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[02:31] <grogbot> <rsn8887> The <default> options should say in parentheses what they are.
[02:31] <grogbot> <rsn8887> E.g. "<default> (Adlib)"
[02:31] <grogbot> <rsn8887> Is this possible?
[02:32] <grogbot> <rsn8887> I think it is very confusing to just state "<default>" without saying what it is?!? I guess the reason is that the meaning of <default> can be different per-engine and per-game, not just per-platform?
[02:33] <grogbot> <rsn8887> Or is it just different on a per-platform basis? Then it could say what it actually is.
[02:36] <grogbot> <SirYodaJedi> Yeah, it probably is different per-engine and maybe per-game. Would be useful, though.
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[05:13] <Scummette> [scummvm] ScummVM-Translations pushed 1 new commits to master: https://git.io/Jv6OL
[05:13] <Scummette> scummvm/master 9b302a4 : I18N: Update translation (Swedish)
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[06:31] <grogbot> <rootfather> @rsn8887 that's a very good point
[06:31] <grogbot> <rootfather> actually, I like the idea
[06:31] <grogbot> <rootfather> and yes, I think the reason is that the defaults could be specific to an engine or a platform, so simply overriding the hardcoded strings won't help
[06:32] <grogbot> <rootfather> we would need to read out the settings via ConfMan I guess
[07:34] Action: Endy waves
[07:34] <grogbot> <rootfather> hi Endy
[07:34] <Endy> Hi rootfather :)
[07:44] <LePhilousophe> hi there
[07:45] <Endy> Why, hello there LePhilousophe!
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[07:55] <grogbot> <criezy> @rsn8887 , @rootfather A long time ago I created an improvement ticket regarding specifying the default value (https://bugs.scummvm.org/ticket/7720). The reply I got there is that unfortunately this is complicated to implement because the default may indeed depend on the engine or backend.
[07:56] <grogbot> <rootfather> I think we should revisit this...
[07:56] <grogbot> <rootfather> 😄
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[08:11] <grogbot> <SupSuper> i think the problem with that is the logic is reversed. currently engines/backends apply (or ignore) the options as makes sense, rather than the engines exposing what they do support to the options. so in most cases there is only "default" as fiddling with the graphics and audio options doesn't actually do anything
[08:20] <yuv422> Anyone know a good way to test scummvm on a big endian arch?
[08:28] <LePhilousophe> use dolphin-emu with wii packages?
[08:29] <LePhilousophe> that's powerpc arch
[08:31] <grogbot> <antoniou79> I used qemu for powerpc last time I wanted to test stuff on Big Endian
[08:31] <grogbot> <antoniou79> https://wiki.qemu.org/Documentation/Platforms/PowerPC
[08:31] <grogbot> <rootfather> WinUAE + PPC + AmigaOS4?
[08:31] <grogbot> <antoniou79> however it was slow
[08:32] <LePhilousophe> dolphin-emu is not that fast either
[08:36] <Dominus> yuv422: PowerPC mac? (but does ScummVM still build for OS X 10.5?
[08:39] <yuv422> hmm lots of options then :)
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[08:49] <grogbot> <criezy> We have a page on this topic on the wiki: https://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php?title=HOWTO-Debug-Endian-Issues
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[08:50] <grogbot> <criezy> And somebody also recently mentioned qemu-user in the forum: https://forums.scummvm.org/viewtopic.php?p=88398#p88398
[08:51] <yuv422> cool
[08:53] <yuv422> that's a great guide criezy
[08:53] <yuv422> I'll give that a go
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[08:56] <grogbot> <criezy> Personally I use my old OS X 10.6 Intel Mac that has the ability to build and run PPC Mac applications. But that probably not a practical solution for most devs here 🙂
[08:59] <Endy> Heading home - good luck with the endianness emulation :)
[09:00] <grogbot> <Strangerke> Hey Endy :)
[09:01] <grogbot> <Strangerke> And hi guys
[09:01] <grogbot> <rootfather> hi @Strangerke
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[09:06] <grogbot> <Strangerke> Hi rootfather :)
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[09:53] <LePhilousophe> hi Strangerke
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[10:06] <grogbot> <madmoose> Hallo, leute.
[10:06] <grogbot> <rootfather> moin
[10:15] <grogbot> <SupSuper> speaking of options, the "global game options" don't actually seem to apply to most games. i find very few engines that actually use option detection flags like GUIO_RENDERCGA and GUIO_MIDIAMIGA, and probably even less likely to want to apply it to every game
[10:16] <grogbot> <SupSuper> just something that stood out as the options panel has been getting more complex lately
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[12:53] <Dominus> as I'm quite humbled by DOSBox' statistics right now... https://sourceforge.net/projects/dosbox/files/dosbox/0.74-3/DOSBox-0.74-3.dmg/stats/timeline?dates=2019-01-01+to+2020-03-01 <- that's the OS X downloads since DOSBox 0.74-3 has been released.
[12:53] <Dominus> about 1800 downloads per week. It's impressive *how* many people are on Macs *AND* are interested in the retro gaming. Also the spike when macOS 10.15 was released is also something.
[12:53] <Dominus> I'm humbled that something I built (the macOS release, not DOSBox) was opened by so many people...
[12:59] <Dominus> not to mention the 539.000 people who downloaded my built of DOSBox 0.74-1 https://sourceforge.net/projects/dosbox/files/dosbox/0.74/DOSBox-0.74-1_Universal.dmg/stats/timeline?dates=2002-04-01%20to%202020-03-01&period=monthly
[13:00] <Dominus> ok, I don't seem humbled... I'm bragging now... :)
[13:01] <grogbot> <rsn8887> I think <default: xxx> could have a dynamically changing xxx depending on what is currently in use. Since it changes per platform/engine/game
[13:02] <grogbot> <rsn8887> At the moment, it is impossible to tell when looking at default label what music driver is actually in use
[13:02] <grogbot> <rsn8887> The only well to tell is to manually try them all and check which one sounds the same.
[13:03] <grogbot> <rsn8887> Or it could be <default> currently xxx
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[13:25] <grogbot> <antoniou79> There's a new SDL 2 version released (2.0.12). Changelog here: https://www.libsdl.org/tmp/SDL/WhatsNew.txt
[13:25] <grogbot> <antoniou79> Msys2 got the updated library today
[13:25] <grogbot> <rootfather> nice
[13:26] <grogbot> <rootfather> let's see if I can update the package in mxe
[13:26] <grogbot> <rootfather> I think I can submit a patch to mxe.cc this evening
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[14:00] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> > Nice! > > Skimmed over the changelog, and saw mentions of Joystick. Do we support joystick in ScummVM - not on consoles, but on Windows/Linux/Mac? > I mean as a secondary device - play the game with regular keyboard+mouse, but when there are action scenes, or driving(e.g. PQ1)/flying (e.g. Indy3) optionally use a connected joystick?
[14:01] <grogbot> <rootfather> I think we already do
[14:01] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> How do I enable it? Didn't found something in the menu. Or is it just working?
[14:01] <grogbot> <rootfather> If it works as I remember or think to remember, then it's just working
[14:08] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> Opened up old PQ1, with Flight-Simulator-Type joystick (I don't even know if there are "standard" joysticks? This is Extreme 3D PRO from Logitech) connected - can't move around with the joystick.
[14:09] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> I don't have savegames, but I'll soon report if I can drive with it
[14:09] <grogbot> <ccawley2011> @ZvikaZ You'll need to manually add joystick_num=0 to the config file before joysticks will work.
[14:12] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> @ccawley2011 cool! it works! but a little bit disappointing - it works like a clunky mouse replacement. But for AGI games (like PQ1), it'd be nice to move around the ego with the joystick - to interpert its commands like keyboard's arrows
[14:14] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> And just checked driving in PQ1 - again - it moves the mouse cursor, but not the car itself...
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[14:16] <Dominus> something for Ultima 8 or if anyone finishes that engine to support the Crusader: No Re... games
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[14:19] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> Regarding the joystick - I used the keymapper, and mapped Joystick left and right to left and right, and it works - but I cannot map joystick up and down. Any ideas?
[14:40] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> It seems like a bug in the keymapper. Another bug - the default mapping for up/down/left/right is the DPAD - which took me some time to understand that is the little thing that changes the views in Flight Simulator (didn't remember its name...) - but it's not recognized during the gameplay. If I try to change mapping, and use the DMAP - it's recognized in the mapper, but only then
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[15:10] <salty-horse> Blade Runner Enhanced Edition announced https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/classic-blade-runner-video-game-be-restored-consoles-steam-1283768
[15:10] <salty-horse> "It's true that the original Blade Runner source code was lost," says Larry Kuperman, head of business development at Nightdive. "We painstakingly reverse-engineered the code"
[15:11] <LePhilousophe> we == scummvm developers?
[15:15] <salty-horse> that's what I'm wondering
[15:17] <grogbot> <Strangerke> And gog do not mention ScummVM... :/
[15:17] <grogbot> <Strangerke> (last time I looked)
[15:19] <salty-horse> grogbot, the game pages does mention it now https://www.gog.com/game/blade_runner
[15:20] <grogbot> <Strangerke> That's a pretty good news, thanks for the check
[15:22] <grogbot> <antoniou79> Lol. I guess we will have to wait and see
[15:45] <grogbot> <PurpleMoustache> so is this gonna be incorporating the missing content stuff that the ScummVM team is working on?
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[16:03] <grogbot> <Zadroter> I don't really like Nightdive studios. They always going most easy route, and not as precise or patient as fan opensource projects. But they have power of ads and everybody always talk about their "remasters" while if there a better or equal fan project - people mostly don't know and don't care
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[16:04] <grogbot> <Zadroter> And they proting everything to their KEX engine even if they have original sources and there might be better options
[16:06] <grogbot> <antoniou79> We have actually been in talks with Nightdive Studios for quite a long while. They led to nowhere (...). @sev , @peterkohaut , @madmoose I think we could disclose details?
[16:06] <grogbot> <antoniou79> Especially if NDS is violating the GPL (the article implies that they don't, but realistically I cannot see how)
[16:09] <salty-horse> I sent them a query on twitter, but they're either ignoring, or checking
[16:09] <grogbot> <Zadroter> It'd be sad if they'll manage to earn a lot of money on your work without even metioning it.
[16:10] <grogbot> <antoniou79> Anyway, words are cheap and easy. Without a sample of their (new) work it's not easy to tell what they actually did
[16:11] <grogbot> <Zadroter> If this situation will be proven as lies from Nightdive, you may ping me. I have ||to some degree|| popular youtube channel on russian side of youtube and planned to do ScummVM video, so I may include info on this situation here if you wish.
[16:13] <grogbot> <Zadroter> Nightdives with bethesda also soon releasing Doom 64, that already have number of fan ports for years, and most probably with Bethesda's DRM and some horrible system requrements... and price
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[16:38] <grogbot> <IlDucci> That stuff worries me
[16:39] <grogbot> <IlDucci> Well, that's funn
[16:39] <grogbot> <IlDucci> The article says no Spanish translation
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[16:40] <grogbot> <IlDucci> But I find specially weird that they do a port with no source videos... and the compression of the game
[16:40] <grogbot> <IlDucci> Specially when even Capcom resisted a lot to do a re-render of Resident Evil
[16:41] <grogbot> <IlDucci> (Though it seems the videos for Command and Conquer were located for the remaster that was announced the other day, so...)
[16:42] <grogbot> <rsn8887> Hmm the Vita nightly .exe has become "too big" again. Due to ultima engine (7 MB size!)
[16:47] <grogbot> <Zadroter> (Though it seems the videos for Command and Conquer were located for the remaster that was announced the other day, so...) Sadly, videos of CnC was lost. But they tried to find them - but looks like master tapes are gone. They tried their best, upscaling from playstation version of videos. Same as will add to remaster all lost materials like footage and unused songs they managed to find. This remasters will be nice - Petroglyphs did
[16:47] <grogbot> them, with some members of original dev team, they was in contact with community from the start and only "bad" side is that EA as rights owner and publisher slapped price tag on it. But as remaster it is good, and I think it even may exist alongside OpenRA because OpenRA is very multiplayer-oriented with many features and balance they constantly add and fix.
[16:48] <grogbot> <IlDucci> That explains things, thanks for the details!
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[16:48] <grogbot> <IlDucci> So that means they'll either try to upscale/automatically fix the compression artifacts or just say screw it
[16:48] <grogbot> <IlDucci> (in the case of Blade Runner)
[16:48] <grogbot> <IlDucci> Probably the 16:9 option will be ripped from Capcom's playbook
[16:48] <grogbot> <IlDucci> Doing a vertical camera pan
[16:49] <Unseen2> IlDucci: They found lots of media (mostly video tapes) from Westwood that was thought to be discarded, but the C&C1 videos in there were just the VQA files from the DOS release written to tape
[16:50] <grogbot> <IlDucci> Do you think renders of that time were sent to tape?
[16:50] <grogbot> <IlDucci> I don't know how prerendered contents were handled in the 90s
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[16:52] <Unseen2> I have no idea how they would have handled the content creation pipeline at that time. In the "FMV Reveal" video they mentioned that the remaster mostly uses video from the console versions because it had less compression artifacts.
[16:52] <Unseen2> (this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikJLYYTrIxs )
[16:53] <grogbot> <IlDucci> Gonna have a watch, thank you!
[16:53] <grogbot> <IlDucci> Ha! Who does interlaced video for YT in 2020?
[16:53] <Unseen2> There is a photo of the entire media stash at ~5:10
[16:53] <Unseen2> EA does =(
[16:53] <grogbot> <IlDucci> Oh, now that I remember
[16:53] <grogbot> <IlDucci> I remember that in the Grim Fandango Remaster developer comments
[16:54] <grogbot> <IlDucci> They said that once they finished, they wrote everything into CDs
[16:54] <grogbot> <IlDucci> Or something like that, like a ton of discs
[16:54] <grogbot> <IlDucci> Since the stuff was digital, Lucasarts and the future holders, in the future, transplanted those contents into HDDs
[16:54] <grogbot> <IlDucci> And Double Fine got a HDD with all the preserved materials when they started the remaster
[16:55] <grogbot> <IlDucci> So the uncompressed assets were there
[17:03] <grogbot> <rsn8887> It is not a remaster if they don't have the master.
[17:03] <grogbot> <rsn8887> So they should not be allowed to call it that imo.
[17:03] <grogbot> <rsn8887> They should call it "remake"
[17:03] <grogbot> <rsn8887> or some such.
[17:03] <grogbot> <rsn8887> ^ C&C I mean
[17:05] <grogbot> <antoniou79> In theory it is possible they worked with ea on this and they found original assets. Practically I highly doubt it
[17:05] <grogbot> <antoniou79> It would be great is EA shared those with GOG too and ultimately with Scummvm
[17:10] <bgK> @ZvikaZ, at the moment, the keymapper works well with game console controller type joysticks. It relies on SDL2 to map the buttons to well-known buttons (the XBox 360 / XInput buttons to be precise). SDL2 comes with a small database of such button mappings. However, it's possible to use an external database "gamecontrollerdb.txt" with support for more devices.
[17:11] <bgK> Sadly the community maintained game controller database was recently taken down by a DMCA request: https://github.com/gabomdq/SDL_GameControllerDB ...
[17:11] <bgK> This one mentions the Logitech Logitech Extreme 3D though: https://github.com/irtimmer/moonlight-embedded/blob/master/gamecontrollerdb.txt
[17:14] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> Thanks. I don't understand what should I do with this file?
[17:15] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> Ah, found in the code ;-) Put it in the extras folder
[17:15] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> OK, trying
[17:18] <bgK> yes, that should probably be mentionned in the readme
[17:22] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> Looks similar. Maybe I didn't explain my problem well... I go to "Keymaps" tab in the configuration, and try to change some line to use the joystick. - If I turn it left - it's OK - I see "Right Stick X-", and it works well in the game. - If I turn it right - it's OK - I see "Right Stick X+", and it works well in the game. However, - If I turn it up/down - it's not recognized, and nothing happens, as if I haven't touched the joystick
[17:23] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> therefore, in my scummvm.ini: [keymapper] keymap_gui_RIGHT=JOY_RIGHT_STICK_X+ keymap_gui_LEFT=JOY_RIGHT_STICK_X- I can't insert the UP and DOWN from the GUI
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[17:24] <bgK> at the moment, if your joystick uses an axis that is not in the xinput model for up/down, the keymapper won't recognize it
[17:25] <bgK> hence the need of the gamecontrollerdb thing, so SDL2 remaps the axis your joystick sends to the standard model
[17:27] <bgK> maybe you can use this tool to build an entry for your joystick http://generalarcade.com/gamepadtool/
[17:30] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> But the file already has my joystick (if Logitech Logitech Extreme 3D and Logitech Logitech Extreme 3D PRO are similar). And the mouse simulation is working well, doesn't it mean that SDL recognize my Y axis movement?
[17:35] <bgK> mhh, right, if the mouse works it's another issue
[17:38] <bgK> hard to guess what though. The remap dialog considers an axis to be "pressed" when it is above half its range. Perhaps your joystick is calibrated in such a way that value is never reached?
[17:40] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> I don't think so. Haven't done any special configuration for it. But I'll try to reset it. Are we sure that it's working for regular gamepads? I mean, mapping the Y axis + and - events
[17:42] <bgK> I just tried with a PS3 gamepad, both sticks are properly recognized
[17:43] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> Solved 🙂
[17:43] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> In the file backends\events\sdl\sdl-events.cpp
[17:43] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> commented the first part:
[17:43] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> bool SdlEventSource::handleJoyAxisMotion(SDL_Event &ev, Common::Event &event) { //// TODO: Move hardcoded axis to mouse motion code to the keymapper //if (ev.jaxis.axis == JOY_XAXIS) { // _km.joy_x = ev.jaxis.value; // //debug("Z: handleJoyAxisMotion JOY_XAXIS mouse x: %d", _km.joy_x); // return handleAxisToMouseMotion(_km.joy_x, _km.joy_y); //} else if (ev.jaxis.axis == JOY_YAXIS) { // _km.joy_y
[17:43] <grogbot> = ev.jaxis.value; // //debug("Z: handleJoyAxisMotion JOY_YAXIS mouse y: %d", _km.joy_y); // return handleAxisToMouseMotion(_km.joy_x, _km.joy_y); //} event.type = Common::EVENT_JOYAXIS_MOTION; event.joystick.axis = ev.jaxis.axis; event.joystick.position = ev.jaxis.value; //debug("Z: handleJoyAxisMotion axis: %d", event.joystick.axis); return true; }
[17:43] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> now it's working
[17:44] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> well, it's not a good solution to be committed... because of course this code should be moved, as written in the TODO comment
[17:44] <grogbot> <peterkohaut> @antoniou79 i would not like to disclose what we talked about with nightdivestudio, yet
[17:44] <bgK> is your repo up to date?
[17:45] <bgK> that part of the code is gone
[17:46] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> It's about 2 weeks old, I think 😞 I was debugging irrelavant code? Shame on me... Well, I will pull and check what's going on. Thanks!
[17:49] <bgK> well, it's better that way as the next step is to enable joystick support by default :)
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[17:59] <Scummette> [scummvm] bgK opened pull request #2138: SDL: Enable joystick input by default (master...keymapper-default-joy) https://git.io/Jv6ax
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[19:03] <grogbot> <ZvikaZ> @bgK, indeed, with updated code the issue is solved. However, other issue, less important - the default mapping is "UP = D-Pad UP". I know which button in my joystick is recognized as "D-Pad UP" (because when I click it in the keymapper configuration, it says so). However, during gameplay, it's ignored.
[19:13] <bgK> @ZvikaZ, mmh, I guess I should add some logging output to help debugging this kind of issues
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[19:19] Nick change: paras -> delacroix
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[19:32] <timofonic> @,99salty-horse,99 Sorry if I annoy you. Do you have plans to go back to Kingdom O'Magic engine again? If not, would you and other ScummVM members propose it for GSoC 2020?
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[19:45] <grogbot> <rsn8887> I updated buildbot config for psp2 builds to hopefully produce working binaries again. I had to restart the buildbot fingers crossed.
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[19:48] <grogbot> <rsn8887> Can the github-notification discord channel be made to show activity in scummvm-sites, too?
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[23:21] <grogbot> <sirlemonhead> I'm not a NightDive fan at all either... Do you guys think their remaster is based on your code?
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