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[01:28] <grogbot> <Vissery> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/581224061091446795/864680619639570452/unknown.png
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[02:12] <grogbot> <Vissery> certainly explains a lot at least lol
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[03:54] <grogbot> <Vissery> I also found this under next_line_HE_V100(char *output)
[03:54] <grogbot> <Vissery> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/581224061091446795/864717334237413447/unknown.png
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[04:51] <grogbot> <Vissery> I think I found the code in the file for what those cases are supposed to represent
[04:57] <grogbot> <Vissery> I'm not really sure what I can do to fix those, it doesn't seem like there's any "code" and idk what lp| means
[05:02] <grogbot> <Vissery> I can see these are in the script_v100he.cpp file
[05:02] <grogbot> <Vissery> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/581224061091446795/864734304030425098/unknown.png
[05:02] <grogbot> <Vissery> there's not really any code attached to their names though
[05:02] <StayHungry> comrades, which 3 games reveal the largest number of ScummVM features, especially those introduced recently?
[05:09] <eriktorbjorn> I'm not even sure what that question means. I'm not aware of any feature added specifically for a game lately (unless you count the merger of ScummVM and ResidualVM, I guess).
[05:11] <eriktorbjorn> If you mean which game engines have seen the most activity lately, I guess you could look at the commit history at https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/commits/master
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[05:35] <eriktorbjorn> Odd. I seems some music cues are missing in the Mac version of Monkey Island 2 towards the end. But they're missing when I run it in a Mac emulator as well, so I guess that's not a ScummVM problem.
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[07:26] <StayHungry> thank you, comrades
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[08:55] <grogbot> <Vissery> so where exactly does descumm get all of these scripts from?
[08:58] <grogbot> <Vissery> I don't understand how it knows how to read all these scripts without getting the code from somewhere else
[09:02] <grogbot> <Vissery> it understands what startObjectQuick and startScriptQuick2 are but it can't interpret them, but I don't get how it's able to do that with other scripts?
[09:04] <grogbot> <lephilousophe> @Vissery what are you trying to do?
[09:04] <grogbot> <Vissery> I'm trying to decompile HE game scripts
[09:06] <grogbot> <Vissery> using descumm
[09:06] <grogbot> <Vissery> but they don't really decompile everything right, since there's not good enough support, and I was told that it's possible to edit descumm's code to be able to support the HE opcodes, but there seems to be a problem in that I am not smart enough to understand how I'm supposed to do that lol
[09:07] <grogbot> <Vissery> I was told that it wouldn't be difficult but there's so little information given in this file
[09:08] <grogbot> <lephilousophe> never used descumm myself but it's a disassembler so what it does is taking the opcodes in binary form, parsing them, parsing all arguments and displaying the result in a human readable form
[09:09] <grogbot> <lephilousophe> so what you are currently reading at is the table which maps an opcode to the human representation of it
[09:10] <grogbot> <lephilousophe> if you want to add new opcodes, you first need to understand what these opcodes do
[09:10] <grogbot> <Vissery> I see
[09:10] <grogbot> <lephilousophe> for this, you have to reverse engineer the original binary, find the code which reads opcodes and map them to actions on the game
[09:11] <grogbot> <lephilousophe> once you have located it, you have to find the code for the missing opcode and actually understand what it does in the program. Then, will will finally able to write the missing piece of code in descumm
[09:13] <grogbot> <Vissery> well descumm knows most of them seemingly? just not all of them
[09:13] <grogbot> <lephilousophe> but your problem is with the missing ones
[09:13] <grogbot> <Vissery> yeah
[09:15] <grogbot> <Vissery> startScriptQuick2 doesn't read properly, and it says there's no items in the stack to pop
[09:18] <grogbot> <lephilousophe> it's all chinese for me as I never looked at any SCUMM code
[09:19] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> Maybe I'm missing something here, but isn't this game supported by ScummVM? If so, there's some file in ScummVM that probably contains the missing opcodes
[09:20] <grogbot> <Vissery> script_v100he.cpp was the file I was told to look into
[09:20] <grogbot> <lephilousophe> ah, I missed that part
[09:20] <grogbot> <lephilousophe> in this case you have to match parser code in scummvm with the code in descumm
[09:20] <grogbot> <Vissery> but I can't just copy-paste code lol there has to be somewhere that it can understand it
[09:22] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> I'm actually reading in this moment an article that discusses why we don't have software that creates software, instead of having all those software writers... Well - that's your job - read both codes, understand them, and implement the missing parts.
[09:23] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> (* if anyone is interested: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6287292/ )
[09:26] <grogbot> <Vissery> but the values in hex are different between descumm and the script_v100he file, is that bad?
[09:27] <grogbot> <Vissery> wait the cases are also hex values and they actually do match up with the opcodes
[09:27] <grogbot> <Vissery> it took me like 9 hours to figure that out lol
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[11:02] <grogbot> <sev> @Vissery
[11:03] <grogbot> <sev> your course of action should be about the following:
[11:03] <grogbot> <sev> you need to understand where descumm chokes, at which data
[11:03] <grogbot> <sev> how do opcodes work
[11:03] <grogbot> <sev> there are 256 variants, 0-255 or 0-0xff in total
[11:04] <grogbot> <sev> then, say, you have opcode 0x40, but it has 2 parameters of 2 bytes wide
[11:04] <grogbot> <sev> that would mean, that the decompilers would read 0x40, and then read 2 parameters and slap them together
[11:05] <grogbot> <sev> also, there are subopcodes
[11:06] <grogbot> <sev> which means, that opcode 0x41 is, say "actorOps", and then the actual thing is behind that, e.g. actorOp opcode 0x10, has 2 parameters
[11:06] <grogbot> <sev> thus, the decompiler would read
[11:06] <grogbot> <sev> 0x41, then goes deeper into logic, where it reads next byte and sees that it is 0x10, figures out the subopcode and read its parameters
[11:06] <grogbot> <sev> what you have to do:
[11:08] <grogbot> <sev> see at which opcode/subopcode it chokes. The disassembly prints out the offset in the file (in the square brackets) and the byte value of the first byte
[11:08] <grogbot> <sev> particularly, in this expample of yours:
[11:08] <grogbot> <sev> this
[11:08] <grogbot> <sev> you may see that startScriptsQuick has a problem
[11:09] <grogbot> <Vissery> yes
[11:09] <grogbot> <sev> apparently it does not read something from the stack as it supposed to do
[11:09] <grogbot> <sev> so, you need to check SCUMM logic, e.g. script_v100.cpp, find this opcode and see what does it do
[11:09] <grogbot> <sev> and then reflect this change in the descumm.
[11:09] <grogbot> <Vissery> I see
[11:10] <grogbot> <sev> feel free to ask clarifying questions.
[11:10] <grogbot> <Vissery> it gave me a list of all the opcodes, the file you told me to look at as a reference
[11:10] <grogbot> <sev> normally, those subopcodes are primitive and easy to understand, e.g. they're like 3-5 lines of code each
[11:10] <grogbot> <Vissery> at least seemingly
[11:10] <grogbot> <sev> or
[11:10] <grogbot> <sev> at 0x4b
[11:10] <grogbot> <sev> localVar2 = <boom>
[11:11] <grogbot> <sev> that means, that after 0x4b there is something completely unknown to the descumm
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[11:11] <grogbot> <sev> for that, you see what's in the script and see what is missing
[11:11] <grogbot> <sev> perhaps, that one would be even easier to figure out than the first one
[11:12] <grogbot> <Vissery> so the script_v100he file actually does say what all the opcodes do?
[11:14] <grogbot> <Vissery> but they're all displayed in like real code
[11:14] <grogbot> <Vissery> is why I'm so confused
[11:16] <grogbot> <sev> they all displayed like real code?
[11:17] <grogbot> <sev> what do you mean by that?
[11:17] <grogbot> <Vissery> like in the file it has a list of all the opcodes and then below that it says what everything does which is fine
[11:17] <grogbot> <Vissery> but I dunno how to convert that information into descumm's file
[11:18] <grogbot> <sev> first
[11:18] <grogbot> <sev> figure out, what is it
[11:18] <grogbot> <sev> let's do it this way
[11:18] <grogbot> <sev> please, find out, what is there, after localvars
[11:18] <grogbot> <sev> tell me and we take it from there
[11:19] <grogbot> <Vissery> you mean after it lists all the opcodes
[11:19] <grogbot> <sev> this
[11:20] <grogbot> <Vissery> oh
[11:22] <grogbot> <Vissery> it makes another startscriptquick2 script right?
[11:23] <grogbot> <sev> wrong
[11:23] <grogbot> <sev> see more careful. What is at 0x4c?
[11:23] <grogbot> <Vissery> uhhhh
[11:23] <grogbot> <sev> wht is before 0x4b?
[11:24] <grogbot> <sev> let me try to find something for you
[11:24] <grogbot> <sev> which would explain how the opcodes work in general
[11:24] <grogbot> <sev> please hold on
[11:25] <grogbot> <Vissery> 84 in parenthesis
[11:25] <grogbot> <Vissery> which is the hex number
[11:25] <grogbot> <sev> pleaae open this
[11:25] <grogbot> <sev> https://www.pastraiser.com/cpu/i8080/i8080_opcodes.html
[11:25] <grogbot> <Vissery> 84 is the opcode for o6_writeWordVar
[11:25] <grogbot> <Vissery> which I guess is helpful because I know what those mean now but I don't think that's what you were trying to teach me lol
[11:26] <grogbot> <sev> did you open it?
[11:26] <grogbot> <Vissery> I did yes
[11:26] <grogbot> <sev> let's take a look at this binary code
[11:27] <grogbot> <sev> 23 01 05 00 14 2e 15 76
[11:27] <grogbot> <sev> now, let's translate it into assembly
[11:28] <grogbot> <sev> inx h lxi b, 0005h inr d mvi l, 15 hlt
[11:28] <grogbot> <sev> could you follow how I did it?
[11:29] <grogbot> <sev> @Vissery hello
[11:30] <grogbot> <Vissery> ummmm
[11:30] <grogbot> <Vissery> I'm trying to understand what 23 in binary is supposed to mean lol
[11:31] <grogbot> <Vissery> I don't know much about binary
[11:31] <grogbot> <sev> binary?
[11:31] <grogbot> <sev> we are not talking about binary at all here
[11:31] <grogbot> <sev> binary is 01001011
[11:31] <grogbot> <sev> do you see the table?
[11:32] <grogbot> <sev> pay attention on how rows and columns are labeled, grey cells
[11:32] <grogbot> <Vissery> well they're in hex right
[11:32] <grogbot> <sev> yes
[11:33] <grogbot> <sev> and the code above is obviously in hex. '2e' is not a decimal 😄
[11:33] <grogbot> <Vissery> so is 23 inx h with a 1 and a 5 under it
[11:33] <grogbot> <sev> ignore 1 and 5
[11:34] <grogbot> <sev> inx h
[11:34] <grogbot> <Vissery> oh okay
[11:34] <grogbot> <sev> next instruction?
[11:34] <grogbot> <Vissery> well the next number is 00 which says nop
[11:35] <grogbot> <sev> huh?
[11:35] <grogbot> <sev> 23 01 05 00 14 2e 15 76
[11:35] <grogbot> <Vissery> oh
[11:35] <grogbot> <Vissery> you said ignore 1 and 5 lmao you were talking about the numbers below the thing I was looking at
[11:35] <grogbot> <Vissery> sorry
[11:35] <grogbot> <sev> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/581224061091446795/864833404452077588/Screenshot_2021-07-14_at_13.39.07.png
[11:35] <grogbot> <sev> ignore 1 and 5
[11:35] <grogbot> <Vissery> the next one is 01 which is lxi b,d16
[11:36] <grogbot> <sev> you said "so is 23 inx h with a 1 and a 5 under it"
[11:36] <grogbot> <sev> for easiness. again
[11:36] <grogbot> <sev> 23 01 05 00 14 2e 15 76 inx h lxi b, 0005h inr d mvi l, 15 hlt
[11:37] <grogbot> <sev> figure out how I produced the disassembly out of the hex codes
[11:38] <grogbot> <Vissery> 14 is inr d and 01 is lxi b, d16 which could that the 05 and the 00 make up the 0005h somehow maybe
[11:39] <grogbot> <Vissery> 05 is dcr b and 00 is nop
[11:39] <grogbot> <Vissery> the h is from the previous thing right
[11:39] <grogbot> <Vissery> the 23
[11:39] <grogbot> <sev> why you do not see dcr b in my output?
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[11:40] <grogbot> <sev> pay attention to the color codes
[11:40] <grogbot> <sev> (I hope you're not colorblind, if so, I'll explain)
[11:40] <grogbot> <Vissery> 05 is yellow and 00 is pink, 01 is green
[11:40] <grogbot> <Vissery> does that mean 01 stores
[11:41] <grogbot> <sev> no, no
[11:41] <grogbot> <sev> look. what is inr b?
[11:41] <grogbot> <sev> which code?
[11:41] <grogbot> <Vissery> 04 right?
[11:41] <grogbot> <sev> sorry, inr d, it is 14
[11:41] <grogbot> <Vissery> yes
[11:42] <grogbot> <sev> find 14 in the hex code in my sample. So what opcode is sitting before that? lxi b, 0005h
[11:42] <grogbot> <sev> now, take a look at the color code of lxi b, and its meaning
[11:43] <grogbot> <sev> and find the answer, "what does d16 could mean"?
[11:43] <grogbot> <Vissery> isn't that 01 which is green
[11:44] <grogbot> <Vissery> it says 16bit load/store/move instructions
[11:44] <grogbot> <sev> again, code and disassembly: 23 01 05 00 14 2e 15 76 inx h lxi b, 0005h inr d mvi l, 15 hlt
[11:44] <grogbot> <Vissery> does that mean it's 16 bits
[11:44] <grogbot> <sev> yes
[11:44] <grogbot> <sev> do you now see how lxi b, 0005h is produced?
[11:45] <grogbot> <Vissery> are 05 and 00 part of that
[11:46] <grogbot> <sev> d16
[11:46] <grogbot> <Vissery> what does the d mean
[11:48] <grogbot> <Vissery> well I guess it kind of makes sense
[11:48] <grogbot> <Vissery> if the h is in the back the 05 gets put in front of it and then the 00 is put in front of the 05 right
[11:48] <grogbot> <Vissery> idk how it actually works but that's what it looks like happens
[11:48] <grogbot> <Vissery> and then 14 is inr d
[11:49] <grogbot> <Vissery> and then mvi l is 2e and it puts the 15 in front of h
[11:49] <grogbot> <Vissery> cause it has an 8 bit number after it
[11:50] <grogbot> <Vissery> and then HLT is the last one
[11:50] <grogbot> <Vissery> which is 76
[11:50] <grogbot> <Vissery> which maybe stops it?
[11:50] <grogbot> <Vissery> if it's a control instruction maybe it tells the code to end or something
[11:51] <grogbot> <sev> d16 -> data, 16 bits
[11:51] <grogbot> <Vissery> ohhhh
[11:51] <grogbot> <sev> a16 -> address, 16 bits
[11:52] <grogbot> <sev> d8 -> data, 8 bits
[11:52] <grogbot> <sev> 8 bits is 1 byte
[11:52] <grogbot> <sev> 16 bits is 2 bytes, but they go in reverse order
[11:52] <grogbot> <Vissery> 16 is 2 bytes right
[11:52] <grogbot> <sev> thus, 05 00 is 0005, not 0500
[11:52] <grogbot> <sev> so, now try to decode just as I did with all this information
[11:52] <grogbot> <Vissery> is that why the id of 263 in backyard baseball is 0701 and not the other way around
[11:52] <grogbot> <sev> you have basic understanding of the opcodes
[11:53] <grogbot> <sev> so, now, you need to do this exactly exercise but with SCUMM opcodes
[11:53] <grogbot> <sev> take the hex of the script
[11:53] <grogbot> <sev> and see, what is in that place, and how it is supposed to be decoded, manually
[11:53] <grogbot> <sev> using script_v100h.cpp tables
[11:54] <grogbot> <sev> and then see what kind of output you're getting in descumm
[11:54] <grogbot> <sev> I'm off for now
[11:54] <grogbot> <Vissery> oh okay
[12:03] <grogbot> <sev> Take from position when the disassembly is okay
[12:03] <grogbot> <sev> And till@it is okay again
[12:03] <grogbot> <sev> See, what is between those opposed and decipher it manually
[12:05] <grogbot> <Vissery> does it matter what actual code I use as long as it uses the same uhhh opcode
[12:14] <Scummette> scummvm/master 8a86d2b ysj1173886760: DIRECTOR: amend the checking of playing repeat sound castmember.
[12:14] <Scummette> scummvm/master c7dd7d6 ysj1173886760: DIRECTOR: set castmember to null when sprite is bitmap sprite and sprite type doesn't match cast type
[12:14] <Scummette> scummvm/master 154c4aa ysj1173886760: DIRECTOR: amend loadStream in SNDDecoder
[12:14] <Scummette> [scummvm] taylorzhancher opened pull request #3155: CGE: ext To Speech (TTS) for the Game (master...cge-tts) https://git.io/JCgnp
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[12:23] <Scummette> [scummvm] taylorzhancher opened pull request #3156: CGE2: Text To Speech (TTS) for the Sfinx Game (master...cge2-tts) https://git.io/JCgES
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[12:42] <grogbot> <Vissery> anyway I appreciate the help, it's very nice that you're willing to teach me so much lol
[13:14] <grogbot> <sev> back
[13:14] <grogbot> <sev> @Vissery could you please clarify your question
[13:34] <Scummette> [scummvm] NMIError pushed 1 new commits to master: https://git.io/JC2D7
[13:34] <Scummette> scummvm/master a9ada44 NMIError: NEWS: Added LURE AdLib support.
[16:06] <grogbot> <sev> Syberia I and II are free
[16:07] <grogbot> <sev> on https://www.gog.com/?pp=22d200f8670dbdb3e253a90eee5098477c95c23d
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[16:15] <grogbot> <Dredd4DoM> Do you think it is possible to change the image of a room to a green screen? So I can extract some animations in game
[16:25] <eriktorbjorn> Dredd4DoM: Maybe, by compiling your own version of ScummVM. Which game are we talking about?
[16:25] <grogbot> <sev> @Dredd4DoM it is even easier for you: room background is separate
[16:25] <grogbot> <sev> sorry, misread your question
[16:26] <grogbot> <sev> I am not sure there are working resource packers
[16:26] <grogbot> <sev> but as eriktorbjorn mentioned, it is relatively simple skip drawing of the background by modifying scummvm
[16:40] <grogbot> <gu3> Anyone here took a look on how difficult could be to create an engine for these? (and perhaps Amerzone as well). The Syberia games have quite a limited gameplay (e.g. very few hotspots)
[16:40] <eriktorbjorn> sev: Looking at the chat history, it's Curse of Monkey Island. From what I remember, the edges of the sprites are somewhat translucent, so the background colour may bleed through slightly. (I could be misremembering that, though.)
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[17:10] <grogbot> <Dredd4DoM> Yeah its cmi, I have not much idea of the source code actually but I will try to do something
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[17:24] <grogbot> <frac> i looked into it a while back, the syberias were both written on top of a general-purpose 3d engine called virtools that was actually quite powerful (a.k.a. complicated)
[17:25] <grogbot> <frac> iirc it supported unreal-like visual scripting, had its own c-like language and also a c++ api for extensions
[18:46] <Scummette> [scummvm] mgerhardy pushed 1 new commits to master: https://git.io/JCyUC
[18:46] <Scummette> scummvm/master 115f2fc mgerhardy: EVENTRECORDER: handle new recorder event for TimeDate
[19:06] <Scummette> [scummvm] digitall closed pull request #3152: GOB: Avoid an off by one (master...gob-off-by-one) https://git.io/JCq7V
[19:06] <Scummette> [scummvm] digitall pushed 1 new commits to master: https://git.io/JCyHy
[19:06] <Scummette> scummvm/master 58d32ad lu-zero: GOB: Avoid an off by one
[19:15] <Scummette> [scummvm] bluegr pushed 1 new commits to master: https://git.io/JCSIg
[19:15] <Scummette> scummvm/master 6be03a7 bluegr: TRECISION: Patch invalid animation rectangles - bug #12628
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[19:28] <grogbot> <Vissery> does it matter where the address is when it's called
[19:29] <grogbot> <Vissery> cause in the post you referred to it was 0x4b
[19:29] <grogbot> <Vissery> but it's not that in other scripts
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[20:24] <grogbot> <sev> @Vissery here?
[20:25] <grogbot> <sev> to answer your question. In the example we were talking in the details, you saw that notion of opcode doesn't change on its position. Even in English, if I use word "I", it is the same meaning
[20:25] <grogbot> <Vissery> I see
[20:26] <grogbot> <Vissery> does that mean the assembly starts from the opcode number
[20:26] <grogbot> <Vissery> and not the hex that comes before it
[21:08] <grogbot> <sev> I do not understand your question
[21:08] <grogbot> <sev> could you please explain
[21:12] <grogbot> <Vissery> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/581224061091446795/864978491345469480/unknown.png
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[21:13] <grogbot> <Vissery> if it's somewhere else in the code does that mean I use the sheet you gave me to look at 54 instead
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[21:22] <Scummette> [scummvm] ScummVM-Translations pushed 2 new commits to master: https://git.io/JCQwM
[21:22] <Scummette> scummvm/master 0412beb : I18N: Update translation (French)
[21:22] <Scummette> scummvm/master 4bb1082 VAN-Gluon: I18N: Update translation (Japanese)
[21:23] <grogbot> <Vissery> instead of 4B
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[22:14] <Scummette> [scummvm] sev- pushed 7 new commits to master: https://git.io/JC7dw
[22:14] <Scummette> scummvm/master af52dbc sev-: SAGA2: Fix panel traversal logic. CID 1458093
[22:14] <Scummette> scummvm/master fa93ff5 sev-: SAGA2: Remove logically dead code. CID 1457966
[22:14] <Scummette> scummvm/master e4e572a sev-: SAGA2: Fix Shorten decoder. CID 1457991, 1457880
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[23:37] <Scummette> [scummvm] sluicebox closed pull request #3122: WIN32: Make UNICODE the default build configuration (master...win32-enable-unicode) https://git.io/Jc32x
[23:37] <Scummette> [scummvm] sluicebox pushed 1 new commits to master: https://git.io/JCb4G
[23:37] <Scummette> scummvm/master 2bca5da sluicebox: WIN32: Make UNICODE the default build configuration
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[23:53] <Scummette> [scummvm] mduggan pushed 8 new commits to master: https://git.io/JCNmW
[23:53] <Scummette> scummvm/master 5cc5283 mduggan: ULTIMA8: Allow check for any sfx on a given object
[23:53] <Scummette> scummvm/master ff53e99 mduggan: ULTIMA8: Add No Regret attack starting sfx
[23:53] <Scummette> scummvm/master 99aaab4 mduggan: ULTIMA8: Handle NPC death a bit better
[00:00] --- Thu Jul 15 2021