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[00:32] <GitHub46> [scummvm] dreammaster opened pull request #1177: XEEN: Add an optional param to CD playback to specify sound type (master...cdvoice) https://git.io/vpgn5
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[00:41] <tsoliman> dreammaster: yay!
[00:42] <dreammaster> Yeh. It's been a long time coming :)
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[00:44] <tsoliman> why xeen.ccs and not xeen.dat? also, why do most games have .dat and games have their engine-data files be ... not .dat?
[00:45] <tsoliman> just curious
[00:45] <dreammaster> Because in the case of the Xeen games, the main game executable is actually disguised by calling it xeen.dat. And I didn't want to confuse people about whether they had the proper data file or not
[00:45] <dreammaster> The data files all have .cc, so I figured .ccs for a CC ScummVM would be an acceptable compromise.
[00:47] <tsoliman> nice!
[00:48] <tsoliman> it's odd that you recommended they copy it into the game folder instead of into some extras folder (or something else on the path manager)
[00:48] <dreammaster> Still need someone's assistance to deploy the news article I committed to the website. Oh, and thanks bgK for updating the credits.
[00:48] <tsoliman> won't it ever get updated in the future?
[00:49] <dreammaster> I wasn't sure about that, agreed, but from past experience, it's easier to explain to end users than for them to fiddle around with the paths in the launcher.
[00:50] <dreammaster> Plus, of course, for a production release the data file will be embedded in the ScummVM executable anyway
[00:50] <tsoliman> yep or at least distributed in a path somewhere
[00:51] <tsoliman> I've never played the Xeen games ... I have the GOG version ... I have attempted to aquire the CD ones but the rule of "ebay and scummvm support" kicks in
[00:51] <tsoliman> the rule being .. a game enters the repo, it's price doubles .. a game enters "testing" .. its price doubles again
[00:51] <tsoliman> (I suspect others are buying it and driving up the demand rather than some thing malicious)
[00:52] <dreammaster> Well, thankfully, the GOG version of World of Xeen comes with the CD talkie version these days. Though, somewhat confusingly, it isn't the "default" game.. the non-talkie version is. You actually have to go the Extras menu of the game in GOG Galaxy to launch the talkie version
[00:53] <dreammaster> Or hunt down the extra "Full Talkie" shortcut in your start menu
[00:53] <tsoliman> hah!
[00:53] <tsoliman> it is only 246M?
[00:54] <tsoliman> or am I looking at the wrong dir
[00:55] <dreammaster> Sounds about right. The game installation comes with the 2 CD ISO images of the talkie as game1.gog and game2.gog, as well as the MUSIC folder, which contains ogg encoded ripped copies of all the audio tracks
[00:56] <tsoliman> wow .. ok
[00:56] <tsoliman> the MUSIC is actually SPEECH it seems?
[00:57] <dreammaster> Right. Hence my earlier pull request. I figured better to get others' input on it before I merge it in, since it touches core code
[00:58] <tsoliman> I was kind of hoping for digital music :(
[00:58] <dreammaster> We don't want users reducing the voice volume when they try to reduce the music volume. Particularly since music still plays in the background when voice playback is done
[00:59] <tsoliman> I run into a similar problem in SCI32 with my digital-music-enhancements ... the engine doesn't say "this is actually music" .. so it results in the opposite problem (the digital music is controlled by the "voice" volume)
[01:00] <tsoliman> (QFG4 was made with midi music but doesn't mind that I put a WAV file with the same resource number)
[01:01] <tsoliman> I am still stuck on Titanic btw .. you're adding games faster than I can play them .. thank you for your work! :)
[01:02] <dreammaster> That's sort of something I still need to do for Xeen, actually. The Sound Driver has intermingled logic for music and SFX, and I need to set it up so that each has an independant volume, controlled by the ScummVM SFX/Music sliders
[01:02] <tsoliman> SCI32 is much harder (I guess?) because it is all script-controlled ... what is xeen like?
[01:02] <dreammaster> You're welcome. :)
[01:03] <dreammaster> I'll be glad when testing is over for this, and it's finally stable. I'll have a chance to finally play some games without feeling guilty about any game still being pending. Then maybe work on some Xanth/Gateway and or Ultima games later in the year
[01:03] <tsoliman> speaking of Legend .. I see GOG is adding a bunch of them already
[01:04] <tsoliman> hopefully they will add Xanth
[01:05] <tsoliman> https://www.gog.com/games?devpub=legend_entertainment
[01:05] <dreammaster> Xeen uses a sound driver with a stream of data representing various sfx or music commands. Which has extra data such as MIDI instruments for sound card types that can handle it. Luckily, Sfx/music state is selected at the start, so I should be able to differentiate when the volume changer method is called
[01:05] <dreammaster> Yes, I've grabbed them as they appeared, just in case they later take them down due to any kind of licensing disagreements.
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[01:05] <tsoliman> good call
[01:06] <dreammaster> I wonder if they'd have access to any of the games' source and be willing to share..
[01:06] <tsoliman> I seem to have 2 sets of "Fallout" games because when they readd them after the license problems are solved, they are "different"
[01:07] <dreammaster> Heh. That's one of the better known duplicates
[01:07] <tsoliman> speaking of licensing causing stuff to be pulled .. https://www.polygon.com/2018/4/27/17292836/gta-4-soundtrack-removed-song-list-patch
[01:07] <tsoliman> I am not a fan of what the world has become :(
[01:08] <tsoliman> I understand games being pulled from sale and readded without songs (e.g. Mafia) .. but existing owners getting an updated "stripped" version is .. :(
[01:09] <dreammaster> Me either to a degree. I've had Fallout 4, gotten during one of the sales at a moderate discount, for nearly a year now. Still got to get around to playing it. ;)
[01:11] <tsoliman> so I have to dump the CDs from the GOG release to get the "talkie" version in ScummVM?
[01:12] <tsoliman> (I am going off of the fact that the CD title screen should have had a CD in it)
[01:12] <dreammaster> Yes, I put instructions in the M&M 3.15 section (I think it was) of the README. Basically, mount game1.gog to get the .cc files, and copy and rename the MUSIC/xeen oggs to track oggs
[01:14] <tsoliman> **blink** .. game1.gog isn't an iso file ?
[01:14] <dreammaster> Isn't it? I was able to mount it with Virtual CloneDrive
[01:14] <tsoliman> hmm .. let me try that
[01:15] <dreammaster> GOG always names CD ISO's as .gog, even for other games, AFAIK
[01:16] <tsoliman> right
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[01:28] <tsoliman> so coulds+darkside = world .. and then swords is a separate game that is also supported??
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[01:30] <dreammaster> Right. Originally fan produced, but they then got some help from New World Computing, and had an official release
[01:31] <dreammaster> So it's considered non-canon to the storyline, if you're into that kind of thing.
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[01:33] <dreammaster> It has a whole bunch of hacks to the original Dark side executable to support some extra "legendary" weapons, plus a new menu/death/endgame screen. Which took an annoying amount of effort to be properly identified and supported in the scummVM engine.
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[01:35] <tsoliman> apparently GOG updated a whole bunch of games to use the new ScummVM release (and updated the SCI32 games to use ScummVM instead of dosbox) .. what that means is that now to re-download the 2 Xeen Games, I have to wait forever :)
[01:36] <dreammaster> Bwah hah hah.. ScummVM gradually extends it's grasp. Now, only Quest for Glory remains :)
[01:36] <tsoliman> (I use galaxy .. but not often enough apparently)
[01:37] <tsoliman> it is a PITA to test
[01:37] <tsoliman> I cannot imagine what Xeen was like
[01:38] <tsoliman> in QFG4 .. I can't even get a full playthrough to test my musical enhancements :(
[01:39] <dreammaster> QFG4 is probably why that's the one series they didn't update yet, even though the earlier games are supported
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[01:40] <tsoliman> Steam should also update away from the older ScummVM version that has the windows 10 mouse bug
[01:40] <tsoliman> (I don't have windows 10 .. and I don't tend to run release versions anyway)
[01:41] <dreammaster> Ditto. On both counts
[01:41] <dreammaster> At least, not on my main home development system; it's still 8.1
[01:41] <tsoliman> I no longer build-my-own on windows though .. I did for a while using mingw
[01:41] <tsoliman> I am on 7 on my "gaming PC"
[01:42] <tsoliman> I upgraded away from XP in 2013 .. so .. I am kind of slow to upgrade
[01:43] <tsoliman> windows 10 seems to be doing the macOS (10) thing of having several releases that have major changes that are all called "10"
[01:43] <dreammaster> Well, considering the Windows 10 mouse problems, I'm not that much in a hurry either.
[01:44] <tsoliman> those are fixed in 2.0 I thought
[01:44] <dreammaster> Come to that, I still hold out some hope for ResidualVM one day supporting Discworld Noir, just so I can play it again on a modern system
[01:44] <dreammaster> Well, yeh, just as an example that Windows 10 has had it's share of problems
[01:44] <tsoliman> in XP I could play it but not Discworld 2
[01:44] <tsoliman> until ScummVM supported it
[01:45] <dreammaster> That series was one of the more interesting ones to work on. Not just because it was a famous series, but that the original engine used threads, and we had to simulate them using a custom coroutines implementation.
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[01:55] <GitHub55> [scummvm] dreammaster pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vpglK
[01:55] <GitHub55> scummvm/master db1c506 Paul Gilbert: TITANIC: Hopefully fix Release mode crash when selecting floors manually
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[01:55] <tsoliman> ok so this is very weird .. it is not a proper ISO.. it mounts with that software on windows but not on mac (renamed to ISO) like all the other *.GOG files
[01:55] <tsoliman> dosbox is ok with mounting it as well it seems
[01:56] <tsoliman> but but `file` doesn't see it as an ISO either (meaning it is probably missing the header)
[01:59] <dreammaster> Maybe it's a CUE file. Not sure if it's helpful, but I do know that DosBox actually mountains the "GAME1.INST" & "GAME2.INST" files rather than the .GOG files directly. Maybe they have the header? I'm afraid I'm not really familiar with the various CD image formats
[02:00] <tsoliman> ah .. the INST file is the thing
[02:00] <tsoliman> the INST file is the CUE
[02:01] <tsoliman> and the GOG file is the BIN
[02:01] <tsoliman> now it makes sense
[02:01] <dreammaster> Ah. Everythings cool then, good
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[02:01] <tsoliman> the readme needs a once-over anyway .. :) "The game1.ogg"
[02:03] <dreammaster> Whoops. I should update that in my pull request, since I made changes to the REAMDE there at the same time.
[02:03] <tsoliman> can you also note that GOG is BIN and INST is CUE?
[02:04] <tsoliman> "Linux and macOS users can use bchunk to convert it to an ISO"
[02:04] <dreammaster> Good idea
[02:08] <tsoliman> did I mess up or are the contents of CD1 and CD2 identical (cc-file-wise)
[02:14] <dreammaster> Right, you don't need to worry about the second CD
[02:14] <tsoliman> also .. while you're updating that readme, the tracks should start with 01
[02:14] <tsoliman> (right?)
[02:14] <tsoliman> even though the existing files start with 02
[02:15] <dreammaster> Well, no, I haven't ripped from original discs, but if it's similar to other games, the first CD track is the data, so the audio tracks start from track 2
[02:15] <dreammaster> That matches the track numbers the scripts all use, so I figured better to leave it like GOG has, starting at 2
[02:15] <tsoliman> right .. but scummvm expects track01.ogg for the actual second CD track right?
[02:15] <tsoliman> oh
[02:16] <tsoliman> that might not be consistent with the other engines?
[02:17] <tsoliman> SCUMM, SIMON, TINSEL, etc
[02:17] <dreammaster> I don't think so.. does it? The tavern patron speeches use fragments of track #2 (according to the scripts), and the ogg files start at track02.ogg, and the playback is correct. If it wasn't, it would have complained that track01.ogg was missing if I tried playing track 2
[02:17] <tsoliman> I mean - I think what you did makes sense
[02:18] <tsoliman> but take a look at the other engines .. they all start with track01.ogg AFAIK ..
[02:18] <dreammaster> Unless those games are internally decrementing track numbers just so the track audio files can start at 1
[02:18] <tsoliman> hmm .. some games are doing the track01.ogg as a zero length file :(
[02:18] <tsoliman> I am obviously out of my league :)
[02:19] <dreammaster> Anyone familiar with this, feel free to chime in either here on in the pull request
[02:25] <tsoliman> do you mind if I add the "CD" tag to the extra info field in the detection table?
[02:26] <dreammaster> Sure, good idea again, go ahead
[02:26] <scummvm-bugs> dafioram closed ticket #10493: TITANIC: Game crash when choosing floor in elevator (https://bugs.scummvm.org/ticket/10493)
[02:27] <dreammaster> \o/
[02:28] <scummvm-bugs> dafioram closed ticket #10442: TITANIC: Game crashes on Floor 38 (https://bugs.scummvm.org/ticket/10442)
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[02:29] <GitHub59> [scummvm] tsoliman pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vpg89
[02:29] <GitHub59> scummvm/master c45203d Tarek Soliman: XEEN: Add CD tag to detection entry
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[02:30] <GitHub33> [scummvm] dreammaster pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vpg8x
[02:30] <GitHub33> scummvm/master 4743ec4 Paul Gilbert: TITANIC: News entry for Titanic floor selection fix
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[02:32] <tsoliman> yay the CD version works
[02:32] <tsoliman> and (very quiet) speech .. hence the PR
[02:35] <dreammaster> Yeppo. Though, even with the PR, a proper WOX talkie experience won't be had until I properly hook up the SFX & Music volumes to the ScummVM sliders. Hopefully won't take too long. I just didn't think it was worth delaying the testing announcement further over
[02:37] <dreammaster> Getting kinda late for me, so I'll say goodnight
[02:37] <tsoliman> I like the quality of life improvement
[02:37] <tsoliman> good night and thanks again :)
[02:37] <dreammaster> And thanks likewise for the constructive suggestions
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[02:38] <travis-ci> scummvm/scummvm#6231 (master - c45203d : Tarek Soliman): The build has errored.
[02:38] <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/compare/db1c506ee53e...c45203d4fdde
[02:38] <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/scummvm/scummvm/builds/374228318
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[04:32] <tsoliman> restarted the travis job, it was erroring before even running configure (apt-get had a hiccup)
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[05:52] <j__> hi
[05:59] <Deledrius> hi
[06:16] <Endy> LeChuck is going away for a little bit while I add more ram.
[06:16] <Endy> Always need the rams.
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[06:22] <Endy2> Yay, the initscript works :P
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[06:28] <Endy> Also for dreammaster's question about the missing umlauts in bonki's commit messages (from like 6 weeks ago, sorry, I've been busy :)... the 'plain text' log viewer strips out high-ascii because I was lazy (see https://pastebin.com/kDNqJa97 - the HTML viewer shouldn't do this stripping tho)
[06:32] <bonki> Endy: timing! I was just about to ask you about this
[06:32] <bonki> iirc those messages don't appear at all in the HTML logs
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[06:36] <bonki> also, can't we just force a "content-type: text/plain; charset=utf-8" header or something for the plain text and not strip high ascii?
[06:41] <bonki> 10:12 @ http://logs.scummvm.org/log.php?log=scummvm.log.02May2018&format=text
[06:42] <bonki> there's just a blank line in http://logs.scummvm.org/log.php?log=scummvm.log.02May2018&format=html
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[06:48] <Joefish> huh interesting. didn't notice it before
[07:28] <bonki> dreammaster noticed it a couple of weeks ago
[07:29] <Endy> bonki: Thanks for the extra info :)
[07:30] <Endy> bonki: It actually looks like the umlaut is missing in the raw log file itself :(
[07:30] <bonki> Endy: yw :)
[07:30] <Endy> oh no wait, it's there.

[07:30] <bonki> Endy: well that is weird
[07:31] <Endy> Just encoded very strangely. I think I might need to update eggdrop :)
[07:32] <bonki> is that from the raw text file?
[07:32] <Endy> Yup
[07:33] <Endy> http://logs.scummvm.org/raw.txt
[07:33] <Endy> that's the raw logfile from that day
[07:35] <bonki> hm
[07:38] <bonki> strange, since that is a unicode codepoint so eggdrop seems to be using unicode already?
[07:38] <bonki> why is it not working properly then?
[07:42] <Endy> So that renders for you in a UTF viewer? I'm actually on a console session atm so I can't check
[07:42] <Endy> If it does, I can try your suggestion of just forcing the content type
[07:42] <Endy> and charset
[07:45] <Endy> http://logs.scummvm.org/log2.php?log=scummvm.log.02May2018&format=text
[07:46] <Joefish> the message from the raw text renders for me correctly as well. The line you posted substitutes the umlaut with a replacement char (FFFD) so I guess there's a conversion from utf8 to something and back to utf8 what wrecks the encoding?
[07:48] <Endy> Joefish: I'm assuming the log2.php also subsititutes?
[07:48] <Joefish> yea
[07:48] <Endy> Looks like it is on my end
[07:50] <Joefish> could it may be that there's is no encoding involved at all? I mean lower ASCII is supported 1:1 by UTF8 but higher ASCII needs to be converted. maybe it tries to render xFC (ue) directly what is an illegal codepoint
[07:50] <Joefish> and thus substitutes it with FFFD
[07:50] <Endy> Yeah, that's what I think is happening - somewhere internal to PHP
[07:50] <Endy> Hopefully I can use mb_convert_encoding, lessee
[07:51] <Joefish> good luck :)
[07:51] <Endy> woohoo!
[07:51] <Endy> Try now :)
[07:51] <Endy> with the log2 link
[07:52] <Joefish> perfect :)
[07:52] <Joefish> that was quite fast though :D
[07:53] <Endy> Thanks :D Now I need to work out why it's breaking the HTML viewer
[07:54] <Joefish> link?
[07:56] <Joefish> ah the vanishing lines right. Well if you need someone for testing, just ping me :)
[08:03] <Endy> Thanks, will do!
[08:04] <bonki> sorry I was afk
[08:04] <bonki> woho, nice!
[08:04] <Endy> bonki: I've pushed that live, for the text viewer at least. The HTML mode looks harder to fix and will have to wait for another day, alas.
[08:06] <bonki> Endy: is the whole code online somewhere?
[08:07] <bonki> anyway, thanks for fixing the plain text part :)
[08:08] <Endy> http://logs.scummvm.org/code.zip is the log viewer.
[08:08] <Endy> codes.php does the HTML colorisation and was cribbed from... somewhere... many years ago.
[08:08] <Endy> The rest of LeChuck is just a standard eggdrop install with bseen tcl etc for the usual features.
[08:08] <bonki> Endy: thanks!
[08:09] <Endy> NP!
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[08:41] <Strangerke|work> hi guys
[08:41] <Joefish> hey Strangerke|work
[08:42] <Strangerke|work> hey Joefish :) What's up?
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[08:45] <Joefish> I'm trying to get the intro song playing :) Other than that not much. Have you solved your video/audio issues from last time?
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[08:58] <GitHub59> [scummvm] bonki created bonki-scumm-improve-autosave (+1 new commit): https://git.io/vpgyp

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[08:59] <GitHub165> [scummvm] bonki opened pull request #1178: SCUMM: Improve autosave handling (master...bonki-scumm-improve-autosave) https://git.io/vpgSJ
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[08:59] <bonki> sorry
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[09:01] <Strangerke|work> Joefish: not really, I still have problems with the lilliput player, and I'm still waiting for TMM to write the video player for Kingdom
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[09:01] <GitHub197> [scummvm] bonki closed pull request #1178: SCUMM: Improve autosave handling (master...bonki-scumm-improve-autosave) https://git.io/vpgSJ
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[09:01] <Strangerke|work> Joefish: I don't manage to get enough free time in a row to make real progress
[09:02] <Strangerke|work> Joefish: For Lilliput the problem is that the original player is able to play more than one mid file at once, using channel ranges
[09:02] <Strangerke|work> it's puzzling me
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[09:03] <GitHub118> [scummvm] bonki opened pull request #1179: SCUMM: Improve autosave handling (master...bonki-scumm-improve-autosave) https://git.io/vpgS4
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[09:10] <Joefish> Strangerke|work, that sucks :/ Kingdom uses FLIC video format iirc right? I recently came across a bug in the VLC implementation myself for MDK cutscenes. It doesn't seem to load the palette correctly and corrupts it when playing it again. Or was it Interplay video?..
[09:11] <Strangerke|work> it's using Interplay's MVE
[09:11] <Joefish> Are kingdom and lilliput using the same format or did you just mention kingdom because that's something on your TODO list as well
[09:12] <Strangerke|work> TMM added 3 opcodes in the ffmpeg player so it's actuelly playing the videos properly. It seems they are not commonly used by games
[09:12] --> Tomaz joined #scummvm.
[09:12] <Strangerke|work> no, there's no relation, I just reversed & reimplemented both games
[09:12] Nick change: Tomaz -> Guest8252
[09:12] <Joefish> ah okay :)
[09:14] Nick change: Guest8252 -> Tomaz^W
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[09:43] <Joefish> almost died of a heart attack.. I forgot I turned up the volume when all of the sudden high pitch noice screams at me..
[09:43] <Strangerke|work> :D
[10:57] <scummvm-bugs> bonki created ticket #10510: SHERLOCK: Scalpel quits when trying to load uncompressed animations (https://bugs.scummvm.org/ticket/10510)
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[11:59] <cpasjuste> hi guys, i have a strange problem with scummvm on switch (aarch64), can't find a solution (probably missing some knwoledge :)).
[12:00] <cpasjuste> sword1 does crash when: you enable subtitles and enter the coffe
[12:00] <cpasjuste> it seems fs get screwed up
[12:00] <cpasjuste> all other engines seems to work fine
[12:00] <cpasjuste> it not a random crash, it alwas crash exactly at the same place
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[12:59] <bonki> cpasjuste: so it doesn't crash with subtitles disabled?
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[15:32] <cpasjuste> bonki, yep, doesn't crash with them disabled
[15:33] <cpasjuste> i think it could be a race condition between audio/fs
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[15:33] <cpasjuste> but i don't have problem with my other ports (and other scummvm engines)
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[17:27] <GitHub140> [scummvm] bonki pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vp2y9

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[17:27] <GitHub36> [scummvm] criezy pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vp2y7
[17:27] <GitHub36> scummvm/master 16efd73 Thierry Crozat: I18N: Update translations templates
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[17:28] <scummvm-bugs> bonki closed ticket #10266: ZVISION: ZGI: Add playtime to saved games (https://bugs.scummvm.org/ticket/10266)
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[19:58] <GitHub112> [scummvm] bonki opened pull request #1180: ALL: Use CLIP to clip volumes (master...bonki-all-use-clip) https://git.io/vpavb
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[20:51] <borosky> hey guys i just installed a daily build for android
[20:51] <borosky> any clues why i cant add any games? the app is not seeing my storage
[20:51] <borosky> i believe this could be due to lack of some permissions and/or wrong path pointing
[20:52] <borosky> ofc i checked the permissions and there isnt anything specific i can do, at least in the main app system settings
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[23:00] <scummvm-bugs> darkstar created ticket #10511: XEEN: CD-ROM animation incorrect (https://bugs.scummvm.org/ticket/10511)
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