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[02:09] <Scummette> [scummvm] dreammaster pushed 5 new commits to master: https://git.io/fjgBn
[02:09] <Scummette> scummvm/master d5d801d dreammaster: GLK: ADVSYS: Adding opcodes and message decoding
[02:09] <Scummette> scummvm/master 8bb7c89 dreammaster: GLK: ADVSYS: String printing
[02:09] <Scummette> scummvm/master 75da8dd dreammaster: GLK: ADVSYS: Subroutine call & return opcodes
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[02:51] <Grogbot> <Zadroter> Yay, ScummVM now have discord server, this is awesome!
[02:51] <Grogbot> <Zadroter> Always wanted to follow project more closely but I never used IRC.
[02:54] <Grogbot> <Seri> IMO IRC isn't really friendly for "modern" usage (ie, transient), which is why discord has gained a bit of traction. Discord you can open on your phone, desktop, tablet, or web browser, log in, and message history is all there, notifications are in sync, all by default
[02:54] <Grogbot> <Seri> Sure you have options for bouncers on IRC but that's just additional friction to the end-user
[02:56] <Grogbot> <Zadroter> Yeah, in therms of messaging I more "modern" user. Well first I wanted to ask there is guy maded support for Might and Magic World of xeen. I played it on some pre-relise version some time ago. Is it finished currently? Will be might and magic 3 (which technically almost same game) be added?
[02:57] <Grogbot> <Zadroter> Just really hope one day have this games avalible on android phone while on vacation - it'd be my best dream lol
[03:01] <Grogbot> <Zadroter> Sorry if questions are dumb
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[03:21] <Mataniko> Endy: I updated logs earlier today
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[03:37] <Endy> Mataniko: Thanks!
[03:38] <Endy> Mataniko: I'm going to fix the width on the 'logs' table tho, it's oddly squished here
[03:40] <Mataniko> where?
[03:40] <Endy> Mataniko: Never mind, it was a caching issue on the .css, a force refresh fixed it heh
[03:40] <Mataniko> The page is so outdated, my formatters failed and php7.3 didn't work
[03:41] <Mataniko> had to patch some of that, but it's still pretty gnarly
[03:42] <Endy> I can install PHP7.3 if you need it. Funny thing about being a lead sysadmin for a hosting company, my own stuff gets a bit neglected :P
[03:43] <Mataniko> it's ok. It was mostly around regex functions that were deprecated in 5.6 and removed in 7.x
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[03:43] <Mataniko> it's not like it's a super fancy PHP site
[03:43] <Mataniko> it will work with both 5.6 and 7.x now
[03:43] <Mataniko> but the markup is still 2005ish
[03:44] <Endy> Guilty as charged :)
[03:45] <Endy> Appreciate the effort you went to tho
[03:47] <Lightkey> Endy: did you change the parsing? now the Fraktur font is always correct but simple accented characters are b0rked :-)
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[04:10] <Endy> Lightkey: I haven't touched it since yesterday
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[08:13] <Grogbot> <Praetorian> good morning people
[08:25] <Grogbot> <Joefish> morning 👋
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[09:07] <Grogbot> <criezy> @Vyzigold: in German all nouns are capitalized, and not just proper nouns. So the capital 'A' in 'Das Auge ist schon offen.' does not indicate an emphasis.
[09:08] <Grogbot> <criezy> If the eye is like an all-seeing god eye at the top of the pyramid, then you would have a case for capitalizing it in English as well. But otherwise it should be lowercase.
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[09:33] <Grogbot> <rootfather> hi there 😃
[09:33] <Grogbot> <madmoose> Hello there!
[09:40] <Scummette> [scummvm] ScummVM-Translations pushed 5 new commits to master: https://git.io/fjguj
[09:40] <Scummette> scummvm/master 2b52388 : I18N: Update translation (French)
[09:40] <Scummette> scummvm/master 92ff871 criezy: I18N: Update translation (French)
[09:40] <Scummette> scummvm/master 3672a80 criezy: I18N: Regenerate translations data file
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[09:56] <Harekiet> Where is Grogbot relaying from with horrible yellow colored nicks :)
[10:01] <Grogbot> <madmoose> Harekiet: Hello from Discord! 😃
[10:04] <Harekiet> ugh more horrible yellow nicks madmoose :)
[10:05] <Grogbot> <Vyzigold> @criezy ok, se then there is no reason for it to be uppercase
[10:06] <Grogbot> <criezy> Thanks. I changed it on translations.scummvm.org.
[10:07] <Grogbot> <criezy> I will also review the suggestions later today.
[10:08] <Grogbot> <Vyzigold> right now, I made only that one
[10:08] <Grogbot> <madmoose> Harekiet: Booh! 😃
[10:08] <Grogbot> <criezy> Yes, but there are some other older suggestions that I should look at as well.
[10:09] <madmoose> Harekiet: Better now?
[10:09] <Grogbot> <Vyzigold> I know about one more string with too long row, I will look into it and make a suggestion
[10:10] <madmoose> Harekiet: With all your ansi art in #dosbox you don't get to complain :)
[10:10] <Harekiet> Nah I'm starting to like the yellow colours
[10:10] <Grogbot> <madmoose> Cant see it in Discord though 😛
[10:11] <Harekiet> What a shit platform that discord is, can't do any colours
[10:11] <Unseen2> Maybe it's just a censoring gateway, no colors for Discord? ;)
[10:12] <Harekiet> Dunno if they actually support it
[10:13] <Grogbot> <madmoose> You can post pictures though.
[10:15] <Unseen2> It seems that people just abuse code highlighting for colored text in discord - but I'm not sure if you could force that through from the IRC side because it needs a multi-line message
[10:15] <Harekiet> I can just do that through matrix already, but I kinda doubt that also does colors, how is one to spam colorful images without that
[10:22] <Grogbot> <madmoose> For Harekiet:
[10:22] <Grogbot> <madmoose> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/581224061091446795/587949646752514058/image0.jpg
[10:23] <Harekiet> Our albino hero will not be forgotten
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[10:40] <Grogbot> <Vyzigold> @criezy I made 3 more suggestions
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[11:46] <Grogbot> <Strangerke> Hi guys
[11:49] <LePhilousophe> hi Strangerke
[11:54] <ST> that yellow is horrific on a light background :/
[11:54] <Grogbot> <rootfather> Hello there Stranger 😂
[11:58] <Grogbot> <Strangerke> ST: yes :(
[12:31] <Mataniko> Lightkey: I think I made a change or two. There were some characters that were relayed wrong and will forever stay wrong
[12:45] <Grogbot> <criezy> I changed my IRC client to use a dark theme because of that yellow 😛
[12:57] <Grogbot> <Mataniko> just disable or move the bot to an irc-bridge channel
[12:57] <Grogbot> <Mataniko> we get channels, we don't need to dump everything in 1 place
[12:57] <Grogbot> <Mataniko> at least use discord to its advantages
[12:58] <Grogbot> <Mataniko> also move github bot to a github channel
[12:59] <Harekiet> can't the bot just not use colorend nicks, never felt the need for colored nicks on regular irc either
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[13:01] <Grogbot> <Mataniko> I just think it's completely useless and pointless to begin with
[13:02] <Mataniko> Just pick
[13:02] <Grogbot> <Mataniko> one chat
[13:10] <Harekiet> Well I can see people liking alternate clients for their phones or whatever, but ofcourse they should just use the allmighty quassel for that :)
[13:13] <Grogbot> <waltervn> This is FOSS, we will never agree on anything, and everything will remain a mess until eternity. That's just how FOSS works 😃
[13:15] <Grogbot> <Joefish> Giving people the ability to choose doesn't sound 'completely useless and pointless' to me. IRC is for now still the main channel of communication but since Discord became so popular I'm glad there's an official server here now as well. Why not try to bridge both worlds for now and make transition easier and not alienate part of the commnuity by cutting them off.. That's my take on it.
[13:16] <Grogbot> <rootfather> Exactly what @Joefish says.
[13:16] <Grogbot> <rootfather> However, I can disable colord nicknames if you want me to
[13:17] <Grogbot> <waltervn> Grogbot on discord could use a different colour too
[13:18] <Grogbot> <waltervn> or was the red chosen especially for the purpose of being hard to see?
[13:21] <ST> it's kinda funny that the bridged nicks on irc are hard to see with light background but the grogbot name on discord is hard to see with a dark background :P
[13:22] <Unseen2> Isn't it a good thing if the name of the bridge itself "disappears" and only the nick of the actual person stands out? =)
[13:24] <ST> as for quassel, that's just additional user friction. needs to be set up, secured, publicly accesible (or vpn'd), server core may or may not support push notifications. much easier to let the service deal with all that headache ;P
[13:25] <LePhilousophe> or you can use matrix and its irc bridge
[13:26] <Grogbot> <waltervn> Unseen2: that was what I was wondering
[13:26] <Grogbot> <waltervn> it seems like I keep going "what does it say there?" oh, it's Grogbot again, though
[13:41] <Grogbot> <rootfather> I disabled the "fancy nicknames" so that you only see the username bit itself yesterday after Mataniko reported the possiblilty to spoof usernames. If you clicked on one of those names, then it might redirect you to a wrong user in some cases.
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[13:51] <Grogbot> <rootfather> I can adjust Grogbot's nick color later today
[13:51] <Grogbot> <rootfather> For testing purposes, I could disable the colors on the IRC side right away
[13:53] <Grogbot> <rootfather> The bot script in it's current state picks the colors it uses for IRC randomly from a (hardcoded...) array
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[16:47] <_sev> test gor Grgobot nick color
[16:48] <Grogbot> <sev> @waltervn is it better now?
[16:48] <Grogbot> <waltervn> looks good, thanks
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[17:32] <Grogbot> <rootfather> Hi Mr. Wood!
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[17:35] <Grogbot> <guybush threepwood> Why hello there
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[17:51] <Grogbot> <Vyzigold> Hello, is there a way in ScummVM to play a tone of a given frequency?
[17:52] <Grogbot> <Vyzigold> I found the PCSpeaker class, which looks to me, like it is what I'm looking for, but when I want to play the tone, I don't actualy hear anything
[17:52] <Grogbot> <Vyzigold> even though it returns true when calling isPlaying() on it
[17:55] <Grogbot> <DreamMaster> Maybe your sound is accidentally muted? I used a simple PCSpeaker class in engines/glk/pc_speaker.cpp/.h that wraps Audo::PCSpeaker for doing a simple beep tone, and I know it worked for me
[17:58] <Grogbot> <Vyzigold> using the Mixer class to play a stream read from a file works fine, so I don't think it is a problem with sound volume
[17:59] <Grogbot> <DreamMaster> Good. That at least rules out one potential problem
[18:01] <Grogbot> <DreamMaster> Have a look at engines/glk/pc_speaker.cpp. Make sure, for example, that you're properly calling _mixer->playStream for the PcSpeaker stream instance you create, and what parameters you're passing in.
[18:01] <Grogbot> <Vyzigold> I'm just looking at it 😃
[18:02] <Grogbot> <DreamMaster> Also what lengths you're speaking aren't too short, since it's in milliseconds from memory. So a '1' would be too short to be even be heard, if you accidentally think the duration is in seconds 😉
[18:02] <Grogbot> <DreamMaster> Sorry, that should be "playing", not speaking
[18:03] <Grogbot> <Henke37> fun fact: discord lets you edit your messages.
[18:03] <Grogbot> <Vyzigold> I tried it for a second (1000ms)
[18:04] <Grogbot> <DreamMaster> Cool
[18:05] <Grogbot> <DreamMaster> Hope that doesn't cause any wobblies for the new IRC bridge
[18:06] <Grogbot> <Vyzigold> thanks for your help, I didn't know you have to use Mixer::playStream() as well as PCSpeaker::play()
[18:06] <Grogbot> <Vyzigold> 🤦
[18:06] <Grogbot> <Henke37> audio routing is magic!
[18:06] <Grogbot> <DreamMaster> Ah. Bonza. \o/ Happy to help.
[18:23] <Grogbot> <waltervn> The PCSpeaker class isn't very good unfortunately
[18:23] <Grogbot> <waltervn> it's fine if you need some beeps, but for playing music you can't really use it
[18:24] <Grogbot> <Henke37> hardware accurate!
[18:24] <Grogbot> <Vyzigold> I think I just found that out 😦
[18:24] <Grogbot> <DreamMaster> LOL
[18:24] <Grogbot> <Vyzigold> there is a little bit of noise every time I change a tone
[18:25] <Grogbot> <waltervn> I'm not sure about that, but I do know that it gets pretty far off-pitch
[18:26] <Grogbot> <waltervn> I think I once calculated it and it the frequency error can go up to 5%
[18:27] <Grogbot> <waltervn> I rolled my own for ADL. I guess some day the PCSpeaker class should be fixed, but... not sure what the odds are of that happening
[18:27] <Grogbot> <Vyzigold> I wanted to use it to play a siren sound by playing tones between 1500 Hz and 1800 Hz
[18:28] <Grogbot> <Vyzigold> but I will probably just generate an audio stream containing the sound and then just play it in a loop
[18:29] <Grogbot> <waltervn> if you're hearing some "ticks" that's not uncommon for squares waves
[18:30] <Grogbot> <Vyzigold> I tryed square and then sine waves
[18:30] <Grogbot> <Vyzigold> it was the same
[18:30] <Grogbot> <Vyzigold> sine waves just sounded a little bit better
[18:31] <Grogbot> <Vyzigold> I mean the tones were better, but in between each of them there was always the same "tick"
[18:31] <Grogbot> <waltervn> yeah it's mostly likely because when you change the frequency, the new tone does not start at the same "phase" of the wave
[18:31] <Grogbot> <waltervn> and this causes a tick
[18:33] <Grogbot> <Vyzigold> that might be the problem
[18:34] <Grogbot> <Vyzigold> so the PCSpeaker probably won't help me 🤔
[18:34] <Grogbot> <Henke37> someone mind updating the wiki for me? My pull request finally got cleaned up and merged. https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/pull/1639
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[19:52] <rsn8887> What on the wiki needs updating?
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[19:54] <SupSuper> rsn8887: speaking of wiki, switch isn't listed here: https://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php?title=Compiling_ScummVM
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[20:00] <Grogbot> <Henke37> it's pretty much just erasing the second step in the mentioned section. the PR is quite clear on what needs to be done
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[20:22] <Grogbot> <Vyzigold> So I finished generating the audio stream for the siren. I "stretched" each tone, so it ends at the end of the sine period, but there is still a little "tick" sound when switching from tone to tone 😦
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[20:58] <Grogbot> <Zadroter> Oh, I found out you have on wiki all statuses for supported game engines and roadmap for issues, this is helpfull. On roadmap thought some unresolved issues dated for many years back 🤔
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[21:31] <rsn8887> SupSuper: I can fix that.
[21:40] <rsn8887> @SupSuper: Fixed.
[21:42] <rsn8887> Can anyone with access update the buildbot config on the server and restart the buildbot for me? Thank you! Instructions are here: https://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php?title=Buildbot#Administration
[21:42] <rsn8887> It will fix psp nightlies crashing on adding a game.
[21:43] <rsn8887> btw is it just me or are wikis really hard to browse?
[21:43] <rsn8887> The hierarchy of pages and categories seems very hard to understand unless you already know the page name or category name you are looking for.
[21:43] <Grogbot> <Henke37> depends on who is writing them
[21:44] <rsn8887> There seems to be an implicit hierarchy of categories and templates etc., but it is not shown anywhere.
[21:44] <SupSuper> i always just use search :p
[21:44] <rsn8887> To the contrary it is completely hidden, and the wiki appears "flat". Just a collection of pages, and is there even a list of all pages?
[21:45] <rsn8887> When editing it, one quickly realizes there is some kind of hierarchy...
[21:45] <rsn8887> I guess search works, but there's no good way to browse
[21:46] <SupSuper> yeah wikis are mostly flat, after all they come from -pedias. i'm not sure i'd call them "hierarchical" so much as "indexed"
[21:46] <rsn8887> I wish wiki would use markdown... so much easier.
[21:47] <SupSuper> and yes there are various lists: https://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php?title=Special:SpecialPages
[21:47] <rsn8887> It seems really hard to find those lists if you don't know they exist.
[21:48] <rsn8887> I don't like the concept of special pages and regular pages. Those are not really pages.
[21:48] <rsn8887> Also it says there "list of pages" then it says "pages" and "categories" what is the definition of "page" I wonder.
[21:49] <rsn8887> is a category a page.
[21:49] <SupSuper> depends on the prefix :p
[21:49] <SupSuper> wikis are designed for searching rather than browsing. you can filter searches by categories, prefixes, etc. navigating the listings themselves is more of a "last resort"
[21:49] <rsn8887> When I search for "ADL Games" the page is not listed.
[21:50] <rsn8887> How do I filter searches?
[21:50] <rsn8887> Is there an "advanced search" somewhere?
[21:50] <rsn8887> Ah I found and advanced button.
[21:51] <rsn8887> I cannot search filter by categories. In the advanced search it mentions "namespaces"? I find wiki highly obtuse honestly.
[21:52] <rsn8887> What is a namespace, how do I define one? What it the difference between special and regular pages? What is a category page, what is a template page? What makes them different from ordinary pages? Why is this so complicated?
[21:52] <SupSuper> because 90s :p
[21:53] <Grogbot> <Henke37> special pages are generated on the fly by php code.
[21:53] <rsn8887> Also what is the standard way to see a list of all pages? There seems to be no button for it.
[21:53] <rsn8887> WHat if I create a page with a typo in the name? How will I ever find it again?
[21:53] <rsn8887> Whoever created the wiki specs was out of their minds.
[21:53] <Grogbot> <Henke37> categories are both pages and special entities. the page acts like a readme prepended to the autogenerated page list
[21:54] <SupSuper> well, more honestly, it was made for wikipedia and just kinda took off from there. most special stuff you have to dig around docs and other stuff
[21:54] <rsn8887> Jeez. I wish they had designed this to be easy from the start. Also the wiki markup. What on earth is that? How complicated.
[21:54] <rsn8887> I guess I have been spoiled by markdown.
[21:54] <Grogbot> <Henke37> templates are pages intended to be inserted on the fly while rendering other pages. they are used for infoboxes, navboxes, stock annotations, etc
[21:55] <SupSuper> it was pre-markdown :p it was more inspired by bbcode than anything. and you can still use html in some places
[21:55] <Grogbot> <Henke37> keyword being "intended". any page can be used as a template.
[21:56] <Grogbot> <Henke37> namespaces are like drive letters on windows: big folders. you generally don't need to create new ones.
[21:56] <SupSuper> but yeah technically everything is a page. stuff like categories, templates, etc, are just "special" versions of pages that do stuff subtly different based on their prefix (the namespace). it's very freeform and you just have to dig into docs for the more special stuff
[21:56] <rsn8887> So the prefix is something with a slash, like a folder? But it is not really a folder, and the folder hierarchy cannot be browsed like files? Why?
[21:57] <SupSuper> like a category is just a grouping of pages. a template is a page you can embed. stuff like that
[21:57] <rsn8887> OK. I also don't understand why the table in https://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php?title=Platforms is a wikitable.
[21:57] <SupSuper> the prefix is the "Category:" "Special:" stuff
[21:57] <Grogbot> <Henke37> there are usually a few stock namespaces: main, project, category, templates, users, files and talk versions of all the other namespaces
[21:57] <rsn8887> But the table in https://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php?title=Compiling_ScummVM is html.
[21:57] <SupSuper> wikitables have sorting
[21:58] <Grogbot> <Henke37> the main namespace is the payload one. put actual content there. the project namespace is for the wiki itself. formatting guidelines, wiki quickstarts and such
[21:58] <rsn8887> So the stock namespaces are default and exist in every wiki? How am I supposed to know that they are, and what if I don't like them? Can I delete them or rename them? Are they hardcoded in the wiki engine?
[21:58] <SupSuper> or if you mean the formatting... uh, no reason really. everything should be done with wiki formatting, but nothing's stopping you from doing it with html :p
[21:58] <rsn8887> Is the wiki engine just a collection of php scripts? I hope not.
[21:58] <SupSuper> yes
[21:58] <rsn8887> Because it seems slooow.
[21:58] <Grogbot> <Henke37> of course not. there is also a sql database
[21:58] <rsn8887> Ph my god shoot me now
[21:59] <SupSuper> you just have to rtfm :p
[21:59] <rsn8887> I guess so. I bet it is a 300 page book.
[21:59] <SupSuper> it's also a wiki :)
[21:59] <rsn8887> Oh no
[21:59] <Grogbot> <Henke37> i recommend against moving or deleting namespaces. they all have their purpose
[22:00] <SupSuper> as for the formatting in the scummvm wiki, it might've been to play nice with the css? i remember there used to be a custom theme
[22:00] <rsn8887> Speaking of sorting tables, it seems the table in https://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php?title=Compiling_ScummVM has not sorting.
[22:00] <rsn8887> So I added the Switch entry at the bottom.
[22:01] <rsn8887> ALso the wiki diff view is like 1000% times worse then github. Did they never update the wiki software?
[22:01] <SupSuper> convention has to be enforced by maintainers. so if one table is formatted differently from the rest, you just have to settle on a convention yourself
[22:02] <SupSuper> it used to be a lot worse :p
[22:03] <SupSuper> wiki can be kinda archaic but it's one of those things like forums or cms where there's no real "modern" replacement
[22:04] <SupSuper> there's other wiki software but then you just have to learn a whole new set of rules not consistent with other wikis on the web
[22:04] <SupSuper> and you know, it's open-source, usability comes and goes :)
[22:05] <Grogbot> <Henke37> just hope you don't need to do anything fun with templates. they are about as bad as c++ templates. throw in the popular parser function extension and it becomes comparable to template metaprogramming.
[22:07] <Grogbot> <rsn8887> I am glad someone else already did that work.
[22:07] <SupSuper> anyways you don't need to dig into the gritty nitty of wiki for everyday usage. just read some of this and get used to it: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Contents
[22:08] <Grogbot> <rsn8887> is Mediawiki the software that runs wiki.scummvm.org?
[22:08] <SupSuper> yes, it runs most wikis
[22:09] <SupSuper> if a wiki is particularly difficult to navigate or search, it might just need better organizing and tidying
[22:12] <rsn8887> You are right, wiki seems very much like a forum. However, most modern forums have a breadcrumb navigation view at the top where I can see my position in the hierarchy of subforums, like folders. I guess this is what I am missing from wiki.
[22:13] <Grogbot> <Henke37> or a smack on the head of the admin with a rolled up newspaper along with an instruction to stop trying to make the software do something it's not designed to do
[22:13] <Grogbot> <Henke37> examples of bad ideas: running loads of wikis like wikia. running multiple languages of the same wiki in the same install
[22:13] <SupSuper> yeah wikis don't have hierarchies. pages like "ADLGames/Stuff" are just a convention, not an actual breadcrumb. the slash does nothing
[22:13] <rsn8887> This reminds me of checking out some of the "talk" pages in wikipedia. My god, total chaos. No enforced structure, just hundreds of people adding single lines to a blank canvas.
[22:14] <SupSuper> best you got is a list of categories at the bottom of pages
[22:14] <Grogbot> <Henke37> actually, the slash can do something if the namespace is set to allow subpages
[22:14] <Grogbot> <Henke37> but subpages is exactly that, pages based on a main page. not a folder structure
[22:17] <criezy> Yes, the slash does something. See for example the link to User Manual at the top of https://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php?title=User_Manual/Introduction
[22:18] <SupSuper> ah, i'm so used to most wiki features just being "conventions" rather than "actually enforced"
[22:18] <criezy> Also I disagree with Henke37: writing templates is fun!
[22:18] <SupSuper> like you look at something like wikipedia and think "this isn't so bad", then realize it's a huge pile of custom css and templates
[22:18] <criezy> And rewriting them 5 years later because somebody found a bug is even more fun ;-)
[22:19] <criezy> That one in particular was fun to fix: https://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php?title=Template%3ALanguages%2FLang&type=revision&diff=24638&oldid=14619
[22:19] <rsn8887> speaking of templates. Is it possible to allow a platform to be listed under "supported platforms" in the wiki, even though only buildbot builds are available?
[22:19] <rsn8887> Currently I have to lie and set the last stable version to 2.0.0 for Switch, even though it is not available. It seems to be the only way to make it appear under "supported platforms"
[22:20] <SupSuper> criezy: god that really looks as scary as c++ templates :p
[22:20] <SupSuper> give someone metaprogramming and they will make it turing complete
[22:21] <rsn8887> Someone told me that five closing brackets following each other }}}}} is not good.
[22:22] <Grogbot> <Henke37> fun doesn't mean it isn't fun
[22:22] <rsn8887> It is a single line version of the pyramid of doom :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyramid_of_doom_(programming)
[22:23] <SupSuper> rsn8887: unless it's lisp :p
[22:23] <rsn8887> I guess.
[22:23] --> yuv422 joined #scummvm.
[22:24] <SupSuper> most win32 examples are pyramids of doom...
[22:24] <rsn8887> I love the pyramid of doom. THe only problem is if it becomes so large that the instruction requires me to scroll horizontally in my editor. I hate that.
[22:24] <SupSuper> just keep zooming out
[22:24] <rsn8887> I guess one could always set tab size to 2 to fix that.
[22:24] <rsn8887> ;)
[22:25] <SupSuper> wonder if there's an editor with negative tab size
[22:25] <SupSuper> while we're summoning cthulhu and all
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[22:30] <criezy> rsn8887: The PortFeatures template indeed adds automatically the port to the Outdated Ports category unless the version is set to the last stable version.
[22:30] <criezy> This could possibly be improved, for example by considering that ports that have no version at all are new ports rather than outdaed ports.
[22:32] <rsn8887> Yes that would be great.
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[22:33] <rsn8887> @mataniko: Maybe you could come to the rescue and update buildbot config and do a reset again? If you have time? It would fix the crashing psp nightlies...
[22:34] <Grogbot> <Henke37> make the buildbot automatically update the wiki
[22:36] <rsn8887> Where is the code that does that check? It is not in the template...
[22:37] <rsn8887> I found Category:Outdated Ports, but how is it populated?
[22:38] <criezy> It's populated automatically by the PortFeatures template
[22:38] <criezy> https://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php?title=Template:PortFeatures
[22:38] <rsn8887> Ah I just found it myself too :)
[22:38] <rsn8887> so we could change it to compare to latest stable OR empty I guess
[22:38] <rsn8887> THat code is really hard to read, no indentation etc.
[22:40] <rsn8887> This: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Conditional_expressions
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[22:43] <criezy> I think the easiest way here rather than change the condition would be to specify a default value for version in the test.
[22:43] <criezy> Something like {{#ifeq:{{{version|{{StableVersion}}}}}|{{StableVersion}}||[[Category:Outdated Ports|{{{name}}} Port]]}}
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[22:50] <rsn8887> Shall I try that?
[22:52] <Grogbot> <Henke37> meidawiki thankfully has a nice feature: it lists all templates used on a page, recursively.
[22:52] <Grogbot> <Henke37> and there is the whatlinkshere special page that lists transclusions, links and redirects
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[22:54] <rsn8887> It doesn't work it seems.
[22:55] <criezy> rsn8887: Did you remove the version altogether from the Switch page, or just set it to empty.
[22:55] <criezy> The later will probably indeed not work.
[22:56] <rsn8887> Oh let me try again.
[22:56] <rsn8887> (setting to empty is what I did)
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[22:58] <rsn8887> Ok it works!
[22:58] <rsn8887> I just had to remove the version= altogether.
[22:58] <rsn8887> Should I keep first official version at 2.1.0, or empty for now?
[23:01] <criezy> As you want. Personally I would leave it to empty for now.
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