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[00:34] <Scummette> [scummvm] sev- pushed 1 new commits to master: https://git.io/JvUt8
[00:34] <Scummette> scummvm/master b6011f5 sev-: DIRECTOR: LINGO: Specify case-insensitivity as a general lexer option
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[06:52] <grogbot> <sluicebox> I am thrilled to announce an arbitary and temporal milestone I've been working towards this past year: the number of open SCI tickets in the bug tracker is down to DOUBLE DIGITS.
[06:53] <grogbot> <sluicebox> I won't hazard a guess as to the last time this was the case... but it was a while ago 😃
[06:59] <eriktorbjorn> One of the open ones is mine. Sorry about that. ;-) (Though it's Phantasmagoria 2, so maybe that counts only as SCI32?)
[06:59] <Endy> Congratulations sluicebox! :)
[06:59] <grogbot> <sluicebox> Thanks! I'm beamin'
[07:00] <grogbot> <sluicebox> @eriktorbjorn all of yours are great an i will avenge you one day
[07:00] <grogbot> <sluicebox> phantasmagoria 2 is next on the hit list
[07:00] <Endy> It's a milestone alright, however ephemeral it may be *g*
[07:00] <grogbot> <sluicebox> but in order to do that i need to finish write the dumbest program ever
[07:01] <grogbot> <sluicebox> "no matter what they take from me, that can't take away my dignity" -- W. Houston
[07:02] <eriktorbjorn> Ironically, I don't even particularly like Phantasmagoria 2. (Yet it still bugs me that the GOG version was slightly broken, compared to the original CDs, the last time I checked.)
[07:02] <grogbot> <sluicebox> i've never played it and i'm sure i will hate it
[07:03] <grogbot> <sluicebox> but those sci 3 games are the last target for my rubber-cement ball of sci processing code; FINAL LEVEL
[07:05] <Endy> You have died! You were crushed by an overflowing toolset of test cases, perhaps you should have lower standards? [RESTORE] [QUIT]
[07:05] <Endy> :)
[07:06] <grogbot> <sluicebox> i choose that question mark in the upper left corner like in those QFG4 puzzles that just let you pass them after clicking four or five times

[07:09] <grogbot> <sluicebox> i didn't even realize it existed until i was reading the scritps; thought it was an easter egg; went to reproduce and realized it's a BUTTON
[07:09] <eriktorbjorn> sluicebox: To me, the Sierra games I've played have this really weird quality curve. The early ones weren't very good, then they got better, then they got worse again. Of the later games, Gabriel Knight 2 is probably the best of them, and even that one has me feeling like I'm playing one of those "hidden object" games at times, trying to find the hotspot to make the plot magically resume.
[07:10] <Endy> eriktorbjorn: +1, I've also felt that
[07:10] <grogbot> <sluicebox> so i just played GK2 for the first time last month, and i expected to not like it because i'm not into the 90s FMV stuff at all, but it's sooo good
[07:14] <eriktorbjorn> Anyway, time to go.
[07:14] <Endy> Seeya eriktorbjorn!
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[07:14] <grogbot> <sluicebox> good night (or day?)!
[07:18] <grogbot> <sluicebox> for my next trip i will WONTFIX 99 tickets in under a minute...
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[07:43] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> @sluicebox congratulations for the milestone 🙂
[07:43] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> I'm new around here, what's this 'Grogbot' thing?
[07:43] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> (besides being a reminder to play again MI...)
[07:43] <grogbot> <Scorp> bot
[07:44] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> he sounds quite human in his responses...
[07:44] <grogbot> <Scorp> bot sends data from IRC to Discord
[07:44] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> Ah
[07:44] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> OK
[07:44] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> thanks
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[15:56] <Scummette> [scummvm] sev- pushed 2 new commits to master: https://git.io/JvUzG
[15:56] <Scummette> scummvm/master 5ba37a5 sev-: DIRECTOR: LINGO: Made whitespace processing uniform in lexer
[15:56] <Scummette> scummvm/master abb6f77 sev-: DIRECTOR: LINGO: Changed handler definition to accept any ID
[16:09] <grogbot> <HarshBawari> Hel
[16:09] <Scummette> [scummvm] athrxx pushed 1 new commits to master: https://git.io/JvUz2
[16:09] <Scummette> scummvm/master 8485fdc athrxx: KYRA: (MR) - really fix animation glitch (bug #11312)
[16:09] <grogbot> <HarshBawari> Hello
[16:09] <grogbot> <HarshBawari> I fixed my commit messages, and synced my fork too
[16:11] <grogbot> <HarshBawari> @sev
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[16:37] <grogbot> <sev> Awesome, Ill take a look soon. @HarshBawari
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[16:57] <Scummette> [scummvm] sev- pushed 1 new commits to master: https://git.io/JvU2e
[16:57] <Scummette> scummvm/master ab89b75 sev-: DIRECTOR: LINGO: Added test for redefining keywords
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[17:58] <grogbot> <Henke37> is there a reason why the output of flex is in the repo?
[18:09] <grogbot> <sev> portability
[18:09] <grogbot> <sev> why is that a problem for you?
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[18:15] <grogbot> <Henke37> i don't like generated files in the source repo.
[18:15] <grogbot> <Henke37> but please go on about the portability issue
[18:17] <grogbot> <sev> take a look at buildbot and other platforms
[18:18] <grogbot> <sev> and we have bunch of generated files in the source repo
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[18:23] <Scummette> [scummvm] henke37 opened pull request #2000: GRIFFON: Game uses vorbis, not midi, for the music. (master...noMidiGriffon) https://git.io/JvUVC
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[18:39] <grogbot> <antoniou79> For Blade Runner, in the Edit Game -> Sound tab, the Music Device, Adlib Emulator and Subtitles Speed do not apply or affect any settings. Do we have a way of removing these settings per engine, like we do with MIDI?
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[18:41] <grogbot> <sev> those are called GUI options
[18:42] <grogbot> <Henke37> there is no current option that does that
[18:42] <grogbot> <antoniou79> ok
[18:44] <grogbot> <Henke37> if anything, the music device option should be covered by the already existing GUIO_NOMIDI flag
[18:44] <grogbot> <Henke37> it's not, but that's what should control it.
[18:45] <grogbot> <antoniou79> And the Adlib Emulator below it, doesn't it only apply if Adlib Emulator is selected as Music Device (or if that's the default anyway)?
[18:45] <grogbot> <Henke37> look at gui/options.cpp and gui/editgamedialog.cpp if you want to work on this
[18:46] <grogbot> <antoniou79> I'll keep it in mind, but for now I was just wondering if there was a quick way to clean up that tab for Blade Runner
[18:47] <grogbot> <_athrxx> you can actually filter out the unneeded music devices with the GUIO_MIDI* flags. We don't have one for digital music, though. So this won't help you much.
[18:48] <grogbot> <Henke37> they are all unneeded if the game doesn't use midi
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[18:48] <Scummette> [scummvm] bluegr closed pull request #2000: GRIFFON: Game uses vorbis, not midi, for the music. (master...noMidiGriffon) https://git.io/JvUVC
[18:48] <Scummette> [scummvm] bluegr pushed 1 new commits to master: https://git.io/JvUwm
[18:48] <Scummette> scummvm/master 0c63e5f henke37: GRIFFON: Game uses vorbis, not midi, for the music.
[18:49] <grogbot> <_athrxx> these flags aren't really about Midi. E.g. if you set GUIO_MIDIADLIB this will remove all other devices from the tab. But whether you have a Midi like driver or whatever other sort of sound driver in your engine is a totally different matter.
[18:50] <grogbot> <_athrxx> that's why we have things like GUIO_MIDIC64 and GUIO_MIDIAPPLEIIGS. Which are of course nonsense if you take this literally.
[18:53] <grogbot> <_athrxx> But like I said: for a game with digital sound only these will have no use.
[18:59] <grogbot> <antoniou79> yes, that is the case for Blade Runner at least. Also, there's a setting there for "No music" (under Music Device) which is also non-effective for this case
[19:08] <grogbot> <_athrxx> No, you have to handle that in your engine
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[19:24] <grogbot> <_athrxx> what you could probably do is simply calling MidiDriver::detectDevice(MDT_ADLIB) and if that returns the null device then you'll know that the "no music" setting has been selected. Because the Adlib detection cannot fail. However, detecting something you don't actually want is sort of hacky...
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[20:07] <Scummette> [scummvm] sev- pushed 2 new commits to master: https://git.io/JvUrN
[20:07] <Scummette> scummvm/master 73381b4 sev-: DIRECTOR: LINGO: Added parsing of builtins with args in parens
[20:07] <Scummette> scummvm/master bb6b94a sev-: DIRECTOR: LINGO: Added test for builtins with parens
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[21:52] <grogbot> <Sly> yo
[21:52] <grogbot> <Sly> i have a bsod problem with scummvm i think
[21:53] <grogbot> <Sly> i was on win7
[21:53] <grogbot> <Sly> uninstalled it
[21:53] <grogbot> <Sly> never a problem
[21:53] <grogbot> <Sly> then upgrade to win10
[21:53] <grogbot> <Sly> then bsod each 5 minutes
[21:53] <Strangerke> only with ScummVM?? 0_o
[21:54] <grogbot> <Sly> I then have an IDE controller unknown
[21:54] <grogbot> <Sly> (i speak fast because bsod may happen)
[21:54] <Strangerke> so, you had issues during your upgrade :/
[21:54] <grogbot> <Sly> and random acceses to this seems to bsod
[21:55] <grogbot> <Sly> I'm supposing it's the VM, and i don't know how to shoot it
[21:55] <Strangerke> disable the device?
[21:55] <grogbot> <Sly> windows repairs tools tells me I have only one link problem, and it lists scummvm
[21:55] <grogbot> <Sly> and the driver error of this ide controller is telling link unknown
[21:56] <grogbot> <Henke37> scummvm is not the offender here.
[21:56] <Strangerke> you have a broken IDE controller and win10 tells the only problem is ScummVM? Win10 is lying dude :)
[21:56] <grogbot> <Henke37> bsods can't happen because of applications
[21:56] <grogbot> <Sly> my RAID isn't IDE so I'm doubting it
[21:56] <grogbot> <Henke37> it is only for bugs in the os, the drivers (very likely) and hardware faults
[21:57] <grogbot> <Sly> bsod can happen because of faulty hardware, and a virtual drive is detected as an hardware
[21:57] <grogbot> <Henke37> that's a driver issue, not a hardware issue.
[21:57] <grogbot> <Sly> I just want to shoot the drive, or the deamon that recreates it at reboot
[21:58] <grogbot> <Sly> this "hardware" is virtual
[21:58] <Strangerke> You could also try to boot a linux distro and test your hardware, just in case
[21:58] <grogbot> <Sly> it's so virtual that it listed as "virtual clone drive" in debug mode
[21:59] <grogbot> <Sly> so i desintalled virtual clone drive aswell (that was a second link pb). The only link pb I have is from scummvm
[21:59] <Strangerke> but scummvm is only a binary replacement... a program. It's not a real VM
[22:00] <grogbot> <Henke37> for certain definitions of VM at least.
[22:00] <Strangerke> yes ;)
[22:00] <grogbot> <Henke37> the one thing it doesn't do is use the hardware support for virtualization
[22:01] <grogbot> <Sly> sorry, bsodied
[22:01] <grogbot> <Sly> so how this link problem tells me it's scummvm ?
[22:02] <grogbot> <Henke37> which "link" exactly?
[22:02] <grogbot> <Henke37> show us the actual evidence that you are using
[22:02] <Strangerke> does it have a drive letter mapped to it?
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[22:03] <Strangerke> if you open Word and try to open a file from this drive, does it crash? And if so, is Word reported as an offender as well?
[22:05] <grogbot> <Sly> sorry, bsod afterfalls
[22:06] <grogbot> <Sly> sorry if i feel blunt, i'm cutting corners in communications
[22:06] <Strangerke> no problem, you already mentioned it. I'd most likely do the same in your situation
[22:07] <grogbot> <Sly> one moment (if i have luck) for proofs
[22:08] <grogbot> <Sly> I may understand what happened at uninstall but that was years ago
[22:09] <grogbot> <Sly> I think i had virtual clone drive + scummvm at some point, tried to unsintall scummvm, then had no rigths to do because maybe virtual clone drive + scummvm confond each other vm
[22:09] <grogbot> <Sly> so I may have unstall scummvm "the old way" => trash bin
[22:09] <Strangerke> ScummVM isn't running any VM or virtual drive
[22:10] <grogbot> <Sly> because hey... because i'm dumb i guess
[22:10] <grogbot> <Sly> Scanning Reparse Points. Started at (15/01/2020 23:08:17) Reparse Point: (Type: SYMLINK) (Name: ScummVM) (Original Path: C:\Users\Sylvain\Saved Games\ScummVM) (Target Path: %appdata%\ScummVM\Saved games) (Creation Time: 24/04/2016 01:39:28) Target Path doesn't exist! Missing Default Reparse Point: (Original Path: C:\Users\TEMP\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files) (Target Path:

[22:10] <Strangerke> Is it an option to reinstall your computer from scratch with a Win10 directly?
[22:11] <grogbot> <Sly> that should be the only virtual path that i miss
[22:11] <grogbot> <Sly> then in the driver section i have

[22:12] <grogbot> <Sly> (%hs path doesn't exist)
[22:12] <Strangerke> the first message vis about a symlink, thus a symbolic link to a missing file
[22:12] <Strangerke> just like if you had a broken shortcut
[22:12] <grogbot> <Sly> ok so this is unrelated ?
[22:12] <Strangerke> => no bsod
[22:12] <Strangerke> the second one is a broken device/drive
[22:12] <grogbot> <Sly> in the driver section this also say there is a broken shortcut
[22:13] <grogbot> <Sly> and that the only shortcut i miss so my idea that was it (+ hints when in debug mode)
[22:13] <Strangerke> yes indeed, it's trying to load a driver from a missing path
[22:13] <Strangerke> remove this device in your device manager
[22:14] <grogbot> <Sly> allready done, it's recreating it selft after reboot
[22:14] <grogbot> <sev> moreover, that is not even a program
[22:14] <grogbot> <sev> but just a directory with ScummVM in it
[22:14] <grogbot> <Sly> in debug mode, this doesn't load at all, and my system is stable (like days long stable)
[22:15] <grogbot> <Sly> ok so wrong trail, you're all telling me
[22:15] <grogbot> <Sly> nice thanks for that
[22:15] <grogbot> <sev> scummvm does not access regostry, writes only savegames and one single .ini file
[22:16] <Strangerke> yeah, sorry, it's really related to the broken device
[22:16] <Strangerke> try to disable it instead of removing it
[22:16] <grogbot> <sev> it is same harmless as your notepad. no exagerration or joke
[22:16] <grogbot> <Sly> kk
[22:17] <grogbot> <Sly> i'm disabling it + reboot just to be sure it doesn't come back
[22:17] <grogbot> <sev> disabling what?
[22:17] <grogbot> <Sly> that IDE stuff, it doesn't load anyway
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[22:22] <grogbot> <Sly> ok, it stays disabled after reboot
[22:23] <grogbot> <Sly> I will know if that's the culprit or not
[22:23] <Strangerke> finger crossed
[22:23] <Strangerke> does it detect an unknown device?
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[22:26] <grogbot> <Sly> yeah, that ide controler but i disabled it
[22:26] <grogbot> <Sly> hopefully the kernel will stop to scoop it but i can't know
[22:26] <Strangerke> Well, time to test the system then
[22:27] <grogbot> <Sly> i can't provoke this 😦 those bsod are really random
[22:27] <Strangerke> run a burn test?
[22:27] <grogbot> <Sly> evnt manager is really unclear about what happens
[22:27] <grogbot> <Sly> whocrash just tells "the kernel crash kthxbye"
[22:27] <Strangerke> useful :)
[22:28] <grogbot> <Sly> driver are up to date (but video, 15d away)
[22:28] <grogbot> <Sly> and that driver too
[22:29] <grogbot> <Sly> I have some errors on my mic, that i unplugged 5 reboot from now
[22:29] <Strangerke> and you still have those now?
[22:29] <grogbot> <Sly> windows repair tools tells this scummvm is the only repair left
[22:30] <grogbot> <Sly> I'm really stuck with this :/
[22:30] <grogbot> <Sly> bsod can happen from 1 minute to 2h
[22:30] <Strangerke> Thisis really more an warning than anything harmful
[22:31] <Strangerke> bah, let it run tonight and check tomorrow morning if it's still up and running
[22:31] <grogbot> <Sly> that's the idea
[22:32] <grogbot> <Sly> all day work then the nigh some more work on top then work again + french paris strikes combo :/ one week like that woohoo
[22:37] <grogbot> <Sly> just guess what happened , a nice bleen courtesy of microsoft
[22:40] <grogbot> <Sly> running out of ideas for tonigth
[22:40] <Strangerke> same for me, sorry
[22:41] <grogbot> <Sly> np mate, will restart in debug mode so at least I can learn how window 10 is so must better than my 10 year old - less than 5 BSOD win 7 🙂
[22:42] <grogbot> <Sly> good nigth, thanks for clearing this story !
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[23:40] <Scummette> [scummvm] sev- pushed 3 new commits to master: https://git.io/JvUXO
[23:40] <Scummette> scummvm/master 437deab sev-: DIRECTOR: LINGO: Fixed parser for 'global version'
[23:40] <Scummette> scummvm/master ad44f47 sev-: DIRECTOR: LINGO: Added test for 'global version'
[23:40] <Scummette> scummvm/master 7816d67 sev-: MISC: Replaced GPLv2 license text with the latest one
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