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[00:19] <Lestat666> Any one here, I am having a hell of a time trying to get touch controls working on the vita version of scummvm
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[00:20] <Lestat666> any help is greatly appreciated. I have read the faq, scoured google, to no avail.
[00:20] <Lestat666> I am going to go out for a smoke. I will respond when I get back. Shouldn't be too long.
[00:26] <Lestat666> anyone?
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[00:39] <Lestat666> hey there. I was wondering if you could help with with a scumm problem
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[00:56] <Lestat666> anybody?
[01:01] <Lestat666> Is there no one in this IRC Channel??
[01:05] <SupSuper> Lestat666: probably just nobody here can help you right now
[01:05] <SupSuper> you might try the forums or mailing lists as the schedules of people around here are usually very erratic
[01:07] <Lestat666> Hey. Thanks.
[01:08] <Lestat666> You still there?
[01:11] <Lestat666> ?
[01:15] <SupSuper> yes
[01:15] <Lestat666> Cool.
[01:16] <Lestat666> After almost ripping my hair out, I think I may have figured out the issue
[01:16] <Lestat666> With regards to the Vita Build
[01:16] <Lestat666> Have you tried the vita build touch controls before?
[01:17] <SupSuper> no i'm not a dev, sorry
[01:18] <Lestat666> The official version release on the ScummVM site is 2.0.0
[01:18] <Lestat666> Bloody touch controls were not implemented until version 2.1.0
[01:18] <Lestat666> I have been trying to get them to work with the wrong versio n
[01:19] <Lestat666> What I don't understand is, if 2.1.0 is a stable release, why is it only available on github??
[01:19] <Lestat666> and not the official ScummVM website?
[01:22] <Sho_> Lestat666: there's no 2.1.0 release
[01:23] <SupSuper> 2.1.0 is not a stable release
[01:23] <SupSuper> the git version is always ahead of the stable
[01:24] <Lestat666> It is really confusing the way the vita wiki is setup.
[01:25] <Lestat666> Because it has all the touch control instructions, but right above it, it states for version 2.1.0 and above.
[01:26] <Lestat666> However, it also states that all you need is the latest vbk and has a link..... that link downloads 2.0.0....
[01:26] <Sho_> It probably means those were implemented in the development code which will eventually be released as 2.1.0
[01:26] <Lestat666> Hmm... Sho, do you have the ability to update the wiki? I have a suggestion.
[01:27] <SupSuper> i can understand the confusion, probably whoever added them to the wiki should've mentioned that
[01:27] <SupSuper> they're not even in the 2.0 readme
[01:27] <Sho_> Nope sorry, just a ScummVM user
[01:27] <Lestat666> Exactly.
[01:27] <Lestat666> But when you do a google search, you can find a ton of articles talking about the touch controls
[01:29] <Lestat666> What they should do is add a link right above the touch controls instructions and state that you can test them by downloading this experimental build.
[01:29] <Sho_> Lestat666: https://github.com/rsn8887/scummvm/releases/tag/2.1.0git-rsn8887.10 < this, if you trust it, has a vpk of an old patched up dev build from january with the touch scontrols
[01:30] <Lestat666> Thanks. I found that page. After reading that and one other article very thoroughly, that is when it dawned on me that I was using the wrong version.
[01:30] <Sho_> although the nightly build at http://buildbot.scummvm.org/snapshots/master/psp2-master-latest.zip is probably better
[01:31] <Lestat666> A link to that page would be great in the wiki, where I mentioned. They could also put a link to the experimental build in the little box in the top left stating that that is the version with touch controls, but that it is not an official stable release.
[01:32] <Lestat666> at least then it would eliminate any confusion.
[01:32] <Lestat666> You think the latest nightly build would have less bugs than the Jan 24th version?
[01:34] <Lestat666> At the moment the vita seems to be the ideal option.... well, that and android, for playing these old games on the go. I tried playing them on a psp years ago with the directional stick, and it was so painful.
[01:34] <Lestat666> The wii has a nice version of it too, but it is an extremely old build and is no longer supported meaning there are a ton of games that no longer work in it.
[01:35] <Lestat666> that do work in these still supported versions. There is RetroArch on the WiiU for bigscreen support, but the touch controls only work in version 1.7.1.... it stopped working in later releases for some reason
[01:37] <Sho_> Lestat666: I would expect the nightly to be better yeah
[01:37] <Lestat666> I've been researching this crap all day........ at least i bloody figured it out.
[01:37] <Lestat666> Now to test it
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[19:08] <Strangerke> digitall: Awesome!
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