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[03:05] <GitHub103> scummvm/master ce586aa Thierry Crozat: I18N: Regenerate translations data file
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[05:39] <waltervn> morning
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[06:55] <Strangerke|work> hi guys
[07:01] <waltervn> morning Strangerke|work
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[10:46] <stroggoff> good morning!
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[12:20] <Strangerke|work> hi stroggoff
[12:45] <L0ngcat> did the planet die completely? it defaults back to scummvm.org
[12:57] <stroggoff> :)
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[13:00] <stroggoff> L0ngcat: I read your question to madmoose about Blade Runner in yesterday's log. ""madmoose: what are the required game data files for blade runner these days? all MIX & TLK""
[13:00] <stroggoff> did you get an answer?
[13:01] <L0ngcat> stroggoff: afraid not, BR is not fully supported yet. Last time I checked, you needed to install the game to get the HDFRAMES.DAT file. not sure if reading directly from CDFRAMES is supported now.
[13:02] <L0ngcat> from my own tests, it seems MIX, TLK and DAT files are what's needed. peterkohaut or _sev could probably chime in on this as well
[13:04] <L0ngcat> I have both the cd and dvd version, and it seems doing a complete install and pointing scummvm to the install directory works. I'm not sure, but I think the DLL files are no longer needed.
[13:04] <stroggoff> There is a third party installer that takes care of those files from the CDs in the sierra help pages here (search for Blade Runner): http://sierrahelp.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=3925
[13:05] <stroggoff> but also sev did upload a tool in the scummvm-tools repository for this
[13:05] <L0ngcat> I would not recommend that, as it changes the game files, combining stuff that was not in the original installer.
[13:05] <L0ngcat> this is what I used before ScummVM added support
[13:05] <L0ngcat> _sev
[13:05] <L0ngcat> 's tool is probably safer
[13:06] <stroggoff> The sierra help pages one? I think it only changes the ".exe" not the dat files. I checked that fairly recently.
[13:06] <stroggoff> But yeah, you're probably better off working with _sev's tool. I think he's looked into that more than I have.
[13:08] <L0ngcat> this is probably what I used before, it has been around since 2012 and does change the game files: https://www.replaying.de/files/blade-runner-patch-windows-vista-7-8-x64/
[13:08] <L0ngcat> do not really know about the Sierra installer, but as you say, probably safer to use scummvms tools
[13:09] <L0ngcat> or to install the game
[13:09] <stroggoff> I know that one too. That one adds a dll to work around the issue with the Police Maze and two other instances (Moraji and the sewer rat)
[13:09] <L0ngcat> the dll's were added only a couple of years ago
[13:09] <L0ngcat> it used to be only the installer
[13:09] <L0ngcat> (and it fixes running away from the bomb)
[13:11] <stroggoff> yes, the Moraji bomb bug
[13:14] <L0ngcat> right
[13:15] <L0ngcat> I believe all of those are fixed in SVM
[13:16] <stroggoff> I am not sure. I know that _sev and peterkohaut were working on fixing the maze, but I haven't tested it recently
[13:18] <stroggoff> Anyway the files you need are:
[13:18] <stroggoff> "1.TLK"
[13:18] <stroggoff> "2.TLK"
[13:18] <stroggoff> "3.TLK"
[13:18] <stroggoff> "A.TLK"
[13:18] <stroggoff> "SPCHSFX.TLK"
[13:18] <stroggoff> "COREANIM.DAT"
[13:18] <stroggoff> "HDFRAMES.DAT"
[13:18] <stroggoff> "MODE.MIX"
[13:18] <stroggoff> "MUSIC.MIX"
[13:18] <stroggoff> "OUTTAKE1.MIX"
[13:18] <stroggoff> "OUTTAKE2.MIX"
[13:18] <stroggoff> "OUTTAKE3.MIX"
[13:18] <stroggoff> "OUTTAKE4.MIX"
[13:18] <stroggoff> "SFX.MIX"
[13:18] <stroggoff> "STARTUP.MIX"
[13:19] <stroggoff> "VQA1.MIX"
[13:19] <stroggoff> "VQA2.MIX"
[13:19] <stroggoff> "VQA3.MIX"
[13:19] <stroggoff> "GAMEDAT.SHP"
[13:19] <stroggoff> oops. I fail at copy past in irc
[13:19] <stroggoff> HDFrames is the one that aggregates the data from all CDs and is created by the installe
[13:19] <stroggoff> installer*
[13:31] <Strangerke|work> L0ngcat: yes, planet is temporarily dead
[13:31] <Strangerke|work> DNS issue while moving it... it's temporary
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[16:19] <L0ngcat> Strangerke|work: thanks
[16:21] <L0ngcat> stroggoff: there is no GAMEDAT.SHP in my installs from original 4cd or dvd version. Is this file created by the sierra installer? How did you compile this list?
[16:24] <stroggoff> hmm, I thought the shp file contained icons for the game but that's probably not the case, then. All the other files are game resource files. (TLK, MIX and the two DAT files)
[16:24] <L0ngcat> icons are uncompressed in original install
[16:25] <L0ngcat> yes, those are the files i assume are needed. thanks for the effort, but will wait for a reply from a scumm dev or a listing in the Game Datafiles page, even though it is probably correct :)
[16:38] <bonki> where are we moving planet?
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[17:22] <_sev> L0ngcat: the maze is working in Balde Runner
[17:22] <L0ngcat> <3 Bald Runner
[17:23] <_sev> stroggoff: and the tool I wrote is based on reverse engineering of the original installer, so it produces 1:1 copy of HDFRAMES.DAT
[17:23] <L0ngcat> _sev: thanks for the great work!
[17:23] <_sev> L0ngcat: that's what I meant!
[17:23] <L0ngcat> one of my top 3 games of all time
[17:23] <_sev> and the planet update woes
[17:23] <_sev> DNS entry on the machine I moved it to is still pointing to the old IP
[17:23] <L0ngcat> _sev: lol
[17:24] <_sev> so it does not get resolved properly, and our default conf kicks in which redirects to scummvm.org
[17:24] <_sev> and I have no idea how to enforce refreshing that
[17:24] <_sev> nslookup planet.scummvm.org
[17:24] <_sev> Server:
[17:24] <_sev> Address:
[17:24] <_sev> Non-authoritative answer:
[17:24] <_sev> planet.scummvm.org canonical name = vm2.scummvm.org.
[17:24] <_sev> Name: vm2.scummvm.org
[17:24] <_sev> Address:
[17:24] <_sev> this is proper
[17:24] <_sev> nslookup planet.scummvm.org
[17:24] <_sev> Server:
[17:24] <_sev> Address:
[17:24] <_sev> Non-authoritative answer:
[17:24] <_sev> planet.scummvm.org canonical name = vm.scummvm.org.
[17:25] <_sev> Name: vm.scummvm.org
[17:25] <_sev> Address:
[17:25] <_sev> this is old
[17:32] <LePhilousophe> _sev: when did you update entry?
[17:33] <_sev> about 22 hours ago
[17:34] <_sev> it started to show on my local box in about 10 minutes, and here, on our server it got cached upstream :/
[17:35] <LePhilousophe> yep it can last 24 hours to propagate
[17:36] <LePhilousophe> here in France I get the good reply
[17:37] <LePhilousophe> _sev: you can check the serial using nslookup -query=SOA scummvm.org.
[17:37] <LePhilousophe> proper one seems to be 2018061023
[17:40] <_sev> origin = ns1.hans.hosteurope.de
[17:40] <_sev> mail addr = hostmaster.scummvm.org
[17:40] <_sev> serial = 2018061023
[17:40] <_sev> refresh = 16384
[17:40] <_sev> retry = 2048
[17:40] <_sev> expire = 1048576
[17:40] <_sev> minimum = 2560
[17:40] <LePhilousophe> yep at your host
[17:40] <_sev> expires in 12 days O_o
[17:41] <bonki> that's why you lower the TTL before actually making changes
[17:43] <LePhilousophe> well expires is to delete from cache
[17:43] <LePhilousophe> refresh should be the one to look at
[17:44] <LePhilousophe> should have been less than 5 hours
[17:44] <_sev> let's see
[17:47] <LePhilousophe> I don't know what configuration has and I can't query it but it should have expired
[17:48] <LePhilousophe> and it should have refreshed
[18:05] <_sev> looks like planet is back
[18:06] <_sev> could you, people from around the world, try it now?
[18:10] <L0ngcat> works in Norway (did not 1 hour ago)
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[18:30] <criezy|Work> It's working here as well (UK).
[18:30] <criezy|Work> And I see Drenn's posts! :-) (except that the formating is off)
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[19:19] <bonki> confirmed working here as well
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[20:28] <GitHub78> [scummvm] criezy pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vhwJw
[20:28] <GitHub78> scummvm/master c67cc0b Paolo Bossi: I18N: Update translation (Italian)...
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[20:52] <stroggoff_> _sev: I have not tried your tool yet, but I will definitely in the future. I only read your discussion here about it. I thank you for your work on this!
[20:53] <_sev> stroggoff: you are welcome
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[21:10] <Joefish> hey Drenn. I wanted to drop you a message since I have seen your first blog entry. I'm really impressed with how fast you are progressing and it looks awesome :) Keep up the good work!
[21:16] <delacroix> Joefish, are you talking about drenns startrek fork ?
[21:16] <Joefish> yeah
[21:18] <delacroix> yeah, i discovered it recently
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[21:19] <delacroix> i have an international version of Star Trek 25th anniversary talkie cd-rom
[21:19] <Joefish> it's insane. Even if he was working on it before the official gsoc start, like first week having audio and dialog running with UI interaction.. It took me like two weeks to get the damn audio running for my project and the mt to adlib instrument mapping is still not correct :P
[21:20] <delacroix> with english, french and german text ( audio VOC's only in english)
[21:20] <delacroix> Joefish, you got it running already ?
[21:21] <Joefish> what do you mean delacroix ?
[21:22] <delacroix> i'm trying to get it to run, so far i copied data.001, data.run and data.dir from the english version in the game directory for scummvm
[21:22] <delacroix> scummvm correctly detects the game
[21:23] <delacroix> but during startup the following messages appear: IW File: TUG1.iw
[21:23] <delacroix> Stop drawing actor 19
[21:23] <delacroix> delSprite: sprite not in list!
[21:23] <Joefish> ah I have only read his blog but haven't compiled or tried to run it yet. I was talking about my project (the immortal). Maybe Drenn will see all those pings and able to help you :P
[21:24] <Joefish> But it's WIP so it's normal to be broken
[21:24] <delacroix> ah ok got you wrong then :)
[21:24] <Joefish> np :)
[21:25] <delacroix> Where can i submit bug reports for that specific fork / branch ? i cannot on drenns github site
[21:26] <Joefish> afaik https://bugs.scummvm.org/ only is for games that hit release status. Your best bet is either pinging Drenn here, drop him an email or ask him to open PRs/bug reports on his fork
[21:27] <delacroix> ok, could you tell me where his blog is at ?
[21:28] <Joefish> normally you find posts on http://planet.scummvm.org/ but there has been some problem with updating his RSS. You can check his blog directly though https://drenn1.github.io/
[21:29] <Joefish> For the time being Arnaud posts Drenn's posts on planet until it correctly updates
[21:31] <delacroix> alright, thanks man. His blog describing his progress is very detailed so far... this is a gem !
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[21:33] <Joefish> sure delacroix. He also has his email on his blog (see About) if you want to drop him a mail about the bug you found
[21:34] <Drenn> joefish: thanks a lot :)
[21:35] <Drenn> I got started pretty early in order to have a solid proposal
[21:35] <Drenn> so I had textboxes working around march
[21:36] <Drenn> in terms of audio, clone2727 had done some work with that beforehand, so I didn't need to spend too much time on it (though it doesn't sound quite the same as in dosbox)
[21:37] <Drenn> delacroix: I wouldn't worry about reporting bugs yet since it's still very much WIP
[21:38] <delacroix> Yo Drenn, absolutely astonishing work so far, judging by them videos on your blog
[21:38] <delacroix> I guess this hardcoded stuff is a real PITA
[21:40] <Drenn> yeah, it kind of is. I'm getting more efficient with it though.
[21:41] <Drenn> however it recently did test my sanity when they had a several-hundred-lines long function, which was just very minor variations of the same code over and over again
[21:42] <delacroix> I had a look at your code. It's very interesting to see what objectives are required for increasing the mission score, though i haven't fully understood it yet. Does startrek use some internal value for the score which is then calculated down to a 0-4 point range ?
[21:43] <Drenn> I don't know yet, actually. That would be handled in the bridge section, which I haven't really looked at yet.
[21:45] <delacroix> I remember in the DEMON mission, i sometimes got 4 points and sometimes 3, but i swear everytime i did the same actions. After looking at the code i guess it had something to do with timers
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[21:48] <Drenn> there are certainly some unintuitive things that can cause score changes. In the second mission, you need to combine some inventory items, and you can miss out on some points if you do it in the wrong room.
[21:48] <Drenn> or maybe one room gave points when it wasn't supposed to. I'm not sure which
[21:49] <delacroix> The second mission is a bit strange in terms of getting full points
[21:50] <delacroix> you have to use the phaser welder on that certain spot on the forcefield to disable it, but you have to beam onto the masada bridge after doing this to get full points
[21:52] <delacroix> i completed both ST25 and STJR with 100 %
[21:53] <delacroix> i think i still have the save files for both, in case you need them for debugging the savepoints sometime
[21:53] <delacroix> scorepoints that is
[21:55] <Drenn> I'll keep that in mind for later, thanks
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[21:56] <delacroix> I guess it's not on your priority list ATM, but do you have a clue about my "delSprite: sprite not in list!" error ?
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[21:56] <Drenn> oh, I'm not sure why, but I sometimes get that too
[21:57] <Drenn> something about the launch configuration I guess?
[21:57] <delacroix> the full output is:
[21:58] <delacroix> IW File: TUG1.iw Stop drawing actor 19 delSprite: sprite not in list!
[22:00] <delacroix> this all happens before any graphics from the game are shown
[22:02] <Drenn> try running it straight from the commandline, ie. "./scummvm st25"
[22:05] <delacroix> nope... maybe my data.001 / TUG1.iw file is corrupted somehow
[22:06] <Drenn> I sort of doubt it. I get similar errors myself sometimes, but sporadically
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[22:14] <delacroix> mh now it says "stop drawing actor 3"
[22:15] <Drenn> I think it might be an issue with uninitialized variables. valgrind is finding some problems
[22:20] <delacroix> Anyway, if you need help for testplaying your fork, my savefiles or anything else concerning st25 and stjr, just hit me up
[22:21] <delacroix> i followed you on github (delacroix0815), but i'll be here too
[22:22] <Drenn> thanks. I've just pushed some changes that might fix the problem you're having, so you can try updating.
[22:23] <Drenn> if you haven't dumped the "voc" directory from the CD, you'll need to do that next or else you'll probably get another error
[22:24] <delacroix> no, its working :)
[22:24] <delacroix> beamed right into the masada's transporter room
[22:24] <Drenn> ah nice
[22:27] <delacroix> damn i have to go to sleep
[22:28] <delacroix> if i don't stop now i never will
[22:28] <Drenn> ha, night
[22:29] <delacroix> lol, thanks for the help. Remember, hit me up if you need anything :) Great work so far !
[22:29] <Drenn> thanks :)
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[23:59] <scummvm-bugs> dafioram created ticket #10566: ZVISION: ZGI: Adding DVD version shows windows engine id (https://bugs.scummvm.org/ticket/10566)
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