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[00:11] <nutron> eh?
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[03:19] <Kirben> English Amiga version of Inherit the Earth was released on CD with Amiga Future 92 - http://www.amigafuture.de/kb.php?mode=article&k=3925 - if anyone is interested in looking at support.
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[04:24] <DrMcCoy> :(
[04:36] <lewellyn> people still publish amiga magazines with CD? wow.
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[06:39] <Strangerke> hi guys
[06:39] <fuzzie> morning
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[06:39] <DrMcCoy> Strangerke!
[06:39] <DrMcCoy> fuzzie!
[06:39] <DrMcCoy> ajax16384!
[06:41] <fuzzie> don't be so loud at this time of the morning :(
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[06:45] <DrMcCoy> Also, the guy hasn't yet signed the rental agreement, so it's not 100% sure yet
[06:45] <lewellyn> don't call the others too soon then :/
[06:45] <DrMcCoy> Landlord will come this afternoon for the signing
[06:45] <DrMcCoy> I dread it a bit, because I don't get along with his wife :P
[06:46] <Strangerke> lewellyn: It's a friend of DrMcCoy ... It should be safe
[06:46] <DrMcCoy> Yeah
[06:46] <lewellyn> awesome
[06:46] <Strangerke> lewellyn: Else, a friend a DrMcCoy will lose his knees
[06:46] <DrMcCoy> lol
[06:46] <lewellyn> if so, need vids :)
[06:47] <lewellyn> monetize all failure, as then it's no longer failure! :D
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[06:48] <lewellyn> wow. bitchx?
[06:48] <lewellyn> didn't realize people still used it
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[06:49] <DrMcCoy> Apparently :P
[06:49] <lewellyn> it's got just a few security issues which would make me at least change my realname :/
[06:54] <DrMcCoy> lewellyn: Well, there are apparently fixes available
[06:54] <fuzzie> would you trust fixes written by people who care about bitchx?
[06:54] <lewellyn> i know of at least one bug which isn't patched well. but i can't remember how to exploit it anymore.
[06:55] <DrMcCoy> :P
[06:55] <lewellyn> fuzzie: hey! i used to use bitchx!
[06:55] <lewellyn> and poor Endy|AFK. not being here for self-defense. :)
[06:56] <fuzzie> would you have trusted that past self to write security fixes?
[06:56] <DrMcCoy> :D
[06:56] <lewellyn> amusingly, it was in my job description back then :)
[06:56] <lewellyn> (i know, non-answer. shoot me._
[06:57] <fuzzie> i like to think that it was more of a rhetorical question anyway.
[06:58] <fuzzie> although this is perhaps skewed by the fact I don't really trust *anyone* to write security fixes anyway.
[06:58] <fuzzie> the horror.
[06:59] <madmoose> morning all
[07:00] <fuzzie> g'morning madmoose. no more replicant progress?
[07:04] <CIA-21> Bertrand Augereau master * re6162f1 / (5 files in 2 dirs): DREAMWEB: Ported 'fillryan' to C++ - http://git.io/VqaoSQ
[07:04] <madmoose> been busy... :-/
[07:05] <fuzzie> you don't have to justify it!
[07:05] <fuzzie> was just curious.
[07:05] <madmoose> Did do some work on an x86 assembly superset thingy.
[07:05] <fuzzie> oh?
[07:06] <fuzzie> i do actually have dizzy open in a tab somewhere, along with a few hundred other disasm projects
[07:07] <madmoose> My plan is it be able to take in an x86 assembly function (in text form) and execute it. But it's actually a c-like superset so you could slowly convert it into c and execture it and compare with the original.
[07:08] <madmoose> execute*
[07:08] <fuzzie> ah, right. but not using something like libtcc, just some helpful bits on top of x86 asm?
[07:09] <madmoose> so you could pull out like a decompression function, set up the input, and simulate the code. And then slowly lift it to proper c.
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[08:26] <LordHoto> morning
[08:33] <Strangerke> hi LordHoto
[08:37] <ST> Heh. From the Trilobyte website: "Due to the serious technical challenges involved, release of The 11th Hour for iOS has been postponed indefinitely."
[08:40] <Strangerke> "We are waiting fot ST to add support in ScummVM"
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[08:40] <Strangerke> Ha, no, they removed this part ;)
[08:41] <ST> :P
[08:42] <ST> Actually, that would be amusing if their project was to suddenly resume when I get to that stage
[08:42] <Strangerke> Are you still working on it, btw?
[08:42] <friggle> can scummvm be used in iOS releases and still be ok with Apple's appstore policies?
[08:43] <Strangerke> friggle: It is already used
[08:43] <Strangerke> friggle: Check simon the sorcerer for example
[08:43] <ST> Strangerke: I look at it every now and then. Might work something out, but usually unrelated to my current problem
[08:43] <Strangerke> ST: What is your current problem?
[08:44] <ST> Working out how the graphics layers are combined, mostly. Particularly in relation to transparencies
[08:44] <Strangerke> friggle: and that, too: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gobliiins/id394372440?mt=8
[08:44] <friggle> Strangerke: but it could be argued app store distribution is non-compliant with the GPL right?
[08:45] <Strangerke> in these case, it is *now* compliant
[08:46] <friggle> ok
[08:47] <Strangerke> friggle: click on 'more'
[08:47] <Strangerke> "Gobliiins uses ScummVM software protected by GNU GPLv2 license. For more information, please go to http://www.dotemu.com/en/gpl"
[08:47] <Strangerke> and the sources are available there
[08:48] <friggle> yeah, I was thinking of the fuss the FSF made a while back claiming GPL-compatible distribution is impossible due to the app store terms and conditions
[08:48] <wjp> the typical issue with app store distribution is that they add extra restrictions on distribution, which they're not allowed to by the GPL
[08:48] <friggle> but further research shows most people don't follow that argument
[08:48] <fuzzie> apple changed the T&C to allow for overriding the restrictions with your own license
[08:48] <friggle> ah
[08:49] <fuzzie> (they also now allow apps to run their own scripts, which was also an issue for scummvm-type stuff)
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[08:59] <dreammaster> Poor nutron.. never the twain shall meet. :)
[09:01] <Strangerke> dreammaster :) Hi!
[09:01] <dreammaster> G'day :)
[09:02] <dreammaster> Reminds me of the South Park episode 'Grey Dawn'.. the adults can't get up early enough to defeat the old people because they like sleeping in too much. :)
[09:05] <dreammaster> Oh my god... we'reup to 702 comments for the Soltys pull?! Some people must have way too much time on their hands. ;)
[09:05] <LordHoto> dreammaster: yesterday we were at a even higher number
[09:05] <dreammaster> Not that all comments aren't welcome, of course. :)
[09:06] <LordHoto> at 1624 to be precise ;-)
[09:06] <LordHoto> maybe it's related to github moving my comments randomly to a line I never intended to comment upon... bleh I should look in how to file them an issue!
[09:06] <dreammaster> What's with that? There definitely doesn't look like that many. Are they counting the number of lines in the messages or something?
[09:07] <LordHoto> I think some bug...
[09:07] <wjp> LordHoto: the email notifications I got from your comments originally were already at that line
[09:07] <LordHoto> yeah but I reordered them
[09:08] <dreammaster> Thanks for all the review and comments, BTW. There's definitely a lot of room for optimisation now that we have the game ccompletable without any graphic errors.
[09:08] <LordHoto> I got a notification from Max's comment on line 898 which showed line 76 and above too....
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[09:08] <LordHoto> but strangly his comment wasn't moved as far as I can tell
[09:10] Strangerke is currently treating git comment #5. For questions relative to comments #150 and above, please leave a message and come back in a month... *Beep*
[09:13] <LordHoto> wjp: I see Max's comment just doesn't exist anymore...
[09:13] <wjp> hmm
[09:13] <Strangerke> What?
[09:14] <LordHoto> oh well
[09:14] <wjp> it doesn't even list him as participating in the pull request
[09:14] <LordHoto> he probably removed all his comments yesterday
[09:15] <LordHoto> his fork of the scummvm repo doesn't exist anymore either
[09:17] <Strangerke> Rah, why did he do that :(
[09:18] <LordHoto> probably the "incident" on pull request #80, in fact he removed his last comment on it too
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[09:53] <CIA-21> Paul Gilbert master * rad85a25 / (engines/tsage/core.cpp engines/tsage/core.h): TSAGE: Added new walking code for Blue Force that uses flipped horizontal images - http://git.io/lvfiSA
[09:53] <CIA-21> Paul Gilbert master * r9908fa3 / (7 files in 2 dirs): TSAGE: Some cleanup of Blue Force Scene 300, and implementing Scene 190 - http://git.io/bpXEIQ
[09:54] <Strangerke> Hum? A new scene?
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[09:54] Strangerke smells the tastefull odor of TsAGE hardcoded logic..... Yum yum yum
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[09:55] <dreammaster> I'm gradually getting all the new Blue Force stuff done :)
[09:55] <LordHoto> so many _sev's around!
[09:56] <_sev> :)
[09:56] <Strangerke> dreammaster: I'm badly tempted :P
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[09:57] _sev wonders why there are two _sev|w's
[09:57] <_sev|w_> ah
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[09:57] <Strangerke> And they're even answering!
[09:57] <_sev|w> indeed
[09:59] <dreammaster> Still some core stuff left. Implementing scene 190 indicates that there seems to be some changes related to hotspot region definitions, so I"ll have to look into that as well. And I'll implement the 'inside police station' next, which has some more activity, including the first obtainable item and score increments, so I"ll be able to do further tests on the core functionality. :)
[10:01] <Strangerke> very nice :)
[10:05] <LordHoto> !seennick peres
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[10:48] <CIA-21> Paul Gilbert master * redeff6c / (engines/tsage/debugger.cpp engines/tsage/debugger.h):
[10:48] <CIA-21> TSAGE: Added extra debugger command for showing available hotspot regions
[10:48] <CIA-21> This is different from the hotspots command, since that only shows regions explicitly assigned to a hotspot - http://git.io/0KQgXw
[10:48] <CIA-21> Paul Gilbert master * rd43fbc8 / engines/tsage/core.cpp : TSAGE: Fixed problem with NamedHotspot items not getting added to scenes - http://git.io/P2nr_Q
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[11:15] <fuzzie> Ugh, university is full of *students*.
[11:16] <DrMcCoy> fuzzie: Shoot to kill.
[11:16] <fuzzie> If only.
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[11:59] <madmoose> The toll on the enemy is greated if you shoot to cripple.
[11:59] <madmoose> greater*
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[12:28] <CIA-21> Scott Thomas master * r862a4ca / (engines/groovie/roq.cpp engines/groovie/roq.h): GROOVIE: Remove dither code from ROQ - http://git.io/wwjn3g
[12:29] <LordHoto> ST: does that mean the dither code is now not used at all anymore?
[12:31] <ST> I wouldn't have a clue. It strictly wasn't in use in groovie before, but while i was poking around I figured it was worth totally stripping out.
[12:31] <ST> I seem to recall clone mentioned a week or so back that Myst (?) might need it down the track though
[12:33] <CIA-21> Johannes Schickel master * rb92a087 / engines/gob/inter_v6.cpp : GOB: Remove unused include. - http://git.io/M2Eb0A
[12:33] <fuzzie> we have dither code?
[12:33] <ST> Search of the code seems to imply it's not referenced anywhere else anymore
[12:33] <LordHoto> nope it isn't
[12:34] <fuzzie> well, cstime needs some dithering for the movies, ideally
[12:34] <fuzzie> but i think it has to match quicktime's dithering algorithm for it to look acceptable
[12:34] <LordHoto> fuzzie: yes DrMcCoy implemented it for Urban Runner before we had more than 8bpp output
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[12:35] <LordHoto> fuzzie: in that case (and unless DrMcCoy wants to support 8bpp output in UR again) we should think of stripping it
[12:35] <fuzzie> yes, i was just panicedly wondering if i wanted it :)
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[12:36] <fuzzie> but in any case a removal can always be reverted
[12:36] <LordHoto> DrMcCoy: ping! any idea about this?
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[12:47] <ST> What's the convention for new game ports in the NEWS file? *cough*T7G iOS*/cough*?
[12:47] <ST> *game versions
[12:48] <fuzzie> i would think something along the lines of "- Added support for the Macintosh version of The 7th Guest.", looking at it.
[12:50] <fuzzie> not sure it's worth worrying about :)
[12:52] <ST> Not worth worrying on the convention, or not worth putting in the NEWS? ;) :P
[12:52] <Strangerke> no, put it in the news
[12:54] <fuzzie> Strangerke: phft! only very important wide-ranging major improvements like "- Changed behavior of items menu. Now it shows up on mouse up." belong in our NEWS file
[12:55] <ST> :D
[12:56] <Strangerke> :P
[12:57] <lewellyn> oh. mouse. that reminds me that i need to see if i can duplicate the wince issue elsewhere.
[12:57] <lewellyn> how hard is it to compile on ce again? ;)
[12:58] <fuzzie> well, go find out!
[13:00] ST waits for rebase...
[13:01] <LordHoto> rebasing is evil!
[13:02] <ST> Was your commit in the way too :P
[13:02] <CIA-21> Scott Thomas master * r1d412ff / NEWS : NEWS: Mention T7G iOS support - http://git.io/pvMFRw
[13:02] <ST> Actually, on that note, git is evil. Or at the very least, confusing
[13:02] <LordHoto> in fact rebasing of a few commits, which is usually the only thing you want to do, when rebasing commits on a new commit, should be rather fast!
[13:03] <lewellyn> fuzzie: i failed last time. but i want to compile it on x86 so i can put up a virtual machine for people to see wtf i mean :)
[13:03] <ST> LordHoto: Fast if you know how to action it :P
[13:03] ST is too used to hg now
[13:04] <LordHoto> in that case probably "git pull --rebase origin master" ;-)
[13:04] <-- dreammaster left irc: Quit: Leaving for the day
[13:05] <ST> LordHoto: FWIW, clone says he's not interested in that dithering code for Myst either
[13:06] <LordHoto> I solely wait for McCoy to answer anyway :-P
[13:07] <fuzzie> i still haven't managed to get around my head around the hg workflow
[13:07] <LordHoto> luckily I didn't have to look into hg much yet :-P
[13:07] <wjp> hg doesn't seem to make much sense to me
[13:08] <wjp> most people I know using it seem enthusiastic about the 'queues' concept, though
[13:08] <fuzzie> the documentation seems to pretty much go "local branches? we have queues. um. look behind you, a three-headed monkey!"
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[13:08] <fuzzie> yes, that :p
[13:08] <lewellyn> heh. git doesn't make sense to me :/
[13:08] <wjp> fuzzie: that's a pretty apt description of queues, I think :-)
[13:08] <fuzzie> git is delightfully simple to understand as long as you don't care about the version control bits
[13:10] <-- Kirben left irc:
[13:11] <wjp> you just need to understand the concept of a tree and a commit and you understand git :-)
[13:12] <fuzzie> and hg isn't too fundementally different in concept either
[13:12] <ST> I understand the 'what' of git. It's the 'how' continues to prove elusive though... ;)
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[13:12] <ST> clonez!
[13:12] <lewellyn> i understand git enough that i fubar my repos often :/
[13:13] <lewellyn> ST: pretty much
[13:13] <lewellyn> hg works more like an incremental upgrade of rcs->cvs->svn->hg for most users to adapt to.
[13:13] <clone2727> STz! Long time no see!
[13:13] <ST> Yes... Perhaps 3 minutes?
[13:13] --> Zorky joined #scummvm.
[13:14] <LordHoto> lewellyn: I hadn't too much troubles with the cvs->svn->git switch actually
[13:15] <lewellyn> LordHoto: yeah. i think whatever you switch to between hg/git makes it harder to adopt the other ;)
[13:15] <fuzzie> i think everyone who was using git-svn anyway is probably disqualified due to being a nerd
[13:15] <LordHoto> damn now I'm disauqlified!
[13:15] <LordHoto> disqualified even
[13:16] <Strangerke> ... You mean... I'm not disqualified?
[13:16] <clone2727> disauqlified works too!
[13:16] <-- Zorky|2 left irc: Ping timeout: 260 seconds
[13:17] <lewellyn> i played with hgsvn for a bit :)
[13:18] <lewellyn> fuzzie: btw, i see no monkeys on http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/LocalbranchExtension
[13:18] <fuzzie> lewellyn: well, duh, they're behind you!
[13:18] <lewellyn> improbable! i only have pillows behind me :D
[13:19] <fuzzie> i guess it is also the case that anyone who isn't coding horrible C++ projects is automatically disqualified from having an opinion
[13:19] <LordHoto> "This extension provides a new command lbranch, with which you can create and manage in-repository clones. One advantage these have over regular clones is that they share a working directory, so they are cheaper to create." <- wait you need an extension for that in hg?
[13:20] <fuzzie> LordHoto: hg core has 'bookmarks' now
[13:20] <lewellyn> LordHoto: most of hg is extensions
[13:20] <LordHoto> aha
[13:21] <LordHoto> fuzzie: oh well, nothing to worry about, in fact I couldn't care less about hg ;-)
[13:21] <fuzzie> well, people occasionally insist on using it
[13:21] <fuzzie> for example metasm is in hg
[13:21] <LordHoto> fuzzie: (means I refrain from asking what a bookmark is right now)
[13:21] <fuzzie> although at least google code displays SHA1s for hg stuff
[13:22] <LordHoto> fuzzie: I never heard about metasm before, but it says it's written in Ruby, so nothing to look into too ;-)
[13:23] <fuzzie> yeah :(
[13:23] <lewellyn> there's magical ways to use hg<->git, so it really ought not matter much what the dev wants to use :)
[13:23] <fuzzie> there's also a sort of similar thing in python!
[13:23] <lewellyn> (aside from the fact that git has some issues which i'm too tired to elaborate upon at this hour)
[13:23] <fuzzie> because what computationally-expensive binary analysis needs the most is to be implemented in a scripting language
[13:23] <LordHoto> fuzzie: that's getting better, slightly only though
[13:24] <ST> lewellyn: I tried that back when we only had the test git repo - I decided our repo is a little large for it to work efficiently :P
[13:25] <lewellyn> ST: there are some HUGE projects available via both hg and git.
[13:25] <lewellyn> illumos comes to mind, with its "go watch a movie" checkout time with either :/
[13:25] <ST> Perhaps I was arguing with it wrong. Was just _very_ slow before crashing for me :P
[13:27] <friggle> fuzzie: how do you find metasm?
[13:27] <lewellyn> it seems to work better if you have an hg repo and mirror it off to git, though.
[13:27] <lewellyn> git can "lose" information that confuses hg.
[13:28] <fuzzie> friggle: useless for my purposes, i think, so i can only say 'interesting-looking'
[13:30] <friggle> fuzzie: does it let you do any renaming of locations etc like IDA?
[13:31] <fuzzie> friggle: yes
[13:31] <fuzzie> but the GUI is clearly not the primary goal of it
[13:32] <fuzzie> just a convenient shell to do renaming/navigation while you're prodding at it using ruby commands
[13:32] <fuzzie> but if anyone knows much about it here, i would be interested to know if i am missing the obvious..
[13:32] <friggle> I see. Radare seems similar in that respect, but it doesn't seem to have a standard GUI at all right now
[13:32] <LordHoto> fuzzie: ouch, that sounds very annoying :-P
[13:33] <LordHoto> fuzzie: but on the other hand some people might claim it's intuitive to use then!
[13:33] <fuzzie> mostly i think their internal design is a mistake for doing many cool things
[13:33] <fuzzie> and i forget why i ignored radare but i think it might be written in vala
[13:34] <-- Zorky left irc: Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia http://www.kvirc.net/
[13:35] <friggle> I think it just has Vala bindings, maybe a frontend written in vala
[13:36] --> Zorky joined #scummvm.
[13:37] <-- Zorky left irc: Client Quit
[13:40] <fuzzie> right, but the rest of it i looked at is C wrappers around buggy GNU toolchain bits
[13:40] <fuzzie> possibly i simply looked at the wrong bits though
[13:40] --> Zorky joined #scummvm.
[13:41] <fuzzie> but i'm not sure it would be so well suited to a fancy standard single GUI given how they are trying to make it modular
[13:51] --> LordHoto_ joined #scummvm.
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[13:52] Nick change: LordHoto_ -> LordHoto
[14:16] <CIA-21> Bertrand Augereau master * r3bcc4ce / (6 files in 2 dirs): DREAMWEB: 'useroutine' ported to C++ - http://git.io/MhKjKA
[14:43] <-- Dominus left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[14:43] --> Dominus1 joined #scummvm.
[14:45] <DrMcCoy> LordHoto: Butbutbut...the dithering code is my baby!
[14:46] <DrMcCoy> LordHoto: Anyway, sure, remove it, it's useless :P
[14:47] LordHoto notes down "DrMcCoy's baby is useless, remove it"
[14:47] <DrMcCoy> :(
[14:48] clone2727 wonders who the mother is
[14:48] <DrMcCoy> Yo momma
[14:48] <clone2727> Ugh. That means DrMcCoy is my stepfather. Or something
[14:48] <DrMcCoy> lol
[14:53] <CIA-21> Johannes Schickel master * rd9d366d / (graphics/module.mk graphics/dither.cpp graphics/dither.h):
[14:53] <CIA-21> GRAPHICS: Remove dithering code.
[14:53] <CIA-21> The code is not used anymore and neither the Mohawk developers, who expressed
[14:53] <CIA-21> that they might need dithering for some games, nor DrMcCoy, who wrote it, need
[14:53] <CIA-21> this code anymore.
[14:53] <CIA-21> In the worst case if anyone needs it again, we can revert this commit. - http://git.io/MMJv_Q
[14:58] clone2727 expects a DrMcCoy blog post about this :P
[14:59] <DrMcCoy> ...
[14:59] <DrMcCoy> I know, my blog is kinda...sparse
[14:59] <DrMcCoy> I probably should have written about Urban Runner support
[14:59] <LordHoto> just post some Geisha pics!
[15:00] <DrMcCoy> And I could have written about the bit of Addy progress I made a while back
[15:00] <DrMcCoy> And I could write about Geisha
[15:00] <DrMcCoy> But...meh
[15:00] <DrMcCoy> I don't feel like writing a blog post
[15:01] <clone2727> Because DrMcCoy is too busy coding Geisha!
[15:01] <DrMcCoy> lol
[15:01] <LordHoto> s/coding/playing/
[15:01] <DrMcCoy> Right now, I'm too busy reading a funny blog about bad dates
[15:01] <DrMcCoy> As pathetic as that sounds
[15:03] <clone2727> DrMcCoy: How's the dive game going? :P
[15:03] <LordHoto> that sounds like Geisha must be really boring ;-P
[15:04] <DrMcCoy> LordHoto: Of course it is. It's a puzzle game with the occasional nudie picture thrown it
[15:04] <LordHoto> I bet in the US clone2727 wouldn't be allowed to play the game yet!
[15:04] <DrMcCoy> clone2727: Meh, I did progress a bit, but I've been a bit meh the last day
[15:06] <DrMcCoy> clone2727: Also doesn't help that I can't get the original to work. Not in DOSBox, not in the Windoze I have running in a VM
[15:06] <clone2727> DrMcCoy: FreeDOS!
[15:07] <DrMcCoy> clone2727: The YouTube "Let's Play" doesn't really show you how the controls are supposed to go. And the ingame "help text" is...confusing, to say the least
[15:07] <LordHoto> DrMcCoy: is that help text in french?
[15:07] <DrMcCoy> LordHoto: It might as well be
[15:07] <DrMcCoy> Or Klingon, for that matter
[15:07] <LordHoto> :-D
[15:08] --> klerik_ joined #scummvm.
[15:08] <clone2727> No, DrMcCoy would be able to read the Klingon :P
[15:14] <-- ajax16384 left irc: Quit: i am quit
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[16:31] <_sev> fuzzie: here?
[16:33] <fuzzie> semi-here :)
[16:35] <_sev> fuzzie: bunch of Living Books are in AppStore
[16:35] <_sev> just got green eggs, not using ScummVM, and the engine seems to be completely different
[16:35] <_sev> bunch of .png and .nib files
[16:35] <-- lubyou left irc: Excess Flood
[16:35] <fuzzie> those are just for the front-end
[16:35] <_sev> so probably it is just the game media which is used in there
[16:36] <fuzzie> but you think it's *all* like that?
[16:36] <_sev> ..and AudioAndGraphics.blob
[16:36] <fuzzie> ah :)
[16:36] <_sev> no idea. Each costs $1.99 :)
[16:36] --> lubyou joined #scummvm.
[16:37] <fuzzie> ah, maybe not the LB ones then
[16:38] --> jackster joined #scummvm.
[16:39] <fuzzie> at least, last time i looked the LB for both iPad+OS X was more expensive
[16:39] <_sev> yes. they're on a discount now
[16:40] <fuzzie> well, i remember there being cheaper non-LB stuff
[16:40] <_sev> I can buy some more if you're interested
[16:40] <fuzzie> but, i can't take a look right now!
[16:41] <fuzzie> will do so later
[16:47] --> _marc` joined #scummvm.
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[19:42] <salty-bot> [kom] salty-horse pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/Om_FIQ
[19:42] <salty-bot> [kom/master] Report writeText() rect only if it's on the screen buffer - Ori Avtalion
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[20:09] <CIA-21> Bertrand Augereau master * rb94cce6 / (6 files in 2 dirs): DREAMWEB: 'hangon' and 'hangonp' ported to C++ - http://git.io/5piq-g
[20:10] <nutron> omg! You all chat at 4am! You must all be in Europe.
[20:10] --> ChickeNES joined #scummvm.
[20:12] <fuzzie> largely :p
[20:12] <fuzzie> also, students ;)
[20:13] <digitall> Speak for yourself! :P
[20:13] <nutron> :o
[20:13] <fuzzie> ok, also crazy UKians who are awake all night *without* being students :P
[20:14] <nutron> heh
[20:15] --> ny00123 joined #scummvm.
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[20:17] <digitall> I'm not crazy... I'm neuro-diverse :-)
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[20:25] <Longcat> it's 10:30 here
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[21:10] <LordHoto> pfff
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[21:14] <digitall> LordHoto: He said bb;l
[21:14] <LordHoto> it's 11 minutes later already
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[22:59] <nutron> heh
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[23:46] <CIA-21> Littleboy master * reda43c2 / devtools/create_project/create_project.cpp : CREATE_PROJECT: Disable XCode support by default - http://git.io/hZCXBg
[23:46] <CIA-21> Littleboy master * r7cfed73 / (10 files):
[23:46] <CIA-21> CREATE_PROJECT: Add support for creating Visual Studio projects for the dev tools
[23:46] <CIA-21> - Move project name and description to BuildSetup structure
[23:46] <CIA-21> - Add list of tools to generate project for (similar to the list of features) - http://git.io/9pNovw
[23:46] <CIA-21> Littleboy master * rd7963bf / (3 files in 3 dirs): DIST: Add support for new -tools switch to MSVC batch files - http://git.io/fJ3ECA
[23:46] <CIA-21> Littleboy master * r181d317 / (22 files in 11 dirs): DEVTOOLS: Remove obsolete Visual Studio project files - http://git.io/10BYZQ
[23:46] <CIA-21> Littleboy master * r230d17e / devtools/create_project/create_project.cpp : CREATE_PROJECT: Document the --tools switch in the inline help - http://git.io/LkwOjQ
[23:57] <nutron> top
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