its resource manager support
[16:57] <m_kiewitz> graphics code needs to support this as well
[16:57] <DrMcCoy> :(
[16:58] <DrMcCoy> Ewww
[16:58] <DrMcCoy> Okay
[16:58] <DrMcCoy> That looks ugly now
[16:58] <DrMcCoy> :(
[16:58] [md5] --> (n=asd-@ppp-94-66-57-247.home.otenet.gr) joined #scummvm.
[16:58] #scummvm: mode change '+o [md5]' by ChanServ!ChanServ@services.
[16:59] <DrMcCoy> [md5]: You made it ugly :(
[16:59] <m_kiewitz> lol
[16:59] <DrMcCoy> And crashy
[16:59] <[md5]> hahahaha :D
[16:59] <DrMcCoy> "lookup_selector(): Attempt to send to non-object or invalid script. Address was 0014:00cc!"
[16:59] <[md5]> I expected as much :p
[16:59] <DrMcCoy> While in the "Day 1" thing
[16:59] <[md5]> where does that happen? in hires version?
[17:00] <[md5]> the commit is only for loading the hires content... we don't handle the hires content correctly yet
[17:00] <DrMcCoy> Yes, hires, during the "Day 1" intro, after the "Day 1" font appeared
[17:00] <[md5]> so no, I'm not loading, I worded the commit quite clearly :P
[17:00] <[md5]> er
[17:00] <[md5]> loading = lying
[17:01] <DrMcCoy> Curious
[17:01] <DrMcCoy> Now it didn't crash
[17:01] <DrMcCoy> May because I way entering and leaving the menu bar thingy?
[17:01] <[md5]> in Valgrind we trust :p
[17:02] <DrMcCoy> There's a giant door on the wall
[17:02] <DrMcCoy> And a giant newspaper on the table
[17:02] <[md5]> makes you feel tiny :P
[17:02] <waltervn> Yeah, it has some hi-res graphics in the gameplay area as well, it's somewhat peculiar
[17:02] <[md5]> that's the hires content, it's not supposed to be scaled together with the rest of the lowres content
[17:03] <DrMcCoy> :P
[17:03] <[md5]> Sierra had a different call to draw hires content in sci1.1 (namely, kq6cd)
[17:03] <[md5]> they've probably changed that with the graphics code overhaul
[17:03] <m_kiewitz> i guess there is a selector for it
[17:03] <m_kiewitz> or they even used signal
[17:04] <clone2727> lol, I like the big main menu buttons :P
[17:04] <[md5]> :)
[17:04] <m_kiewitz> for blind people ;)
[17:04] <[md5]> yeah :p
[17:05] <[md5]> they do have more hires content than in KQ6CD
[17:05] <[md5]> which is good
[17:09] --> Tomaz^W joined #scummvm.
[17:09] <[md5]> hm... I wonder how the files in the SFX folder are loaded...
[17:09] --> LordHoto joined #scummvm.
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[17:10] <[md5]> seems they are SFX patches
[17:10] <clone2727> [md5]: Wait, for GK1 CD? We already handle them
[17:10] <[md5]> we do?
[17:10] <[md5]> ok
[17:10] <[md5]> :p
[17:10] <clone2727> Yeah, I added that back in December ;)
[17:11] <[md5]> nice :)
[17:11] <waltervn> yeah, together with support for wavs inside resource files iirc
[17:11] <clone2727> Two separate commits, though
[17:11] Action: [md5] listens to 5400.wav
[17:11] <[md5]> great music
[17:11] <[md5]> can't remember which part it was from
[17:12] <clone2727> credits
[17:12] <clone2727> Though, the credits.avi file has the same audio in it, so I don't get it
[17:12] <Zaarin> for the DOS version?
[17:12] <clone2727> No, it doesn't play 5400.wav in the DOS version
[17:13] <Zaarin> easter egg ;
[17:14] <clone2727> [md5]: Also, since we do support the wave patches, any audio from any SCI game can be patched with a wave file now
[17:14] <[md5]> great :)
[17:14] <m_kiewitz> clone2727: what will happen with music that contains cues?
[17:14] <[md5]> I'd like to add support for the audio from Quest Studios too... but that might not be possible to add easily
[17:14] <clone2727> m_kiewitz: I never said it would work 100% :P
[17:14] <m_kiewitz> heh
[17:14] <[md5]> m_kiewitz: he's referring to audio resources, not music/sound
[17:15] --> Lubomyr joined #scummvm.
[17:15] <m_kiewitz> we could play the music silently and only act on cues
[17:15] <clone2727> [md5]: Yeah, but we do go to an audio resource over a sound resource if the audio resource exists
[17:15] <[md5]> true, like what SCI1.1 does
[17:16] <Zaarin> QS' music needs to be re-recorded as pure loops for it to work :/
[17:16] <[md5]> anyway... that could be done if we only handle the SCI MIDI channel and none of the others
[17:16] <waltervn> clone2727: the dos version won't play the avi though
[17:16] <Zaarin> I think Tom's too busy to do that
[17:17] <clone2727> waltervn: Yeah, but it doesn't use 5400.wav either. It plays the main menu music there.
[17:17] <waltervn> in dosbox too?
[17:17] <clone2727> Last I checked, yeah
[17:17] <waltervn> ok
[17:17] --> Ceriand|work joined #scummvm.
[17:19] <[md5]> as a sidenote, the General Midi Utility from Sierra really does make a difference in the supported games
[17:19] <[md5]> http://www.queststudios.com/quest/Utilities.html
[17:19] <[md5]> (shameless advertising of waltervn's work :P )
[17:20] <Zaarin> heh
[17:20] <clone2727> waltervn: Yeah, just checked again. DOS CD uses the main menu music over the credits.
[17:20] <Zaarin> the MIDI connosieurs over at the forum on that page think it's a weak conversion :P
[17:21] <[md5]> hm
[17:21] <[md5]> eh well :)
[17:21] <-- TAS-2012x left irc: Connection timed out
[17:21] <waltervn> our internal MIDI mapping needs a lot of work for it to be useful for SCI1 games
[17:21] <waltervn> any volunteers for that are welcome of course :)
[17:22] <Zaarin> MT-32 -> GM mapping?
[17:22] <waltervn> yeah
[17:22] <Zaarin> good luck making a good one for Space Quest 3 :)
[17:22] #scummvm: mode change '+o eriktorbjorn' by ChanServ!ChanServ@services.
[17:22] <waltervn> SQ3 isn't SCI1 ;)
[17:23] <Zaarin> naah, but some nutter will want to play it with General MIDI music :P
[17:23] <waltervn> sure but the SCI0 games are already supported for the most part, of course improvement there are welcome too
[17:23] <eriktorbjorn> The SQ3 intro sounded pretty good with General MIDI last time I tried it. Until it crashed. :-)
[17:24] <Zaarin> does Roger say "Where am I?" when he wakes up in the intro if I play it with ScummVM?
[17:24] <Zaarin> I remember some versions had an SB driver that made that happen
[17:24] <waltervn> he should... though with the random crashes it may not get that far
[17:24] <Zaarin> heh
[17:24] <wjp> speaking of audio, the GK1 voices in dosbox have a mildly annoying lisp in them. Is that dosbox' emulation or just the sample quality?
[17:24] <salty-horse> in gk1, I went to the voodoo store, tried to use the door, opened it, went back in, and now every action I do on the door acts as though I clicked on gabriel
[17:24] <eriktorbjorn> Zaarin: The sound cut off a bit early last time I tried it, but it was there.
[17:24] Action: eriktorbjorn tries it again now.
[17:25] <Zaarin> GK1 is 22kHz samples, I don't remember much lisping
[17:25] <wjp> let's see if scummvm already runs up to speech
[17:25] <waltervn> salty-horse: that also happens in the book store if you click on the lower part of the door
[17:26] <salty-horse> http://www.queststudios.com/information/about.html -- "LucasArts Games, Inc. flatly refused to have their music posted on the 'Net and asked that I remove any song files I had posted from their games. " -- http://soundtracks.mixnmojo.com/ :/
[17:26] <Strangerke> salty-horse: pffff :(
[17:27] <Zaarin> LEC seems to be fonder of old Mojo though, or at least used to be... their representatives have never asked me to take down my soundtracks :)
[17:27] <salty-horse> Zaarin, you're lucasarts soundtracks?
[17:27] <Zaarin> no, the competition :P
[17:27] <Zaarin> http://s-island.mixnmojo.com
[17:27] <salty-horse> island soundtracks?
[17:27] <Zaarin> yes
[17:28] <salty-horse> the mi4 artwork always made me not go there
[17:28] <salty-horse> oh you changed it
[17:28] <salty-horse> it was once a 3d treasure chest or something
[17:28] <eriktorbjorn> Zaarin: He said "Where", at least. Not quite "Where am I?", but better than nothing I guess.
[17:29] <[md5]> was the sample cut off?
[17:29] <Zaarin> eriktorbjorn: that's how most Sierra games behaved in real DOS for me :P
[17:29] <Zaarin> salty-horse: I never had any EMI artwork!
[17:29] <Zaarin> it used to be all black and teal
[17:29] <Zaarin> now it's teal and cloudy :)
[17:29] <eriktorbjorn> [md5]: It wasn't cut off by any other sound effect that I could hear, but it stopped earlier than I would have expected.
[17:29] <Zaarin> with some SMI concept art
[17:30] <waltervn> eriktorbjorn: did you get a crash again?
[17:30] <[md5]> perhaps that's the disabled sound fading...
[17:30] <salty-horse> Zaarin, then I'm confusing it with something else. sorry! :)
[17:30] <Zaarin> yes :)
[17:30] <eriktorbjorn> waltervn: Yup. Right after the intro: "ERROR: lookup_selector(): Attempt to send to non-object or invalid script. Address was 0017:1430!"
[17:30] <[md5]> right..
[17:30] <[md5]> :/
[17:30] <[md5]> eriktorbjorn:
[17:31] <[md5]> is ScummVM still open?
[17:31] <salty-horse> GPL
[17:31] <[md5]> could you type something in the debugger?
[17:31] <[md5]> now that you got the error?
[17:31] <eriktorbjorn> [md5]: I just closed it. Sorry, let me run it again. (I was checking if skipping the intro bypassed the crash, and it did.)
[17:31] <Strangerke> salty-horse :P
[17:31] <[md5]> no worries, I'll run it myself too
[17:31] <[md5]> just haven't watched the whole intro
[17:31] <[md5]> will watch it and wait for it to crash
[17:31] <waltervn> [md5]: you said it didn't crash for you though
[17:32] Action: eriktorbjorn starts the intro again. Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, hm... hum-hum-hummmm...
[17:32] <eriktorbjorn> Fortunately, I rather like this version of the Space Quest theme. :-)
[17:33] <[md5]> waltervn: it could be random... just trying
[17:33] <-- Strangerke left irc: "Bbl"
[17:33] <[md5]> eriktorbjorn: one more thing please
[17:33] <[md5]> eriktorbjorn: could you open the console and type "version"? what does it say?
[17:34] <eriktorbjorn> [md5]: Will I be able to do that if/when the crash has happened?
[17:34] <[md5]> yes
[17:34] <[md5]> no worries, just wanted to see if you got sq3 early or late
[17:35] <waltervn> maybe the sample gets cut off by the melody that plays repeatedly there
[17:35] <[md5]> or maybe there's fading and it stops
[17:35] <waltervn> fading in the "where am I" sample?
[17:35] <waltervn> that seems unlikely
[17:35] <Zaarin> should MIDI interfere with digital audio like that?
[17:35] <eriktorbjorn> [md5]: Which part of the version intro did you want?
[17:36] <[md5]> Zaarin: it does interfere yes, SCI games mix MIDI with audio
[17:36] <[md5]> sound tracks could contain MIDI data, or PCM data
[17:36] <[md5]> they split that up more nicely in later versions, though
[17:37] <eriktorbjorn> waltervn: Maybe. I was going with some boring idea that maybe the length of the sound is expressed in 16-bit words, and ScummVM thinks it's bytes.
[17:37] <-- peres left irc: "Leaving"
[17:37] <-- StarG left irc: Connection timed out
[17:37] <[md5]> eriktorbjorn: the bit that says "Emulated interpreter version" and the "Graphics functions type"
[17:37] <waltervn> eriktorbjorn: it works OK in the old music code, so that's probably not it
[17:37] <Zaarin> :O
[17:37] <Zaarin> sounds like a big mess
[17:37] <[md5]> Zaarin: yeah... it is
[17:37] <eriktorbjorn> [md5]: They're both "Late SCI0".
[17:38] <waltervn> not really, it allows them to have both digital and MIDI versions of a sound effect in the same resourcew
[17:38] <waltervn> if a driver can play the digital version it can play that, otherwise it's expected to play the MIDI variation
[17:39] --> StarG joined #scummvm.
[17:39] <eriktorbjorn> [md5]: Anything else? I was thinking of re-running the intro in performance-killing Valgrind-O-Vision.
[17:40] <[md5]> some effects are not playable in MIDI soundcards, e.g. the speech
[17:40] <[md5]> the crash seems to happen with the door sound
[17:40] <[md5]> which is very odd, as the door sound is heard when you skip the intro :/
[17:41] <eriktorbjorn> [md5]: You were able to reproduce it, then?
[17:41] <[md5]> yes
[17:41] <[md5]> the associated object is "doorSound"
[17:41] <eriktorbjorn> [md5]: Well, that's either good or terrible. Pick one. :-)
[17:42] <[md5]> I pick the latter :P
[17:42] <[md5]> it's good that we found out the terrible thing ;)
[17:43] <m_kiewitz> [md5] the error occurs in sq3 late
[17:44] <eriktorbjorn> m_kiewitz: There are several versions of the game?
[17:44] <[md5]> "doorSound" is there when skipping the intro...
[17:44] <[md5]> eriktorbjorn: yes
[17:44] <[md5]> like with all SCI games
[17:44] --> lskovlun joined #scummvm.
[17:44] #scummvm: mode change '+o lskovlun' by ChanServ!ChanServ@services.
[17:44] <lskovlun> hey
[17:44] <[md5]> hi Lars
[17:44] <m_kiewitz> [md5] i also think the where am i sample has problems in sq3 late
[17:44] <m_kiewitz> it seems its like "where am"
[17:44] <[md5]> SQ3 had... hm... 9 different versions?
[17:44] <m_kiewitz> hi <lskovlun>
[17:45] <eriktorbjorn> [md5]: That's funny, I always thought Humongous Entertainment was made up of former LucasArts employees. Now it seems obvious to me that they were actually former Sierra employees.
[17:45] <m_kiewitz> my late is 1.018
[17:45] <salty-horse> http://www.gog.com/en/editorial/month_of_activision_gabriel_knight_retrospective/
[17:47] <[md5]> "His flaws made him seem like a much more believable character, in the same way as the best graphic novel heroes and heroines engage the reader from the very first page, however odious they may seem at first. In fact, Jensen noted in her Edge interview that he was, 'derived from... influences like Sandman and Constantine.'"
[17:47] <[md5]> yay for Gabriel :)
[17:47] --> Hkz joined #scummvm.
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[17:48] <eriktorbjorn> No unexpected Valgrind warnings.
[17:49] <-- clone2727 left irc: "bbl"
[17:52] <[md5]> it's not a memory leak
[17:52] --> enthusi_ joined #scummvm.
[17:53] <salty-horse> what!? gabriel knight's urban fantasy is not original!?
[17:53] <-- enthusi__ left irc: Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)
[18:11] --> Javacat joined #scummvm.
[18:15] <CIA-82> thebluegr * r47675 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/sound/soundcmd.cpp: Don't modify the objects of sound slots that are already stopped, as the associated objects could have been disposed. Fixes odd crashes in SQ3
[18:15] --> |Cable| joined #scummvm.
[18:15] <[md5]> hm, wording
[18:17] <CIA-82> thebluegr * r47676 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/sound/soundcmd.cpp: Wording
[18:17] <lskovlun> what was m_kiewitz's cel placement fixes intended to improve? I can't see any differences in SQ6...
[18:18] <m_kiewitz> lskovlun: try gk1 :P
[18:19] <DrMcCoy> <3
[18:20] <-- lskovlun left irc: "Client exiting"
[18:20] --> lskovlun joined #scummvm.
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[18:20] <[md5]> "And like that, poof. He's gone."
[18:20] <[md5]> oh
[18:20] <[md5]> he's back :p
[18:20] <aquadran> [md5]: back from crash :D
[18:21] <lskovlun> Ctrl-Q is a powerful thing, especially in ScummVM.
[18:21] <lskovlun> For some reason, XChat caught the keystroke as well
[18:21] <[md5]> hehe :)
[18:22] <lskovlun> Gabriel is still placed a bit oddly here (but then again, this is the floppy version)
[18:23] <lskovlun> it's possible that priority support would fix that though
[18:23] <[md5]> priority is still broken in SCI2
[18:24] <m_kiewitz> well the whole thing is hacked together, i will create a gui32 class and implement priority then
[18:24] <[md5]> true
[18:24] <lskovlun> yeah
[18:24] <waltervn> it looks pretty good, considering no real RE has been done yet ;)
[18:24] <[md5]> yeah...
[18:24] <[md5]> a lot of this was guesswork :)
[18:24] <m_kiewitz> it will even look better w/ priority and plane support (w/o any RE heh)
[18:25] <DrMcCoy> Do it noaw! ;)
[18:25] <[md5]> you know we got a good answer DrMcCoy, right? :P
[18:25] <[md5]> "as soon as Urban Runner is done" :P
[18:25] <lskovlun> Heona Ehaare ...
[18:25] <DrMcCoy> :(
[18:26] <DrMcCoy> Haare? Hair?
[18:26] <lskovlun> rot13
[18:26] <DrMcCoy> Ah
[18:27] <[md5]> hahahahahahahaha :D
[18:27] <m_kiewitz> lol
[18:27] <[md5]> http://www.retards.org/projects/rot13/ :P
[18:27] --> clone2727 joined #scummvm.
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[18:30] <-- clone2727 left irc: Client Quit
[18:30] <DrMcCoy> :(
[18:30] --> clone2727 joined #scummvm.
[18:30] <DrMcCoy> :)
[18:30] <waltervn> ...
[18:30] #scummvm: mode change '+o clone2727' by ChanServ!ChanServ@services.
[18:30] <clone2727> Stupid Java applet for freenode... why are there links that I can accidentally press? :p
[18:30] <DrMcCoy> lol
[18:31] <DrMcCoy> clone2727: http://drmccoy.de/zeugs/boobies.jpg :P
[18:31] <[md5]> OMG DrMcCoy pr0n! :O
[18:32] <DrMcCoy> [md5]: Only if you're really kindy
[18:32] <DrMcCoy> Err
[18:32] <[md5]> you mean kinky? :p
[18:32] <DrMcCoy> kinky*
[18:32] <DrMcCoy> Yeah
[18:32] <[md5]> :)
[18:32] <DrMcCoy> I'm tired
[18:32] <DrMcCoy> => I fail at typing
[18:32] <[md5]> the ladies do look a bit puzzled
[18:32] --> NewaWrk joined #scummvm.
[18:32] <[md5]> in that picture
[18:33] <lskovlun> lol
[18:33] <[md5]> and they have this weird body posture
[18:33] <DrMcCoy> [md5]: That's normal for them :)
[18:33] <[md5]> :D
[18:33] <[md5]> what animals are these anyway?
[18:34] <DrMcCoy> Boobies
[18:34] <DrMcCoy> [md5]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue-footed_Booby
[18:34] <DrMcCoy> [md5]: "The courtship of the Blue-footed Booby consists of the male flaunting his blue feet and dancing to impress the female"
[18:35] <[md5]> haaaaaaaahahahahahahaha :D
[18:35] <[md5]> right :p
[18:35] <DrMcCoy> [md5]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCNQFantLME
[18:35] <[md5]> I was looking at a dictionary, and they only have the other meaning
[18:41] <-- P2E left irc: Read error: 113 (No route to host)
[18:43] --> _athrxx joined #scummvm.
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[18:45] --> Ven]n joined #scummvm.
[18:45] <Ven]n> hey guys
[18:45] --> P2E joined #scummvm.
[18:45] <Ven]n> is there any progress on the sierra bug on iphones?
[18:45] <Ven]n> i see the bug report is still there
[18:46] <Ven]n> but im just wondering if any of you have heard anything
[18:47] <[md5]> is the bug on the iPhone still present?
[18:47] <[md5]> we're more concerned at fixing other issues with SCI before dealing with platform-specific issues...
[18:47] <[md5]> concerned with *
[18:49] <-- Newa2 left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[18:53] <Ven]n> i dunno if its present.. i havent bothered checking since the bug report is still there: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=2916021&group_id=37116&atid=418820
[18:57] <[md5]> Ven]n: you might want to check again, a lot of things have changed since then...
[18:57] --> WooShell joined #scummvm.
[19:00] <CIA-82> thebluegr * r47677 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/sound/music.cpp: Always prefer MIDI drivers over the other ones
[19:00] --> Strangerke joined #scummvm.
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[19:00] <Strangerke> re
[19:01] <[md5]> wb
[19:01] <Strangerke> thx :)

[19:02] <m_kiewitz> jokes loves mentos hahaa http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xosVHsqRThE&feature=rec-r2-2r-1-HM
[19:02] <m_kiewitz> s/jokes/joker
[19:02] <-- johndoe123 left irc:
[19:03] <eriktorbjorn> Some people have much too much time on their hands. Bless them: http://www.michaelv.org/
[19:04] <[md5]> oh my... a site looking like Windows 3.1
[19:04] <[md5]> now THAT's retro :p
[19:05] <m_kiewitz> perhaps it will run sierra sci :P
[19:06] <[md5]> Hitler responds to the iPad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQnT0zp8Ya4
[19:08] <eriktorbjorn> [md5]: Somehow, I knew it would be that scene with new subtitles.
[19:08] <[md5]> hehe :p
[19:09] <Ven]n> [md5], there are so many great "remixes" of that scene
[19:09] <Ven]n> [md5], regarding "a lot of things have changed since then"... it didnt work 2 weeks ago
[19:10] <m_kiewitz> haha hitler reviews vista http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocztsHoqt4M&feature=related
[19:12] <LordHoto> eriktorbjorn: too bad that site doesn't take you back to the DOS prompt, when you exit the windows session ;-)
[19:13] <clone2727> LordHoto: I ended up using the prompt more than Win3.1 back in the day anyway :p
[19:13] <eriktorbjorn> By the way, now the SQ3 intro hangs for me at the "The small pod is jarred ..." text. I can skip the rest of the intro, and it doesn't crash then. But I don't know if it would have earlier either.
[19:13] <Strangerke> LordHoto: it does. But it's a fake one : you can't format !
[19:13] <LordHoto> Strangerke: when I do "File -> Exit Windows" the page changes to some forum for me
[19:14] --> Sho_ joined #scummvm.
[19:14] <Strangerke> LordHoto: Main - Command Prompt
[19:14] <LordHoto> Strangerke: I don't want any windows fake dos command prompt, I want a real DOS prompt :-P
[19:15] <Strangerke> LordHoto :P
[19:15] <lskovlun> Cool, nonetheless
[19:17] <eriktorbjorn> m_kiewitz: I guess my work computer is newer than Hitler's, then. That one runs Vista just fine, as long as I don't try to use the screensaver. Heaven help me if I try to use the screensaver...
[19:18] <clone2727> heh, the movie player opens up YouTube videos
[19:19] <[md5]> the picture viewer works too :)
[19:23] <eriktorbjorn> Hmm... Actually, I can't get SQ3 to work at the moment. Ah well, that's life on the bleeding edge.
[19:24] <lskovlun> eriktorbjorn: On the Win3.1 site?
[19:24] <eriktorbjorn> lskovlun: Er, no. In ScummVM, of course.
[19:25] --> bonch joined #scummvm.
[19:27] <-- bonch left irc: Remote closed the connection
[19:27] --> bonch joined #scummvm.
[19:27] <-- bonch left irc: Remote closed the connection
[19:31] <[md5]> eriktorbjorn: I believe that it should REALLY be fixed now
[19:32] <CIA-82> thebluegr * r47678 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/sound/soundcmd.cpp: Reverting incorrect rev. 47675. The actual problem was that SCI0 doesn't clear a song's handle when stopping it, but when disposing it. Hopefully, a lot of the SCI0 sound oddities are fixed now...
[19:32] <[md5]> at least it works fine without crashing, but the speech sample is cut off prematurely again
[19:35] <eriktorbjorn> [md5]: Looks promising so far. Skipping the intro works, and I'm almost up to where it hung before.
[19:36] <[md5]> it's a difference in the way the engine scripts held a pointer to the sound object
[19:37] <[md5]> anyway, hope it's all working now :)
[19:37] <eriktorbjorn> [md5]: I got past that point. The "Where am I?" is still cut off early, as you said, but it no longer crashes at the end of the intro.
[19:37] <[md5]> great :)
[19:38] <eriktorbjorn> [md5]: Thanks for fixing it. I was starting to think it was one of those bugs were no one had even a clue. :-)
[19:38] <[md5]> :D
[19:38] <[md5]> my pleasure :)
[19:40] <Lightkey> LordHoto: http://www.ohloh.net/p/orcwar worth 1.1 million dollars! you are rich
[19:40] <eriktorbjorn> From what I remember, SQ3 is the first Space Quest game that's actually fairly good.
[19:40] Topic changed on #scummvm by [md5]!n=asd-@unaffiliated/md5/x-729473: ScummVM 1.0.0 || http://www.scummvm.org/faq/ || No warez, no Game Requests, read the FAQ! || Channel logs: http://logs.scummvm.org
[19:40] <[md5]> eriktorbjorn: agreed
[19:41] <LordHoto> Lightkey: wtf?
[19:41] <Lightkey> [md5]: you know aboot tits though, I hope
[19:41] <[md5]> I really liked the way they handled the limitations of EGA... the graphics are quite beautiful for an EGA game
[19:41] <[md5]> Lightkey: say what? :P
[19:43] <Lightkey> [md5]: like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Tit
[19:44] <[md5]> ... bwahahahahahaha :D
[19:44] <[md5]> first boobies, then great tits... :P
[19:45] <Lightkey> there are also japanese tits, siberian tits..
[19:47] <lskovlun> There ought to be a Wikipedia category named "Birds with obscene names" ...
[19:47] <[md5]> :D
[19:48] <[md5]> lskovlun: question. What are hunk segment types used for?
[19:49] <lskovlun> nothing much, I suppose ...
[19:49] <[md5]> oh
[19:49] <lskovlun> I think they are mostly there because SCI games need to be able to allocate and deallocate them
[19:50] <lskovlun> for instance, underBits and the Unload() call
[19:50] <Lightkey> underTits..
[19:50] <[md5]> oh
[19:50] <lskovlun> Sierra used resource type 0x85 as a sort of dummy resource type to specify hunk memory
[19:50] Action: [md5] slaps Lightkey with a great tit and a boobie
[19:50] <[md5]> aha...
[19:50] <[md5]> right
[19:52] <lskovlun> [md5]: I suppose one might find that enjoyable
[19:52] <lskovlun> being slapped with those kinds of "birds", I mean
[19:54] <[md5]> :P
[20:06] <-- lskovlun left irc: "Client exiting"
[20:13] --> Fingolfin joined #scummvm.
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[20:20] --> jackster joined #scummvm.
[20:21] --> vtrrimeqtl joined #scummvm.
[20:21] CTCP VERSION: http://pbx.mine.nu GNAA > j00 from vtrrimeqtl (vtrrimeqtl!n=gauihqni@ to #scummvm
[20:22] MSG541[20:22] MSG541[20:22] <-- vtrrimeqtl left irc: Connection reset by peer
[20:22] <[md5]> ...
[20:22] <sanguine> how absurd
[20:22] <[md5]> about that +R ...
[20:23] <-- Fingolfin left irc:
[20:24] <[md5]> I wonder what GNAA stands for
[20:24] <drantin> -_-
[20:24] <[md5]> the other spambots had GNAA too
[20:24] <[md5]> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNAA is not helpful
[20:24] <drantin> try urban dictionary
[20:25] <[md5]> oh...
[20:25] <[md5]> right
[20:26] <sanguine> Id love to have as much free time as those guys
[20:26] <Hkz> You are being CTCP flooded from vtrrimeqtl, ignoring *!*@
[20:26] <Hkz> cool feature of xchat
[20:26] <Hkz> :)
[20:28] Action: drantin has user mode +C set on himself
[20:28] <drantin> blocks ctcp
[20:34] <[md5]> oh
[20:34] <[md5]> cool feature :)
[20:36] <Lightkey> the encyclopedia dramatia would be best ;-)
[20:36] <Lightkey> dramatica
[20:36] <[md5]> yeah saw it
[20:37] --> Littleboy joined #scummvm.
[20:41] <Lightkey> http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/File:IPad.jpg hehe
[20:41] <[md5]> hahaha :D so true :)
[20:43] <[md5]> http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/File:Breadmotiv.jpg
[20:44] --> oawmbcekvgr joined #scummvm.
[20:44] CTCP VERSION: http://pbx.mine.nu GNAA > j00 from oawmbcekvgr (oawmbcekvgr!n=puqxuckl@dy-129-031.king.ac.uk) to #scummvm
[20:44] MSG541[20:44] <-- oawmbcekvgr left irc: K-lined
[20:45] <sanguine> ugh

[20:58] <-- jackster left irc:
[20:59] --> syke joined #scummvm.
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[20:59] <syke> hi
[21:00] <clone2727> hi syke
[21:01] <syke> hey man
[21:01] <syke> how's it going?
[21:01] <clone2727> Not bad, yourself?
[21:03] <syke> had some insonia last night, wole up around 5am and was up for an hour
[21:03] <syke> other than that, doing great
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[21:05] MSG541[21:05] <-- yyxnzaovahef left irc: K-lined
[21:05] <clone2727> Good to hear :)
[21:08] <Lightkey> LordHoto: there is a third http://www.ohloh.net/p/deraciel/contributors/170851651554675
[21:11] <salty-horse> what's that game? sf.net page says it's an ascii game, but their wiki says it uses the ogre 3d engine
[21:13] --> jackster joined #scummvm.
[21:14] --> tpw_lappy joined #scummvm.
[21:18] <syke> I'm going through and cleaning up compiler warnings reported by gcc-trunk
[21:18] <syke> anyone familiar with the kyra code around? not sure what the correct fix is for this:
[21:18] <syke> engines/kyra/gui_lok.cpp:1011:109: warning: operation on ((Kyra::GUI_LoK*)this)->Kyra::GUI_LoK::_vm->Kyra::KyraEngine_LoK::<anonymous>.Kyra::KyraEngine_v1::_configMusic may be undefined
[21:19] <salty-horse> syke, thanks for the whitespace
[21:19] <syke> there's about a dozen like that in the kyra directory, all on macho-style code lines like that one
[21:19] <Lightkey> can never have enough of 'em
[21:19] <syke> salty-horse: blame X/KDE :)
[21:28] Action: Lightkey stichelt LordHoto *stichel* *stichel*
[21:28] --> lskovlun joined #scummvm.
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[21:30] <syke> hey lars
[21:34] <L0ngcat> hi syke
[21:34] <-- Jani64 left irc: Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)
[21:39] <syke> I gotta say, playing Jones reminds me of really fun times
[21:40] <syke> used to play it a bunch with my mom and friends
[21:40] <[md5]> ^^
[21:40] <syke> and my husband and I play the CD version in dosbox when we go to LA
[21:40] <m_kiewitz> syke: you should use scummvm :P
[21:41] <syke> well, I am now
[21:41] <syke> I'm just saying it's fun to test
[21:41] <syke> I'm still getting a load of VM warnings
[21:42] <syke> WARNING: [VM] Attempt to read arithmetic value from non-zero segment [0002]!
[21:42] <m_kiewitz> i just added a new gui32 class for sci32, but there is one problem that i cant track down. some cels are now sticky and wont go away
[21:42] <m_kiewitz> perhaps you could take a look at it using valgrind
[21:42] <syke> WARNING: SegManager::dereference(): Attempt to dereference invalid pointer 0000:0000!
[21:42] <syke> WARNING: SegManager::getString(): Attempt to dereference invalid pointer 0000:0000!
[21:42] <m_kiewitz> may be some memory corruption
[21:42] <syke> is there an sci32 demo that reproduces the issue?
[21:42] <syke> I'm @ work, don't have my whole games collection here
[21:43] <lskovlun> syke: The first of those warning is probably due to an unimplemented kernel call ...
[21:43] <m_kiewitz> hmm i dont know, i guess not
[21:44] --> Jani64 joined #scummvm.
[21:45] <lskovlun> there is a common idiom where you call GetHighPlanePri to find a suitable priority for initializing a new plane.
[21:45] <lskovlun> (if that is the case, there would be a warning about that of course...)
[21:45] <Lightkey> a fast plane?
[21:45] <Lightkey> /o\
[21:46] <syke> Lightkey: a jet plane
[21:46] <-- Lubomyr left irc: Read error: 113 (No route to host)
[21:46] <lskovlun> yeah, one that ascends past all others.
[21:46] <-- D0SFreak left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[21:48] <syke> ;>
[21:48] <syke> lskovlun: the VM warning appear to happen whenever a player's turn ends
[21:48] <syke> (or jones' turn)
[21:48] <syke> if there's any debugging I can do, let me know
[21:48] <lskovlun> oh, so it's in Jones...
[21:48] <lskovlun> I thought it was sci32
[21:49] <lskovlun> :->
[21:49] <m_kiewitz> you dont want to work on that? :P
[21:50] <lskovlun> I have contributed a few things already, in case you didn't notice :)
[21:50] <syke> I saw your checkins to get Phantasmagoria up and going, yes :)
[21:50] <m_kiewitz> lskovlun: are you working under linux?
[21:51] <lskovlun> yes
[21:51] <m_kiewitz> i need someone w/ gk1 and valgrind
[21:51] <lskovlun> I've got floppy only
[21:51] <m_kiewitz> i guess the problem occurs w/ floppy as well
[21:52] <m_kiewitz> just sent you the patch and the 2 new files
[21:52] <lskovlun> ok...
[21:52] <salty-horse> m_kiewitz, me!
[21:52] <Lightkey> no no, you definitely need the CD version, it is just $5.99 download at gog.com nao!
[21:53] <m_kiewitz> in gk1/cd "1" of "day 1" gets sticky and some others as well
[21:53] <m_kiewitz> you will see
[21:53] <syke> m_kiewitz: does the debug CRT checks in VC++ not find problems for you? I found it to be almost as good as valgrind in some cases
[21:54] <m_kiewitz> nope, probably its not memory corruption at all but i cant explain it otherwise
[21:54] <m_kiewitz> it seems as if those objects remain in the array
[21:54] <m_kiewitz> forget it :P
[21:54] <m_kiewitz> i just solved it
[21:55] <Lightkey> :-(
[21:55] <m_kiewitz> Lightkey: ? ;)
[21:55] <syke> what was the problem?
[21:55] --> D0SFreak joined #scummvm.
[21:56] <m_kiewitz> priority. i removed clear screen because of no ports in sci32 and some cels have priority set so those will get sticky that way because no one else will overwrite it
[22:00] <m_kiewitz> fingers crossed that i wont break build :P
[22:00] <lskovlun> I had to update the makefile manually to get your code working
[22:00] <CIA-82> m_kiewitz * r47679 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/ (14 files in 3 dirs): SCI: added new SciGui32 class, Gfx class needs some work though and hopefully i didnt overlook some kernel function that is also used by sci32. now using plane left/top
[22:00] <m_kiewitz> lskovlun: the patch wasnt the latest, i made some changes inbetween
[22:02] <lskovlun> ./engines/sci/graphics/gui32.h:39: warning: 'class Sci::SciGui32' has virtual functions and accessible non-virtual destructor
[22:02] <clone2727> lskovlun: Already on it
[22:02] <m_kiewitz> i thought i removed those
[22:02] <m_kiewitz> must have missed some
[22:03] <m_kiewitz> 2
[22:03] <m_kiewitz> damn
[22:04] <lskovlun> Gabriel walks slightly off-screen (and behind the table) during the intro
[22:04] <CIA-82> mthreepwood * r47680 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/ (graphics/gui32.cpp graphics/gui32.h module.mk): Silence gcc warnings, have gui32.cpp only build when ENABLE_SCI32 is defined.
[22:05] <m_kiewitz> clone2727: remove virtual in SciGui too...wanted to do that as well
[22:05] <clone2727> m_kiewitz: I don't know what you want virtual functions you want removed/changed there
[22:05] <m_kiewitz> all of them :P
[22:06] <m_kiewitz> they were virtual because of old gui
[22:07] <lskovlun> wouldn't it be a good idea to have them be virtual in any case?
[22:07] <lskovlun> we need many of the same functions/interfaces for SCI16 and SCI32...
[22:07] <m_kiewitz> lskovlun: could you make a screenshot? perhaps its floppy only
[22:08] <m_kiewitz> lskovlun: most are changed, thats why i did a separate class
[22:08] <clone2727> m_kiewitz: Yeah, several things are shared though
[22:08] <m_kiewitz> and the ones where no changes were made like some cursor functions - we should use cursor class directly
[22:09] <m_kiewitz> arent virtual functions slower than normal ones?
[22:09] <lskovlun> not of consequence...
[22:10] <m_kiewitz> i also need to clean up gfx class
[22:10] <m_kiewitz> most of the stuff in there is sci"16" exclusive
[22:13] <clone2727> m_kiewitz: There's also lots more complexity checking between s->_gui and s->_gui32 now...
[22:15] --> Fanskapet joined #scummvm.
[22:15] <m_kiewitz> clone2727: im thinking about this, perhaps it would be even better to have a separate shared class for those
[22:16] <m_kiewitz> when changing those one should at least insert comments about shared usage between sci16 and sci32
[22:17] <m_kiewitz> larry6 sci32 now runs quite a bit more :P
[22:18] <lskovlun> http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/4135/gk11.png
[22:19] <syke> m_kiewitz: I'd really suggest using virtuals and subclasses for specializations between versions. The lack of that in FreeSCI led to some really ugly procedural code
[22:19] <lskovlun> http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/113/gk12.png
[22:20] <syke> as for the overhead of virtuals, let the profiler tell you that
[22:20] <syke> virtuals are not a boogeyman
[22:20] <lskovlun> syke: It should only be a problem if you're calling the virtual method from within a tight loop...
[22:20] <lskovlun> i.e. almost never
[22:20] <m_kiewitz> lskovlun: cels arent clipped currently
[22:21] <CIA-82> m_kiewitz * r47681 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/ (engine/kgraphics.cpp graphics/gui32.cpp graphics/gui32.h): SCI: adding shakeScreen() for gui32 for lsl6
[22:21] <syke> lskovlun: or if the function would have otherwise been inlined, and is really cheap to begin with
[22:21] <lskovlun> yeah
[22:21] <syke> m_kiewitz: any idea when you can look at this jones issue?
[22:21] <m_kiewitz> syke: what issue?
[22:21] <syke> lskovlun: I'm hoping to get my employer to fund de-virtualization as a feature in the next GCC
[22:22] <-- Styrbjorn left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[22:23] <syke> m_kiewitz: WARNING: [VM] Attempt to read arithmetic value from non-zero segment [0002]!
[22:23] <syke> when trying to get jobs @ employment office
[22:23] <lskovlun> syke: I didn't see that
[22:24] <m_kiewitz> lskovlun: and priority isnt implemented as well, so no real problems in those 2 screenshots
[22:24] <syke> I get it when clicking ENROLL at the university, as well
[22:25] <lskovlun> syke: De-patterning might be interesting as well...
[22:25] <lskovlun> but would probably be a lot harder
[22:26] <syke> lskovlun: yes, but one thing at a time. in the OO designs that are coming out of our TDD, de-virtualization will help us the most. that being said, with other optimizations afforded from OO (and compiler tricks), system-level performance is up by 11.2%. (measures as CPU usage/gbit of throughput)
[22:27] <syke> m_kiewitz: and then, at the beginning of every turn except the first one:
[22:27] <syke> WARNING: SegManager::dereference(): Attempt to dereference invalid pointer 0000:0000!
[22:27] <syke> WARNING: SegManager::getString(): Attempt to dereference invalid pointer 0000:0000!
[22:27] <syke> WARNING: SegManager::dereference(): Attempt to dereference invalid pointer 0000:0000!
[22:27] <syke> WARNING: SegManager::getString(): Attempt to dereference invalid pointer 0000:0000!
[22:28] <m_kiewitz> syke: waltervn is our vm god :P
[22:28] <syke> m_kiewitz: lars knows a thing or two as well ;>
[22:28] <m_kiewitz> yeah of course :)
[22:28] <m_kiewitz> 2 gods then heh
[22:28] <waltervn> of the active devs perhaps, but lskovlund in pretty much the world SCI guru ;)
[22:29] <lskovlun> oh, I can get it to reproduce at the university at least
[22:29] <syke> I also get these all over the place:
[22:29] <syke> WARNING: [VM] Attempt to use invalid param variable 0003 (out of range [0..2])!
[22:29] <syke> WARNING: [VM] Attempt to use invalid param variable 0004 (out of range [0..2])!
[22:29] <syke> WARNING: [VM] Attempt to use invalid param variable 0005 (out of range [0..2])!
[22:29] <syke> WARNING: [VM] Attempt to use invalid param variable 0006 (out of range [0..2])!
[22:29] <syke> WARNING: [VM] Attempt to use invalid param variable 0001 (out of range [0..0])!
[22:29] <syke> lskovlun: great!
[22:29] <syke> I'm using EGA, as it's what I have handy
[22:30] <syke> but the scripts aren't that different across versions, as I recall
[22:31] <waltervn> I don't think we really need to write down all these warnings, usually it's not our fault. I think it would be better to look for actual game bugs that are visible.
[22:32] <m_kiewitz> syke: most of the gui code was done as sierra implemented it, i prefer readability (adding one if getSciVersion) and the ability to match code against sierra sci. if thats all done we could subclass some of the code
[22:32] <CIA-82> mthreepwood * r47682 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/ (5 files in 2 dirs): Fix compile when ENABLE_SCI32 is not set.
[22:32] <syke> waltervn: yes, the invalid param out of range ones I realize are often game script bugs. the seg manager thing looked more serious, though.
[22:32] <-- clone2727 left irc: "bbl -- heading home"
[22:32] <syke> if that, too, is a superfluous warning, let me know.
[22:33] <waltervn> it's hard to say, but in any case I think it would be best to focus on gameplay bugs
[22:33] <syke> ok
[22:34] <lskovlun> right. they use the unsigned compare operation to check whether something is a pointer or a far text reference
[22:34] <syke> there's a bunch of them in the wiki page already, do you really need more reports/testing?
[22:34] <[md5]> m_kiewitz: in GK1, the buttons on top are not erased when the bar is closed
[22:34] <m_kiewitz> [md5] because i removed the clearscreen...
[22:34] <[md5]> oh
[22:35] <lskovlun> syke: This is benign, but should be handled properly.
[22:35] <m_kiewitz> will properly implement it in the next few days (frameOut etc.)
[22:35] <waltervn> the arithmetic value warning will be more common now due to some code restructuring
[22:36] <-- Fanskapet left irc: Success
[22:36] <[md5]> lskovlun: what are these warnings, btw?
[22:36] <[md5]> "Attempt to use invalid param variable 0002 (out of range [0..1])!"
[22:38] <waltervn> it happens when a function reads more params then were passed to it
[22:40] --> salty_horse joined #scummvm.
[22:41] <lskovlun> which is benign iff the number of parameters is checked afterwards, and the bogus value replaced with something sensible
[22:41] <lskovlun> or if the bogus value isn't used at all...
[22:42] <[md5]> I wonder how things like these slipped
[22:42] <[md5]> from SSCI
[22:43] <[md5]> I mean, we detect such mistakes, the original one probably doesn't, and it probably reads OOB junk
[22:43] <lskovlun> because those values weren't used afterwards
[22:43] <[md5]> aha...
[22:47] <-- salty-horse left irc: Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)
[22:47] <CIA-82> lskovlun * r47683 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/engine/vm.cpp: SCI: uge? and ult? opcodes now work correctly when comparing pointers with 1000.
[22:47] <lskovlun> that fixes jones
[22:48] <lskovlun> actually, this was in one of the standard library routines, so it might silence other warnings too.
[22:48] <[md5]> I'm not sure what you're doing there... perhaps some comments might be helpful?
[22:48] <[md5]> why is 1000 special?
[22:49] <lskovlun> check for being a (near) pointer or a far text reference
[22:49] <[md5]> aha...
[22:49] --> Styrbjorn joined #scummvm.
[22:49] <lskovlun> it's the same way it's done in the SSCI interpreter code...
[22:49] <[md5]> if possible, can you write a nice little comment for it?
[22:50] <lskovlun> sure
[22:50] <[md5]> I believe you, but you're the only one who understands it now :P
[22:50] <[md5]> (without a comment, that is)
[22:53] --> clone2727 joined #scummvm.
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[22:54] <syke> lskovlun: awesome, thanks! :)
[22:57] <waltervn> my commit r47597 tried to do the same thing though :) we can undo that now
[22:58] <CIA-82> lskovlun * r47684 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/engine/vm.cpp: Document my last change
[22:59] <lskovlun> there. Can anyone please read it to see if it's clear/informative?
[22:59] <LordHoto> syke: yes I'm here :-P
[23:00] <-- Ceriand|work left irc: "Leaving."
[23:00] <syke> LordHoto: you're here? PRAISE JESUS ;)
[23:01] <LordHoto> syke: that was a reply to the KYRA stuff :-P
[23:01] <[md5]> lskovlun: now it's understandable :) thanks a lot
[23:01] <LordHoto> syke: though to my own defense I didn't write the LoK GUI code in the first place ;-P
[23:01] <syke> LordHoto: ah ok
[23:01] <[md5]> lskovlun: but what about newer games? some got resource numbers larger than 1000
[23:01] <syke> LordHoto: you using ubuntu 9.x?
[23:01] <LordHoto> syke: no debian/unstable
[23:02] <syke> even better :)
[23:02] <LordHoto> correct :-)
[23:02] <syke> if you use gcc-snapshot and turn on -Wall -Wextra, you should see them
[23:02] <syke> you might also see them with gcc-4.4, I dunno
[23:02] <LordHoto> anyway it should be trivial to fix those just doing (foo + 1) instead of ++foo and it's fine
[23:03] <lskovlun> [md5]: I haven't thought of that... obviously they must do the testing some other way
[23:03] <[md5]> perhaps
[23:04] <[md5]> e.g. SCI2+ games surely got some very big resource numbers
[23:04] <[md5]> e.g. 64000
[23:04] <waltervn> they use Message though
[23:04] <lskovlun> with Message files instead of Text files, the strings are loaded into memory somewhere anyway...
[23:04] <lskovlun> but there are of course other possible uses as well.
[23:04] <[md5]> oh
[23:04] <[md5]> ok
[23:06] <[md5]> btw, here's a page to scare people off if you got a laptop and are in an airplane... :P
[23:06] <[md5]> http://www.myit-media.de/the_end.html
[23:06] <m_kiewitz> lol
[23:06] <syke> waltervn: I would be happy to test Dr. Brain, once the already reported issues are fixed
[23:07] <lskovlun> oh, it's flash-based, that's why I didn't see anything :)
[23:07] <waltervn> what issues are left?
[23:07] <m_kiewitz> syke: castle is finishable
[23:07] <[md5]> castle is beatable, the remaining issues are trivial...
[23:07] <Lightkey> a black page..
[23:07] <lskovlun> Lightkey: use something that supports flash
[23:08] <[md5]> it's flash-based
[23:08] <Lightkey> could have said so :p
[23:08] <syke> waltervn: I'm looking at the things listed in the wiki
[23:09] <syke> one entry under sound, antother two under VM
[23:09] --> Kirben joined #scummvm.
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[23:09] <m_kiewitz> syke: sound is probably solved [md5] right?
[23:09] <[md5]> the sound one is for Island of Dr. Brain, aka Dr. Brain 2
[23:09] <lskovlun> hmm. I wonder what I blew up with that?
[23:10] <m_kiewitz> syke: i need to investigate the scrolling issue, almost everything was solved by walter
[23:10] <m_kiewitz> syke: but a tiny problem remains probably some little difference in kDisplay somewhere
[23:10] <m_kiewitz> g2g bye
[23:10] <-- m_kiewitz left irc: "leaving"
[23:10] <[md5]> for Castle of Dr. Brain (i.e. the first instalment) there's only one issue with scrolling text in 1 screen (it overlaps at some point)
[23:11] <[md5]> the other issue is a bit odd..
[23:11] <-- tpw_lappy left irc: "May the Schwartz be with you!"
[23:11] <[md5]> there's a big puzzle which gradually forms a room
[23:11] <[md5]> so once you solve it, you can open the door in the back
[23:11] <-- D0SFreak left irc: Read error: 113 (No route to host)
[23:12] --> tpw_lappy joined #scummvm.
[23:12] <[md5]> if you save right after you solve it, and reload, the background won't be set
[23:12] <[md5]> ...and that's all
[23:12] <waltervn> I'm getting some gfx crashes
[23:12] <[md5]> where?
[23:13] <CIA-82> lordhoto * r47685 /scummvm/trunk/engines/kyra/ (7 files): Fix use of undefined behavior. (Thanks to syke for reporting)
[23:13] <waltervn> eco quest, longbow
[23:14] --> Kerbox1 joined #scummvm.
[23:14] <[md5]> life on the bleeding edge... fix something, break something else...
[23:15] <[md5]> hm, it's a regression from m_kiewitz's changes
[23:15] <lskovlun> [md5]: does that work in SSCI?
[23:15] <lskovlun> he said the possibility existed
[23:15] --> D0SFreak joined #scummvm.
[23:17] <-- Hkz left irc: "sleep"
[23:17] --> DOSFreak joined #scummvm.
[23:21] <CIA-82> waltervn * r47686 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/engine/vm.cpp: SCI: Partly revert r47597, as it is superseded by r47683.
[23:21] <[md5]> lskovlun: does what work in SSCI?
[23:22] <lskovlun> the puzzle/Brain thing...
[23:22] <lskovlun> they do some quite strange things in there.
[23:22] <syke> the last time I tried save/load, I go a fuckton of valgrind warnings
[23:24] <[md5]> lskovlun: they do, yeah. Haven't tried it under SSCI to see how it works
[23:25] <lskovlun> Exactly the kind of trickery that oldgfx didn't like either. I'm not surprised...
[23:26] <clone2727> [md5]: I'm getting a crash in the GK1 demo: Assertion failed: (volume <= MUSIC_VOLUME_MAX), function soundSetVolume, file engines/sci/sound/music.cpp, line 280.
[23:26] --> _Longcat joined #scummvm.
[23:26] <clone2727> It's when Grace opens the door after "Day 1" appears
[23:26] <CIA-82> thebluegr * r47687 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/sci.cpp: _gui and _gui32 are now properly initialized
[23:26] <[md5]> waltervn: should work now
[23:26] <[md5]> clone2727: the volume code has a bug somewhere, it would be best to disable it for now like waltervn said, till we figure it out..
[23:28] <waltervn> [md5]: yes, works again.. let me verify that Longbow still works
[23:29] Action: waltervn notices lots of weird pathfinding glitches
[23:29] <waltervn> need to look into those...
[23:30] <[md5]> there's an odd bug in Longbow
[23:30] <[md5]> at least for me
[23:30] <-- Kerbox left irc: Connection timed out
[23:30] <waltervn> no, it's crashing again...
[23:30] <[md5]> which game?
[23:30] <waltervn> maybe there's a 1000 comparison missing now
[23:31] <waltervn> I reverted my longbow fix as Lars' commit should do the same thing without printing warning
[23:31] <lskovlun> Longbow is one of those games that have resources > 1000
[23:31] <[md5]> Longbow crashes when leaving the cave (at the resource manager)
[23:32] <[md5]> "resMan: trying to remove resource that isn't enqueued"
[23:32] <waltervn> maybe it uses the other two comparison ops
[23:33] <lskovlun> where is that crash?
[23:33] <[md5]> Longbow has one view with id > 1000
[23:33] <[md5]> (2000)
[23:33] <[md5]> in Longbow?
[23:33] <lskovlun> yes
[23:34] <[md5]> first room, exit the cave. It happens in.... (sec)
[23:34] <lskovlun> doesn't happen here. I was asking Walter, actually...
[23:35] <waltervn> the crash at the outlook point
[23:35] <[md5]> oh sorry
[23:35] <waltervn> or what's it called again
[23:35] <lskovlun> can't save atm, I get the volume assertion
[23:35] <lskovlun> the one clone talked about
[23:35] --> Ceriand|desktop joined #scummvm.
[23:36] <[md5]> will disable volume till it's sorted
[23:36] <[md5]> sec
[23:36] <-- D0SFreak left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[23:36] <lskovlun> well, there is one thing we aren't doing currently
[23:36] <lskovlun> returning the old volume value
[23:36] <waltervn> Yes, it works again if I add the others too
[23:37] <waltervn> without all the warnings that my patch caused ;)
[23:37] <lskovlun> ok. I was wary of doing that because of boundary counditions
[23:37] <lskovlun> so I thought I'd wait until I saw a need.
[23:38] <CIA-82> thebluegr * r47688 /scummvm/trunk/engines/sci/sound/midiparser_sci.cpp: Disabled the MIDI volume changing code till we figure out why it's getting volume values greater than 127
[23:38] <waltervn> I will get on these pathfinding problems...
[23:39] <-- DOSFreak left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[23:40] <lskovlun> I saw a problem related to not returning the old volume value in SQ6 ...
[23:40] <lskovlun> perhaps it's the same thing here
[23:41] <waltervn> I also want to have a go at channel remapping, as that's one of the main missing things that are left
[23:41] <waltervn> (in SCI1)
[23:43] <-- L0ngcat left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[23:44] <waltervn> lskovlun: BTW, should we do this only for pointers? Otherwise this would also affect regular number-number comparisons?
[23:45] <-- salty_horse left irc: "Leaving"
[23:45] <lskovlun> true.
[23:45] <waltervn> *shouldn't
[23:45] <lskovlun> actually this may break speed measurement in some places
[23:46] <lskovlun> but the unsigned comparison operators are generally used very infrequently
[23:46] <lskovlun> I am not sure how you'd test to find out what to do
[23:47] <lskovlun> because you're testing something for greater-than-or-equal/less-than 1000
[23:47] <lskovlun> sometimes the "something" will be a pointer, sometimes not - that is the whole point of the exercise
[23:48] <waltervn> can't we do (if r_temp.segment && s->r_acc == make_reg(0, 0x3e8))?
[23:48] <lskovlun> no, because we want to handle the case where r_temp is not a pointer, too.
[23:48] --> D0SFreak joined #scummvm.
[23:48] <waltervn> that would be handle by an else
[23:48] <waltervn> *handled
[23:49] <lskovlun> true
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[23:59] <waltervn> bbl
[00:00] --- Sat Jan 30 2010