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[00:25] <grogbot> <eientei> @eriktorbjorn had a look and in VMware at least with v100 it's not a bug in ScummVM
[00:25] <grogbot> <eientei> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/581224061091446795/970483638217089044/unknown.png
[01:03] <grogbot> <eientei> Oh cool. The Mac interpreter has a fun bug in the credits
[01:03] <grogbot> <eientei> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/581224061091446795/970493291944615976/unknown.png
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[01:31] <TelestialBeing> On Linux, I can't seem to add a game that is installed on a different partition from my OS, and is therefore owned by root. Is there any way around this?
[01:39] <grogbot> <eientei> Unmount the partition, chown -R <user> /mount/point, mount, try again?
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[01:44] <TelestialBeing> I meant other than that, obviously. Maybe I could also switch to X and gksudo, but I'd rather not. Rather than going and making fundamental changes, I would probably just cram the game I'm intending to play on my OS partition (there's *technically* enough space, as long as it doesn't stay installed long.* I just wanted to know if there was another option first, though.
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[01:47] <TelestialBeing> The partition in question in readable to all users, so it's a little frustrating that I can't run programs from there. Are writing privilleges really necessary to running a game, seeing as saves are kept in a separate file anyway?
[01:50] <TelestialBeing> Oh well
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[02:19] <grogbot> <eientei> I'm not sure why you'd need to run programs on the other partition
[03:20] <dgriffi> eintei: maybe /usr/local/ are on one partition and /home is on another
[03:30] <grogbot> <antoniou79> What is the actual error in this case for trying to add the game? Does ScummVM see the path but prompt with some error message, or does it not see the partition at all? Afaik write access is not required to add a game, but read access is and ScummVM has to be able to navigate the path there too.
[03:34] <grogbot> <antoniou79> I also can't test at the moment, but we do offer a "use native system file browser" option under the Misc tab, which one could check to see if it makes a difference. I cannot remember if this works for Linux distributions though off the top of my head. https://docs.scummvm.org/en/latest/settings/misc.html
[03:35] <grogbot> <eientei> dgriffi: that shouldn't be an issue as that's how I've had Linux installs set up in the past with no errors
[03:36] <grogbot> <eientei> It does
[03:44] <dgriffi> eientei: That was my point. A program like scummvm shouldn't care.
[03:46] <grogbot> <eientei> dgriffi: sure, but having that as a setup doesn't mean that's how every mounted partition is like
[03:46] Action: dgriffi shrugs
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[04:42] <grogbot> <eriktorbjorn> In a way, that's good... but of course it's unfortunate, too.
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[08:21] <grogbot> <eientei> @antoniou79 > So I'll have to play till the end. I understand that it's a small game anyway. I used the debug mode to skip to darkbed (iirc) and from there it's just "click on cupboard (top-right); click again; click on key; click on previously locked door"
[08:21] <grogbot> <eientei> I'll try and get a debug command added to the ticket
[08:22] <grogbot> <antoniou79> thank you, that would make it easier! Although I haven't played the game before, so I quick run through wouldn't hurt.
[08:23] <grogbot> <eientei> Was fun figuring out how to enable SputmDebug in the Mac version, having to use ResEdit to add a new STR
[08:26] <grogbot> <eientei> Oh sweet, just room 58 solves having to do all the steps
[08:32] <grogbot> <antoniou79> @eientei is the whole scene supposed to be a cutscene or should the game cheese and crackers be playable? For me if I jump there, it's all a cutscene and then Sam goes to sleep and the game ends
[08:33] <grogbot> <antoniou79> But in the cutscene at least i don't see the above glitch
[08:33] <grogbot> <antoniou79> room 58
[08:33] <grogbot> <antoniou79> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/581224061091446795/970606538983084052/scummvm-pajama-win-00000.png
[08:34] <grogbot> <eientei> It's all a cutscene. The bug is in the "updated" HE version 100 version
[08:34] <grogbot> <antoniou79> ah, ok
[08:43] <grogbot> <eientei> Interesting that they ship the 1996 release on GOG but the 2003 release on Steam
[08:44] <grogbot> <eientei> Apparently there's an even later HE 101 release.
[08:58] <grogbot> <antoniou79> indeed. I'd expect that they'd sync the releases to make it easier for support.
[08:58] <grogbot> <antoniou79> but in this case, I suppose GOG users are lucky
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[09:00] <grogbot> <antoniou79> Someone on GOG forums wrote that the Pajama Sam games would use alternative solutions on subsequent playthroughs to offer replayability, but I don't know if that's actually the case. The poster was wondering if ScummVM supported this.
[09:01] <grogbot> <antoniou79> https://www.gog.com/forum/pajama_sam_vol_1/too_many_dead_ends/post2
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[09:51] <grogbot> <eientei> It should as it seems to be reading and writing to the LastGame ini setting, but I have no idea how this is handled in the GOG version's launcher
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[14:54] <grogbot> <Bosca> https://forums.mixnmojo.com/topic/200444-broken-lighting-system-in-mi1-cd/ Apparently SCUMM+script trickeries allowed for a basic actor lighting system, it works on MI1 VGA floppy but it doesn't appear to be implemented in MI1 CD, hence the brightness differences in the character sprites. Huh. Didn't know that.
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[16:06] <grogbot> <rootfather> Wow, even after 30 years they find new stuff in the games
[16:18] <grogbot> <antoniou79> Interestng that apparently LogicDeluxe not only fixed this but enhanced it in the Ultimate Talkie Edition.
[16:24] <grogbot> <rzil> also say so on the box🙂 this is supported in ScummVM (from playing) the decision for alyernative path is part of the script
[16:28] <grogbot> <antoniou79> Thanks! Good to have confirmation!
[16:57] <grogbot> <dwa> Yeah that Ultimate Talkie Edition is full of gems, just have a look at its changelog to see all the things it improved
[17:08] <grogbot> <eriktorbjorn> A lot of them are things I don't understand what he means. But the "Jolly Roger still visible on mast after cooking" is something I did notice while playing.
[17:20] <grogbot> <dwa> He fixed the dancing skeletons scene in Monkey2 too. It would sometimes lock up in the original game
[17:20] <grogbot> <Bosca> I have never noticed how this edition is so... Ultimate! So cool, it also has MIDI support!
[17:21] <grogbot> Command sent by Bosca
[17:21] <grogbot> ...if only MUNT wouldn't send audio with such a low volume that sfx are much higher in comparison :P
[17:21] <grogbot> <dwa> It also fixes some tiny things such as a few pixels the door in the Melee alley. Love that attention to details
[17:21] <grogbot> <dwa> It introduced a couple of bugs though. I have that in my todolist
[17:22] <grogbot> <dwa> Notably a possible dead end
[17:22] <grogbot> <Bosca> Which ones? Are they annoying?
[17:24] <grogbot> <dwa> My nephew discovered it. If you forget to steal a part of the lighthouse on Phatt, then when Dread brings you back to Melee, Wally will still look for his monocle and you have nothing to give to him
[17:24] <grogbot> <dwa> Didnt happen in the original game, probably because some script will silently give a new monocle to Wally or whatever
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[17:25] <grogbot> <dwa> I need to look at it again
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[17:28] <grogbot> <dwa> And then some lines point to an invalid audio resource here and there, such as with the seller on Booty. A similar bug has been reported on Trac, I just need to finish my patch
[20:13] <grogbot> <arky> hola
[20:29] <grogbot> <DreamMaster> Sup
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[21:49] <grogbot> <CTxCB> Looks like the timing issue on the IRC logs has still not been fixed.
[21:51] <grogbot> <CTxCB> The timestamp displayed for the messages is about 10 minutes behind the time that they were posted.
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