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[20:05] <Lightkey> "We are always thrilled to explore new ways to bring our community closer together. Today, we are proud to annouce our next step in this journey - we are now present on Discord!" what a farce, who is this we that he is referring to? there was no discussion about it beforehand, not even a proofreading as is the norm, evident by the typo, who thought it was a good idea to give rootfather commit access? how is
[20:05] <Lightkey> dividing the community bringing it closer together? that would only make sense if it was an announcement for a bridge between IRC and Discord, now that it's there..
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[20:35] <criezy> Lightkey: I am sorry you don't like the news.
[20:35] <criezy> We did note Deledrius and your objections on IRC a few weeks ago.
[20:35] <criezy> But we also add some positive feedback from others and after some more discussion we decided to give it a go as we think some people are reluctant to join IRC but might join on Discord.
[20:36] <criezy> And rootfather did not decide this on his own.
[20:41] <Lightkey> what? we only reacted to it *after* it was opened, someone had already decided it somewhere for them, not anywhere public though, where the team could have given their opinion on it
[20:41] <criezy> yes, you reacted after it was opened, but before we decided to communicate about it outside of IRC
[20:42] <criezy> (and I am not sure how it was decided to open it, as I learned the same as you, about it after the fact)
[20:43] <criezy> wrong word order :-(
[20:43] <criezy> *as I leanred about it the same as you, ...
[20:44] <SupSuper> i haven't seen anyone leave irc for discord
[20:51] <SupSuper> and rootfather did ask people to double-check his announcement, clearly a typo was missed
[20:51] <Lightkey> ..where?
[20:51] <Lightkey> same as what criezy said, where did that "we" discuss this? I have not seen anyone with a green dot state their opinion on this
[20:55] <criezy> There was some discussion on discord as well.
[20:56] <Lightkey> ...
[20:56] <Lightkey> way to make my point
[20:57] <Lightkey> so the divide already happened before it was even made official
[21:05] <criezy> Listen, I am not going to argue with you. The project is not a democratie and in the end the project owner takes the decision.
[21:05] <criezy> In this instance sev gave the green light to rootfather for posting a news about it. But before that he did ask you on IRC why you were opposed to discord (and you replied).
[21:06] <criezy> Some people are happy about the decision, and others are not. But you would be hard pressed to find any decision that makes everybody happy.
[21:13] <Lightkey> I would be hard-pressed to find any decision that everybody had a say in it, true
[21:14] <Lightkey> because, as you say, nobody of the team was asked beforehand
[21:16] <Lightkey> (except those who were already on Discord, apparently)
[21:19] <Lightkey> usually, this is what the mailinglist is meant for, I appreciate that it has been rather dead lately but it should not just be ignored or there is no point in keeping it
[21:21] Action: Deledrius sighs
[21:37] <-- <Strangerke> left IRC... It's just yet another communication method
[21:38] <Strangerke> and it looks much more attracting to people than the Slack channel
[21:38] <Strangerke> or maybe the slack channel was only used for a couple of GSoC student, now I have a doubt
[21:41] <criezy> Yes I think it was only used by a few GSoC students to discuss with their mentor.
[21:41] <criezy> At least I am not aware there ever was a general scummvm slack channel.
[21:43] <Strangerke> Very convenient way to contact dreammaster during work hours, if you want my opinion ;)
[21:45] <SupSuper> slack isn't very appealing to communities since it requires individual registrations
[21:45] <SupSuper> but true, it camouflages much better in a work pc :p
[21:49] <Strangerke> I'm more interested by the phone version, but yes
[21:50] <Strangerke> Anyway, I have been using IRC since 1992, I don't plan to leave it ;)
[21:51] <SupSuper> the discord app is... meh :p it works
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[21:55] <Strangerke> bah, it's like slack
[21:55] <Strangerke> an mix between IRC and a wall
[21:56] <criezy> That reminds me we could have ended up using discord at work because a manager misheard when somebody mentioned discourse.
[21:56] <criezy> Maybe I can still convince her she heard correctly :-P
[21:56] <Strangerke> Could be worse... You could be using MS Teams...
[21:57] <SupSuper> *shudders*
[21:57] <SupSuper> Teams: at least it's not skype for business! but they're trying...
[22:00] <Strangerke> well, Skype looks profesional compared to Teams
[22:00] <Strangerke> for example, there are extremely useful features, like "copy to clipboard"
[22:01] <Strangerke> in Teams, it's more like "Put random shit in the clipboard. Never mind my selection, just put anything you want"
[22:04] <SupSuper> i'd consider "receiving messages" an extremely useful feature, yet skype for business (not to be confused with skype, don't ask) doesn't agree
[22:04] <SupSuper> they may arrive immediately. or hours later. or in your mail. or they just got swallowed by a black hole somewhere
[22:05] <Strangerke> Did I already mention today how much I love Microsoft and their products?
[22:05] <criezy> Receiving messages is about the only thing that works for us.
[22:05] <criezy> Half of my team was migrated to Windows 10 and Skype for business while the rest of us are still on Windows 7 and Lync.
[22:05] <criezy> So I have experienced first hand the interoperability limitations between the two. We can send messages to each others and that's about it...
[22:10] <SupSuper> don't worry, it interoperates with teams as well! ...i've never seen it work
[22:13] <criezy> I wonder why GOG have included things like Another World.conf, Broken Sword.conf, and I Have No Mouth.conf in the Kingdom installation.
[22:14] <criezy> And where the hell did they hide the game data files in the mac bundle?
[22:15] <criezy> Oh, there is a bundle inside a bundle inside a bundle. Fun!
[22:17] <Strangerke> the Mac version won't work out of the box
[22:17] <Strangerke> it's using Quicktime
[22:17] <criezy> You mean the original mac version? There was one?
[22:17] <Strangerke> so it's using it for the videos, then it uses it to keep the last frame in a buffer
[22:17] <criezy> The GOG mac version is actually the DOS version bundled with DosBox.
[22:18] <Strangerke> https://www.mobygames.com/game/kingdom-the-far-reaches
[22:18] <SupSuper> criezy: they're not in the windows version, so i'm guessing some ctrl+c ctrl+v mistake
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